Is the Obama Admin Using Zimmerman Case to Federalize Local Police Forces?

For almost 20 minutes, the President of the United States used the outcome of the Zimmerman trial to push an agenda that spits in the face of how this country was founded. During his speech, he used the verdict to push the notion that our country is somehow a racist nation that needs the federal government to fix the problem.

In one of the most shocking parts of his speech, in which there were many things said that made me drop my jaw, the President suggested that he was “bouncing around the idea” of using the federal government to retrain local police forces.

Goodbye to the Constitution and State Rights

While reporting on the riots and the violence over the last week, we have purposely stayed away from talking about the specifics of the case that supposedly started these riots. In my opinion, this case is only being used to incite people into actions that help the federal government further push their agenda, and we are not going to add fuel to that fire. That being said, we will talk about what’s going on from the perspective of our freedoms, our safety and our liberty.

If the Obama Administration really cared about stopping violence, they wouldn’t be inviting violent rappers to the White House, and the President would have devoted at least a couple of minutes of today’s speech to the hundreds of Black teens who have been killed in Chicago over the last year – which is now more deadly than Afghanistan.

Instead, the Obama administration seems to be using the case to further take control of local and State police forces, and to push an agenda that includes limiting State Rights.

The specifics of Obama’s new Agenda:

The Obama administration is asking the Justice Department to retrain police departments, on both state and local levels, to do things the way the federal government deems appropriate.  In President Obama’s words, “to professionalize what they are doing.”

He went on to say that it would be useful for the federal government to examine State laws to see if they encourage the type of violence that took place in the Zimmerman case.

So yet again, our federal government will use another random event to manipulate people into thinking they need the feds to step in and take control. The very fact that they are “examining state laws” is almost beyond belief, and shreds the very foundation of laws that this nation was founded upon.

Here is the Complete Press Conference where the President announced his agenda:

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  1. The world is laughing at America. We have a President who thrives on drama and celebrity. Could you have ever imagined a President of the United States getting involved in so many random non-event?

  2. Actually I was thinking that this is today’s version of the Nazi propaganda machine. This President is purposelessly trying to divide the country and is responsible for inciting the violence over the last week in California. Pretty soon they will use it as a means to crackdown on everything and everyone.

    • the bible says “and in one hour her cities will burn” speaking of course of new babylon…martial law implemented,russian troops,chicom troops (those already here)come out to help L.E. at first then,overwhelm them and take over control of U.S. gov.then our way of life……game over.

  3. If you haven’t started prepping now is the time to start (although you’re probably to late) because they are trying to push this country over the edge from every direction.

  4. Funny how anyone who was not present in the court room, or completely unqualified, can talk ‘authoritatively’

  5. I cannot believe what I just watched in those videos. Does anyone at this point think that guy is presidential?

  6. Glad you pointed out the fact that violent rappers regularly visit the White House. This is a great example of the hypocrisy of this President

  7. Incidents like the Zimmerman case are “combined” with pre-planned false flag events by the US Government to drive Obama handler agendas. Our government (USA) can no longer be trusted to represent the will of it’s people. A simple sad reality to anyone with eyes and ears. Plan accordingly for your family’s sake.

  8. Hasten your prepartions,my friends, for time is short and the shadow of Mordor grows longer with each passing day. Or, as the great Sci-fi author Ray Bradbury would have put it, “Something wicked this way comes.”

