Offgriders Kicked Out of Homes Because of Government Shutdown

For the last couple of days we’ve been covering the closure of the National Parks. One thing that’s been largely ignored by most media outlets, is the huge number of people who are now without a home thanks to the government shutdown.

The National Park Service(NPS) has issued a warning to all people residing in the parks — in campgrounds, in rvs in the backcountry, or on houseboats in the marinas — that they will be required to leave the parks by 3 p.m. Thursday and find other accommodations.

Yesterday, I talked to a number of these people as they were being forced out of the National Parks that they call home. From people who live full-time in Houseboats, to Fulltime Rvers who call the backcountry their home, NPS has now started to target those who live in the parks.

Yesterday people were scrambling to figure out what they were going to do as park officials told them they were no longer welcome; many of them pay monthly fees to moor their boats on the lake, and for most of them this is their only home. I talked to a number of people who’ve lived out on Lake Mead for over 20 years who now have no place to go and no way to move their massive houseboats.

To add insult to injury, NPS officials at Lake Mead National Park actually took the time to pull out every single boat dock on the lake. Now people who wanted to retrieve their boats, are unable to do so.

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  1. Living on a boat has always was always a dream of mine, thanks to the idiots in D.C. that dream just became a nightmare.

      • How about we just govern ourselves? The way it’s meant to be. If all these idiots in government want government, they can take their tyrannical ways and go overthrow some third world country elsewhere. Just a thought.

        • Sadly, they’ve already tried. Heard of a little southeast Asian country called Vietnam? Or how about a couple of Middle-eastern countries; Iraq and Afghanistan? They’ve realized the only one they can pull this crap, and actually get away with it, is here.

        • Chris says:
          October 3, 2013 at 5:12 pm
          How about we just govern ourselves? The way it’s meant to be. If all these idiots in government want government, they can take their tyrannical ways and go overthrow some third world country elsewhere. Just a thought.
          In my opinion thats what their looking for… turn us into a 3rd world country, then put in a dictator. all hail Barack Hussein Obama

    • Its really not the idiots in DC. Its the idiots that make up the majority of the American population that allows this to happen. We all need to stand up and fight for what is right for our nation instead of having a handful of highly paid business executives run it how they see fit, making decisions that will pad their pockets and shred ours.

        • he’s sounding a call to unite our attitudes and hearts. do you not agree that there is strength in numbers? lets ask if he’s part of a group/movement and join the fight..that’d be more productive.

        • What am I doing to lead the way? Well lets see, I am currently the head of a program in Colorado that is still fighting to keep our guns. I have a monthly rally and am continuing to set up conference connections with our local, county, and state officials to end bsl laws. I am the owner and president of a successful non profit pit bull and bully breed dog rescue. A highly controversial business. On top of these things I run a youth community service program where teens can volunteer to help with cleaning local trail systems and public parks. This program has been more than I could have hoped. We have been given honors from our state senate and many of our volunteers have been allowed to speak and numerous meetings with the local government to help change laws. So what is that you are doing other than running your mouth to people who are trying to make a difference?

          • Right on Brother the one calling someone idiot seems to be the moron here there comes a time to stand up for whats right.

        • And YOU? Idiot! He speaks the truth. It’s the 51% (dumbass freeloaders) that got this asshat in office. But don’t worry, at some point, your gonna feel it in one way or another!

          • Hum how about we just stick to the name tyrant and not use any other name for him than that. After all he keeps changing the names he calls us at least we are telling the truth.

  2. I live out at Mead 5-6 months out of the year. I was just about to head out there for the winter and now I’m wondering where to go.

  3. we can thank the hardliners in congress for forcing this shutdown. they’ve wasted more money in trying to stop and get rid of obama care than anything else. and they’ve not come up with one single jobs bill. they are the very dregs at the bottom of my shit list!

    • Listen I’m not a fan of Dems or Repubs but the latest offer from republicans would have allowed Obamacare to be funded. All they asked was to make Congress have to go on obamacare like the rest of us and the Dems still refused. So maybe you need to rethink who you are blaming here.

      Why should congress be above the law?

      • Uh, no. They have refused to budge at all. They have been recorded saying that this is what they wanted and that they think they “will win this”.
        The only round table they have shown up to was for a photo shoot Dems were not invited to.

