Odessa Shoters Truck

A gunman in West Texas killed five people and shot another 21 in a rampage that began when two Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a mail truck on Interstate 20 westbound, DPS Lt. Elizabeth Carter said.

Three law enforcement officers were among the injured, Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said. A hospital administrator said a child under the age of 2 was injured and at that least seven people were in critical condition.

Upon trying to stop the vehicle, someone pointed a rifle toward the police and fired several shots, wounding one of the troopers, Carter said.

Gerke said the driver traveled west into Odessa and shot another person, then continued through the city where “there were multiple victims,” the chief said. Devin Sanchez, a spokesman for the City of Odessa, said someone in a gold vehicle was driving around shopping centers and shooting people from his vehicle.

The gunman abandoned his vehcle, stole a mail truck and continued his shooting spree in the city, Gerke said. The shooter drove toward the Cinergy movie theater, where he and police officers exchanged gunfire in the parking lot. Police say the shooter is now dead.

During the high-speed pursuit, police thought there might be two shooters firing from two vehicles. They now claim it was a single shooter.

Politicians rush to use Tragedy to push yet more gun control

Speaking to reporters before boarding a plane for Poland on Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence addressed the shootings in West Texas:

“Our hearts go out to all the victims and families who had loved ones lose their lives. We commend the law enforcement in Odessa for their swift and courageous response, but at the President’s direction we’ve deployed the full resources of the federal government. They’re on site. The president spoke to the attorney general. The FBI is already assisting local law enforcement in the investigation going forward.”

Pence said he and the Trump administration “remain absolutely determined to work with leaders in both parties in Congress to take steps that we can address and confront this scourge of mass atrocity in our country.”

Preparing for Active Shooter Situations, and Terrorist Attacks

While active shooter situations are still pretty rare, despite what the media wants you to beleive, it’s a phenomenon that does seem to be increasing in regularity. Check out our article on surviving a mass shooting

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    • Steven. I disagree. Having a CCL myself, 99% of the people in the class I wouldn’t trust to tie their own shoes let alone use a gun to defend themselves of anyone else. Every friend who has obtained the CCL would agree with that statement. a CCL means nothing if the person doesn’t chose to continue learning to use the gun. Honestly not sure what will fix this but I know new laws will not.

  1. I disagree. Building the wall, deporting illegals would stop this and instituting real immigration reform (ending chain migration, visa lottery, etc.) would’ve prevented this.
    Silencing the majority and hamstringing the President while demonizing white people and saddling for their replacement is what is causing this.
    Diversity is Cancer

    • Not that I disagree with your sentiment on illegal immigration, but what does this mass shooting have to do with it? This guy was a White, Anglo trucker who went beserk shortly after he was laid off from a trucking company.

      A vast majority of mass shooters were committed by “legal” White Anglos. Again, what does this have to do with “diversity” or “illegal immigration?”

  2. Problem of mass shootings is a broad problem. Start with taking GOD out of the schools. YES, GOD… The Dept of education is part of the problem. We have become a nation of Everyone gets a trophy, Zero Tolerance.
    The Radical Politicians push for division of the American people, divide in to groups and the American people will fight each other instead of throwing our sorry butts out of office.
    The Constitution has become just
    a piece of paper.
    Politicians try to tell you what the constitution means , because you as Americans are to stupid to read it yourself.
    Until God is put back into society, this will keep happening. When was the last time Congress met and held a prayer for the country and the people in it? Apollo 13 mission?

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