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So apparently the mainstream media isn’t the only one censoring anyone critical of Islam, it looks like after posting today’s story over the terrorist attacks in Paris  – which included a picture of Mohammed – we have been banned from commenting on our own Facebook page, a page which has almost 350,000 followers.

As of now the actual Facebook fan page is still up; but for the last three hours we have been blocked from commenting on our own page, after I posted the story below.

Here is the original post that got us into trouble with Facebook:

Banned Facebook Post

And here is what happened almost immediately when I tried to start commenting back to people who were posting on the page (in this case, to one of those oh so friendly liberals who love to get people banned from social media sites):

Banned Facebook Comments

What I suspect happened:

I’m guessing a number of unbalanced people who can’t stand Free Speech probably complained about my post.

This is a popular tactic used by deranged liberal groups who target anyone with an opposing view. Over the last couple of years these groups have been very successful at silencing anyone they disagree with, by reporting everything as “hate-speech.” I suspect that I will eventually be allowed to post on Facebook, but the fact that this is happening should be a wake-up call to those who use these sites.

Are Facebook, Twitter & Liberal run Social Media Sites designed to kill Alternative Media?

When you have almost 350,000 followers on Facebook, and Facebook decides it’s only going to show your post to 1% of those followers, I think we have a problem!

I’ve written about this in the past, and after witnessing a whole slew of conservative bloggers being banned from sites like Twitter and Facebook over the last couple of years, it’s become pretty obvious that these sites are 100% designed to control what you see.

Journalists, Conservatives & Bloggers Banned from Social Media:


FIGHT BACK using their own technology against them. Sometimes the best way to fight the war is from within the enemy’s camp. Use Facebook, Twitter and every other social media channel you can to share these types of stories and fight back. Don’t be intimidating into censoring yourself. If we’re ever able to post to our account again, I don’t plan on doing anything different.

Share and Promote independent media. The Corporate bigwigs have all the money in the world to promote their propaganda. The only way we can fight back is to start setting up our own networks and promoting each other.

  • Visit other independent news websites.
  • Join the discussion and talk to people who are commenting at the end of articles.
  • Instead of wasting your time commenting on Facebook, where they decide who sees the message, start engaging in conversations with people on this site, and other sites like it.

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  1. I’ve been having trouble getting your posts for sometime now on Facebook. Never realized they decide what I should be seeing on my newsfeed, I just assumed you weren’t posting until I seen this and realized you have been posting articles for sometime now.

    Just downloaded an RSS reader and added you to it.

    • Facebook did this to my page about 5 times between 2013 and 2014. My buddy showed me how to get the source code to my page, save it, and then republish it. It`s almost like a hitting a refresh button that over rides what they disabled from your page or even if they take down your page in it`s entirety. It`s not hacking so you cant get in trouble for it, it`s just an easy thing to do that most people don`t know about.

      • Michael, is there a ‘discrete’ way these codes cold be sent to OGS readers? A friend of mine was suspended and reinstated several times from FB for an infraction even less that OGS is encountering.

        I published the following news story a few weeks ago, and think its still up there. I would ask hat everyone read it, as it deals with expectations of privacy to emails as we all know them.

        Check out: Federal Judge ‘Likes’ Class’s Privacy Claim Against Facebook from Web site:

        If anyone can shorten the HTML coding to a live link, please do so.
        THX, dr

  2. This is why I quit Facebook for good! I realize why you guys use it to get the word out, but the hell if I’m going to let them show me what I can and can’t see.

    • Same here. I still have an account but I stopped using it about 2 years ago. I only keep the account because I have a family member that insists on communicating with me via their messaging system.

      Honestly Twitter and FB are both a waste of time. I realized that posting there and then dealing with all the blowback of opinions was not improving my life, making me happy or giving me enjoyable entertainment. In fact it was making me an angry person….so I quit. Life is better without them. I read what I want and think what I want and I don’t care about the opinions of sheep.