        • They had better “win this” …because it UNCONSTITUTIONAL …..are you aware we have a constitution and have you read it? Please do ….

    • I’m by no means a Republican, but it is NOT their fault. ObamaCare will destroy our economy and force millions into poverty. It will make slaves of us all. The few Republicans who are standing up in this fight against Obama and his tyranny are heroes. Don’t you dare blame them for this.

      • It seems every professional economist would disagree with this, and only the politicians in the pocket of insurance corporations who stand to lose money say this.

        • I have friends who have lost their insurance and tried to sign up, but can’t afford the new coverage. So they are now uninsured and say they are going to pay the extra tax.

      • We do NOT need the train wreck (aka Obamacare)that will destroy America and all she stands for!! What we need is a free market system with competition and people who pay attention to their bills!! Think about it, you wouldn’t write a blank check to the mechanic…why do we allow exorbitant charges from doctors and dentists, just because we have insurance? Unfortunately, not everyone is honest, so we have to make sure they are!

    • Listen to yourself Echo. Jobs bill, jobs bill, jobs bill. Exactly what jobs bill has anyone come up with? If you are speaking of the jobs that Obama came up with, That really worked! If you would do some research yourself, and not rely on the biased media, you will see that unemployment rose this month.The numbers that have been reported in the past did not include the people that had quit looking for jobs so the numbers will come down or the people who’s benefits have run out.
      Obama and congress needs to start just like any other business. You start with a budget which they have not passed in the last 6 years and the one time Obama did come up with one, the dems would not even pass it. There is a saying ” if you fell to plan, you plan to fell.”

      • Yet unemployment is still still at a much lower level now than it ever was during the previous administration.
        And the unemployment rate does not just include those receiving benefits.

        • What land do you live in?
          Much lower unemployment rate? Right now it’s at like 24% …I don’t care WHAT administration had what but this county is SCREWED and the chief ISN’T doing his job…. in fact he’s ripping our constitution to SHREDS and congress is allowing it so it BOTH PARTIES ….not just your precious BO

    • The repubs never attempted to defund the health care act, this started with the gop wanting the public to be given an extra year before it applies to them, like the large corporations and unions were already given, by the dems.

      Here’s the basic scenario:
      Joe is a union worker, he works for a large corporation. When the health care act goes into effect, Joe’s union and employer won’t be required to provide health insurance, but Joe will still be required to have it or get significant fines.

      • Those currently throwing the hissy fit are on the far right of the republican party, and they proudly declare their intention to defund Obama Care. They drafted a bill in September to defund it. They have sued, they have legislated, now they have taken the ball and gone home.
        McCain is one of the few who is willing to move on.

    • Does it really matter who’s fault it is/was? Nothing we can do about it now. The fact of the matter is the US government is broken. It would take at the very least 2/3 of the nation to overthrow what is happening and start anew. Full revolt for a new and improved system.

  4. As a prepper this has made me rethink all of my plans. If they’re sweeping the national parks then those who plan to bugout to these areas during a collapse need to rethink what might happen to them out there.

    • had the same thought. they’re using helicopters out here to look for campers so i guess i need to find a place that’s well hidden from the eye in the sky.

    • Prepdon, what would they do if 10s or hundreds of thousands of people were on “their” land? Absolutely nothing…. They can’t even control the little borders of our country, let alone the millions of square miles of back country and federal park systems…. Don’t think you have too much modifying to worry about.

  5. What kind of idiot tries to live “off the grid” by camping out in the government’s back yard?

    Living on federal land is every bit as much “on the teet” as taking welfare or foodstamps. So much for the independent spirit. What a joke.

    • It’s our land not the governments. Glad you’re so willing to give up millions and millions of square miles of OUR LAND to an illegal government.

      You are why this is allowed to happen. This is not the same as taking welfare you dimwit, these people don’t take a single penny from the government and if it wasn’t for most of these people the land would be trashed. It’s not the park service who cleans and maintains these ares it’s the people who live out there that actually take care of these areas.

    • Dude please do a little research. We have no open land in this country that isn’t “owned” by the government. It’s all their backyard. Where exactly do you want them to go?