  9. You don’t hear the talk of the boston bomber don’t hear the talk of the dying over seas don’t hear him talk about how he’s going to get this country out of the hole that its in..the poor black community. .smh people like him is exactly why the black community is the way it is…oh poor me ..get over the nonsense. .none of my peers we born segregated. .they were born free just like me who cares about racism are you as a black american going to drop to the level of a retard calling you a nig*** or are you going to raise above it and show them they’re wrong by doing what you’re suppose to do by flying right you can’t say it can’t be done like him or not the man we call our president is black and for the record you’re not African American you’re American I don’t run around saying I’m irish American anyway I jumped of what I was going to say I think the president is acting very unprofessional on this the verdict is in not guilty whether he is or isn’t its what it is now leave it alone if you wanted to be a lawyer step down and be a lawyer otherwise shut up and do your job the system has needed a face lift long before Travon Martin do your job and fix it for all of us not just him

  10. Great post, much thanks. I actually wanted to comment on your coverage of the riots/smashmobs in LA. All true. One thing- the LAPD is reactive depending on who is doing the “protesting” (i.e. what are their “politics”). E.g., coming home late one night from the office anti-prop 8 protesters came out of nowhere surrounding all cars on the road and shutting down traffic. My car is only 1400 lbs and 10 or so protesters tried to ‘flip’ it. When I got out of my car to stop them, they attacked me. 2 police cars behind me and a helicopter above- not one officer came to my assistance. I called the LAPD when I got home for an explanation. They said pretty much what’s my problem, they were watching the whole thing go down from the cars and helicopter and would have intervened if things got really life threatening. I can assure you if it was the Tea Party- they wouldn’t have even made it out into the street before being stopped.
    Just though you might want to know- From the Trenches…
    Kind Regards

  11. Folks, it is time to wake up. Has anyone noticed their local police department? The local cops no longer look like small town policemen, the dress and act like full blown members of the military. All dressed in full tactical gear head to toe. Everyone has forgotten the “right” about quartering troops during peace time? Well it is happening or maybe we are not in peace time after all.

  12. For a man that was been given every chance that a white kid of his age has had, and made his way to where he is it would appear to me that he is the person with the race issue.
    After watching him speak about the non-race event in florida he keeps talking about the way white people look at black people,,i call foul, the way white people look at thugs are a different story, if you dress with sagging pants that can hide a gun and a hoody damn right we will look at you with contempt. The current admin should be looking and talking about all the killings in Chicago and Detroit but I have not heard a word about them or do I expect too.

  13. People I´m sorry to have to tell you this, but its too late to save the USA. The FASCIST state ruled by the merger of Wall St and the Federal government maintains almost total control over the vast majority of the dumbed-down public. While some people are waking up, its too little too late. If you want to realy get off the grid then follow my lead and leave the country, the world still has many countries (mostly in South America & Asia) that are MUCH more free and not on the edge of an economic colapse & civil war. If distance is an issue, even Canada or (better yet) Mexico are a wiser choice. In Ecuador (where I live now) or the Philipines you can live well on $800 per month.

  14. this is interesting…he says “it could have been him 35 years ago” . I made the mistake of voting for jerk and now I’m thinking too bad it wasn’t him. and now for that comment I will probably be watched by the feds. Oh well, better me than some other poor schmuck. I don’t really condone violence but I think that time is going to be upon us soon, if not in my lifetime, I’m sure it will be in my children’s or grandchildren’s. If it does come in my lifetime, I will defend my rights as an American and defend anyone else’s rights too. I think it is time that the government is ousted and a new experiment begins.

    • Are you kidding? We wont make it to the end of his Presidency! This Nation is going down and going down fast.

  15. Racist? What did you jerks that voted him in expect?He want,s to leave his name on something,how about with R.I.P. behind it?

  16. Stand your ground
    We as Americans have always stood our ground. Did our forefathers run from the British. And what did we do as a country after 9/11 we went after those responsible. As for me not only will I always stand my ground I will teach my children to do the same and the importance of doing so.

    Mr. Obama you are a racist your speech clearly puts labels and seperates Americans by ethnicity. There is only one race and that’s the human race. You also ask for assistance in providing encouragement for young black men. Why? Shouldn’t we just ask for assistance in encouraging our youth.

    Mr. Obama your focus on the Zimmerman trial is alarming. I’m sure that if you search you can find a recent event very similar to the Zimmerman trial where the ethnicity was reversed (a black man doing the killing) and you haven’t even raised an eyebrow. You are a racist Mr. Obama.

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