    • I did the same thing as well. I left my profile active so friends can get my email address off it. I just got so sick of the increasing idiocy in my news feed.

  3. I’ve been suspecting this for years. It is kind of scary when you have a couple large corporations who now basically run the internet.

    Just think about how much power Google has for example. Most people get all their info from sites they find in the Google results. Now consider that those results are probably highly sanitized and controlled. Same thing with Social Media

  4. I read through all the comments, especially “Ties”, the one you hold out as a potential trouble maker. None of the “lib” comments are really as bad as you’re making them out to be. Maybe their comments were removed, but if not, you might be being a tad overly sensitive in my opinion. Frankly the worst comments are from the folks who are supporting your post who say things like “all muzzies must die”. As conservative as I am, that clearly is an absurd statement – if you want one out of four humans on the earth to die, then frankly you’re part of the problem not the solution.

    I like your site. I agree that extremists are a threat to our daily lives and think that discussing them is constructive and part of the reason I come here. I also agree that its absurd for Facebook to block your post – it kind of makes me want to post the cartoon on my own page, on my bumper, etc. but I’m a survivor and rule #1 is not drawing attention to oneself.

    • To be honest I could really careless what they have to say; it wasn’t what anyone said that bothered me, it was the fact that people feel the need to target accounts on social media as a way to silence opposition. If you take a look at a lot of the past comments on Facebook, and on here, I never delete anything (unless it’s a direct threat).

      • There are groups on Facebook that are financed by various religious or minority groups that target Facebook pages like yours.
        They spend enormous amounts of time attacking pages that disagree with their handlers political position or views. Facebook is a joke and a waste of time now due to this online activism by these people.
        You cannot argue with idiots. Especially the ones who are paid to be idiots and then reply to you comments and try to “Bait” you into posting a comment which will be immediately screen shot and reported.

  5. free speech is not free anymore and thats just another reason we do not have face book at my house i tell my wife and kid to tell like they see it and if it hurts someomes feelings oh well the truth hurts and thats why we are trying to get off the grid 100%

  6. What do you expect? Facebook is a for profit entity.

    They can do what they want. It’s their playground. If you don’t like it, market your opinions to your mailing list.

    This is one of the reason we get people on mailing lists so we DON’T have to follow Facebook or Google’s rules.

    In the meantime, please keep posting great prepper related stuff if they allow you to.

    • No doubt they can do what they want to do… but it’s also pretty fraudulent when you consider they scammed a lot of small business owners into taking out ads to buy followers, then made it impossible for those business owners to talk to those followers without paying even more fees. It’s also hardly capitalism when they wouldn’t exist without tax payer subsidies and paying off government lobbyists.

      For the record, we never paid a dime for a follower on Facebook, and will never use their stupid paid post option.

  7. Facebook is simply a monitored board. To post anything there, you must get a permission slip from the fascists who run the place.

    Which is why I’m not there.

  8. This is disgusting. We have every right to post on that site and yet my ex girlfriend who posts some of the most sexual content Facebook that I have ever seen never gets banned.

  9. I have never had or ever will have a facebook page, however after seeing what they will allow on a friends page i can not think of any reason they would stop anything that you wanted to post,except they were told to by big mother trucker.

  10. Facebook is owned and run by a die-hard LIBERAL!!! OR is the label FACIST more appropriate? I’ve gone ” Gault ” and suggest others that are able do likewise ! The clock is ticking!

  11. Well I just looked and your page on facebook is still there. So they must not have banned you forever.. SO get posting. LOL

    • We were banned from posting over the weekend.

      It lasted about 48 hours. The page itself was never taken down; what they did was suspend our administrator privileges; we were blocked from posting new articles or respond to comments on the page for 48 hours.

  12. Another one that doesn’t read the bible. If you made the problem you own the problem. The Americans are building Babylon all over again. And we do know what happened there. The Rich think they can run away well we know the real ones that survive. God bless you all.

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