        • We don’t own the government. We ARE the government — government of the people, by the people, for the people. Period.

          • I whole heartedly agree Sussex. We are the country, we are what this nation was founded on. We are the people, the back bone, the reason all Americans have to stand up to the tyranny our “democracy” has forced upon us.

          • This is how it SHOULD be ….unfortunately I believe the government disagrees and if we don’t stand up soon there will be no turning back

      • Its our land too. If all Americans had the back bone to stand up to theggovernment, we could actually make a difference. If we (or the majority of us) stood up and said no this isn’t how its going to go down…. What, in reallity, could they do?

  6. There isn’t a square inch in this country that the guberment can’t take from you in a second. You think you own your home? Think again, you are no different from these people in the eyes of the feds.

    • And there isn’t a single square inch that we can’t fight for either. Why roll over and continue to let them have their way with us? I refuse to told what to do and when. Especially if it affects my wife and/or kids… Time to stand up and fight for our true freedom!

    • I got to thinking about that yesterday when I realized all the parks had begun to be closed. Those are the areas that are not to accessed by humans. Scary as it may be, it could very well be here.

      • I would also agree. And if the government wants to send a couple park officials to kick me off federal land, better be prepared for what’scoming. If everyone on lake mead said screw you… Wonder how they would take it?

  7. They can’t close our borders even when they have money to spend. They have no money now, yet they are able to close our National Parks and the Vet’s memorial. They have more security doing this than Obama sent to save the 4 who were killed.

  8. The best part of all this; the a$$hats responsible for all of this still have homes to go back to; and ARE STILL GETTING PAID!! How about all the regular gov’t employees who are getting shafted in their pay; worrying about how they’re going to pay their bills!?

    • Seems to me that if you’re coming to take or destroy my home, harm my family or me, then maybe I should consider returning the favor. Yes, I know about the big, bad powerful American military and yada, yada. I also remember what a small backward SE Asian country did to that military, morale-wise, money-wise and attrition-wiese. So much so, that in the end, the cowardly politicians who ran that war and sent those brave young men and women to die for them sold them out…cut and ran. Something to think about, wouldn’t you say?

    • OK so if you 2 and the others stating its time for war and revolution what are you waiting for? If and when it happens there will be millions of Americans killed from both sides. If you are so set on setting this off well get started or STFU. I get tired of listening to idiots talk about this from their computer desk and thinking they are anarchist’s.

      • Actually I doesn’t need to be a war or bloody, if the government stays shut down long enough (60 days) the the suits resign n we elect new officials… hence the reason BO will make it as difficult as possible on the America people… so we give in to tyranny …

      • And poorman, besides sitting at your keyboard what are you plans to help stop what is going on. You sound lazy. Its Americans like you, that are too afraid to speak up and stand out, that let things get the way they are now. I’m sorry but thinking that by just sitting around doing nothing is going to change anything you are going to continue to be the “poorman”.

        • LOL You may think I’m lazy and just sit at my keyboard but then you really have no idea what I do or what I am like. There are many ways to help stop what is going on besides trying to take up arms against the government which you keep advising in your posts. All I said is that if you think revolution is the only way get up and do it instead of talking about it. I look forward to reading about your exploits in the news. For the record I don’t sit around doing nothing and am not afraid to speak up,my personal opinion is that most of the people in congress should be hung as traitors to the American people as they have broken the oaths that the took to protect us, but I don’t have to explain that to everyone every post I make.

  9. How about the National Park Service(NPS) cops going home on furlough and leaving the parks and the lakes to the public. We can police ourselves!

    • Actually Bob as much as I hate to say it we can’t police ourselves. I live by several National Parks and the people that go to them for the most part could care less about cleaning up after themselves or their children or their animals. The leave trash on the ground,fires burning,cut bush’s and trees for firewood and this is with the rangers there. While some folks still take pride in themselves for the most part the American people in MHO only care about whats in it for them and don’t give a crap about others.

      • And this is exactly how we got to this point, stupid people who only care about what they can get without having to actually work.

  10. RE: the “pieces of land set aside by the gov’t to prevent them being taken over by development.”

    Who prevents them from being taken from the people by the government?

