Over 2 Million Californians could lose power this weekend in latest mandatory blackouts

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As wildfires rage throughout California, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison have announced another set of mandatory power outages that could affect over 2 million Californians this weekend. Utility CEO Bill Johnson admitted during a news conference Thursday that many of their customers could be impacted by the potential weekend shutoffs.

“We are preparing with our communities and state agencies for a large-scale shutoff that has the potential to be on the same order as the one on Oct. 9 — but of a longer duration,” Johnson said.

So far, 850,000 PG&E customers have been notified that they may be impacted by the shutoffs starting Saturday evening.

According to PG&E.com, the potential weekend power shutoffs could affect people in the following 36 counties:

  1. Alameda
  2. Alpine
  3. Amador
  4. Butte
  5. Calaveras
  6. Colusa
  7. Contra Costa
  8. El Dorado
  9. Glenn
  10. Humboldt
  11. Kern
  12. Lake
  13. Marin
  14. Mariposa
  15. Mendocino
  16. Monterey
  17. Napa
  18. Nevada
  19. Placer
  20. Plumas
  21. San Benito
  22. San Joaquin
  23. San Mateo
  24. Santa Clara
  25. Santa Cruz
  26. Shasta
  27. Sierra
  28. Siskiyou
  29. Solano
  30. Sonoma
  31. Stanislaus
  32. Tehama
  33. Trinity
  34. Tuolumne
  35. Yolo
  36. Yuba

At a news conference, PG&E officials said the weekend blackouts could grow far past the 850,000 mark and could be even larger than the one that put millions in the dark in early October.  PG&E President and Chief Executive Bill Johnson added there was “elevated potential” the shut-off could last longer than the outage that started Oct. 8.

Estimates indicate the Northern California outages could affect more than 2 million people and last for several days, a spokesperson with the company said.

Southern California Outages expected to hit at least 380,000

Over 380,000 Edison customers could across six counties in Southern California could have their electricity cut off Sunday afternoon. 21,000 Edison customers are still without electricity as a result of the last cutoffs and the latest outages are expected to hit Ventura, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties the hardest, with Orange, Riverside and Kern counties also facing more time without power.

“Given the wildfire situation that we’ve already seen, the concern about catastrophic fires is real,” Edison spokesman Robert Villegas said. “We can’t sugarcoat the fact there is a possibility of something catastrophic happening. And if we need to do it for public safety, we are going to shut the power off.”

Fires still Raging throughout California

Despite the mandatory power outages, Wild Fires are still breaking out throughout the State, many of which seem to have been deliberately started by the so-called “homeless” which have wreaked havoc throughout California, spreading disease and turning the state into a medieval hell-hole!

Fire Updates:

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