  11. With the shutdown story being looked at so close,,people have forgotten about u.n.treaty, siezure of private property, bengazi, irs and clinton,,,,no wonder the democrats don’t want to deal.

  12. No idea why anyone would leave their home in this situation. My family and I would be on the roof defending any attempt to remove us from our home. Either your willing to give up your wealth, your life, and your sacred honor to protect our freedoms, or you are part of the problem.

  13. It looks like the time has came for all Americans to stand up for wha is best for our grandchildren, we do not need to told that have to but insurance, either you have it or you pay cash, or for the poor some type of state health, it is time that we start owning up to our problems and fix them,,starting with our school system, street thugs, dope dealers etc. form neighborhood watches, help thy neighbor,etc.

  14. More and more people are awakening to the fact that all three branches of this government have been corrupted by the Zionists (Israel Firsters). They’ve been destroying this country. Their goal is total oppression of the Goyim (us).

    The big problem for the people is that they’ve been on cruise control. They’ve wanted their government to do all of their thinking for them. They abdicated their responsibility to make sure that the Constitution was followed. Well … it hasn’t been followed for a very long time. The cabal of Zionists in Washington D.C. have been running this country, basically, as a dictatorship. The Republicans and Democrats are on the same side. With their control of corporate media, they’ve been spreading propaganda. Their is no truth, except for GOOD websites like this one.

    Do your research on Codex Alimentarius and Agenda 21. These are the guidelines for their New World Order. They want people removed from the rural areas and contained, within their tight controls, in highly populated cities.

    This current crises is part of their plan to increase prices, put people out of work, and take their homes. Why do you think they’ve created their own personal civilian army (the DHS)? They know they’re pushing the people into a box. And they know the people are awakening to their lies. When the people rebel, the DHS will be ready to use their armored vehicles, heavy armaments, and hollow-point rounds to take them down.

    • Watch out for beach property. I read years ago that the government owned a lot more land around all of this country. They have allowed building on government land but its not their land. They could take their homes or whatever is built around the whole United States for a mile or more.

      I believe this was in the settlement of the USA.
      Was is changed? I don’t know.

  15. What is Obamacare?
    Many have an answer.

    What will do Obamacare to the economy?
    I live in the U.S. Territory (Commonwealth) of Puerto Rico. “Obamacare” is not new here, because from 1993 and so on, we have a government health care services, we called since “Tarjeta de Salud” (Health Card, or Health Visa…). It was first a prototype of something that Bill Clinton thought about it, and our governor at the time, Pedro Rosello, took the prototype and implemented without studying and evaluating the hit socially and economically. The health care system is a mess. Our economy is worst today than any time in our history. Bill Clinton knew what happened in Puerto Rico and dropped the project, while governor Rosello kept it running. After two terms in the government, the political party of governor Rosello lost the 2000 elections, and the opositor party won the elections. Then, governor Sila Maria Calderon halted everything, health care system, infrastructures in every place… the economy was halted, and then the whole system didn’t work. Active participants of the health care system were punished, as the government did not renovated their subscription or elegibility.

    Still today, 13 years later, the health care system sucked millions and millions of dollars. Doctors and professionals stopped supporting it and thousands of health professionals migrate to the states, mostly Florida, Texas, California, etc., were bilingual professionals were needed.

    A lot of our economic crisis has been the managing of funds for the health care system. Still operating, but for example, you have cancer, and you need an oncologist, your primary doctor must agree and send an authorization to permit you visit an oncologist he recommends, not the one you choose.

    And many primary doctors tells you, “You’re OK, is just a pimple”… or stuff like that.

    Check for Puerto Rico’s economy today… and if “ObamaCare” prospers, United States will be a colosal case of it.

    That my friends, ObamaCare will destroy the health standards in the US and in the rest of the world.

    Communism in the Health Care system.

    • Thank you for the insite, perhaps the people that are more concerned about which party is @ fault will clearly see that it is not constitutional and not good for our country and its people.

  16. It’s time for torches and pitchforks! Who the hell does the government think OWNS the national parks? It’s NOT them, dammit, it’s US!! The government is supposed to be of the people, for the people and by the people! It’s time for massive demonstrations.

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