How Not to Get Overwhelmed By the COVID-19 Pandemic

Remain Calm

First, I advise you to turn off the T.V. for a while and read our article on how the media is in our opinion purposely trying to insight fear and hysteria; take a look at the actual numbers and your actual chances of becoming infected.

Second, if you must look at the news, try to have a dedicated time once a day to update yourself on what’s going on and limit your exposure to the mainstream media who tends to blow everything out of proportion.

Remember, these people have no real interest in helping you; they are in it for the ratings and to push their bullshit political ideologies – on both sides! Crisis after crisis they are get caught exaggerating things or downright lying so keep that in mind when listening to their dire warnings!

I’m not going to stray too far of course here, but I want to include this one video to put things into perspective when listening to the media. Keep in mind that what you are being presented on T.V. is not always reality. On T.V. they are showing you the reporter in full hazmat gear, but take a look at the cameraman (the guy they don’t show you).

Does the reporter really need to be in hazmat gear, or are they stocking hysteria and pushing an agenda? We are not downplaying the crisis; we are just simply pointing out that the media likes to push fear and hysteria and is routinely caught doing bullshit like this during every crisis they cover.

Third, we wanted to give you a list of books and resources for dealing with anxiety, worry, fear, and stress during times of crisis.

The Top Books on Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

I know most bookstores are probably closed, but many of these books will still be available for shipment on Amazon or as a download on the Kindle App. The last book on the list comes as a recommendation from numerous readers on this site (I have not read it myself, but a lot of people have said it helps), but the first two, I have personally read and I can tell you there are no better books out there on the subject.

The thing I like about the first two books is that they have stood the test of time and include stories and strategies that are applicable to the current situation that we all find ourselves in.

  1. Self Help for Your Nerves a.k.a. Hope and Help for Your Nerves Dr. Claire Weekes wrote what is considered by most people who suffer from anxiety as the most important book ever written on dealing with worry, panic, and fear.
  2. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by author Dale Carnegie is another classic book filled with real-life examples of how people got through serious times of crisis and how they managed their fears. It has some of the best advice on dealing with fear and worries ever written, and it contains examples and stories of people who went through far worse that what we are all going through at the moment and how they conquered their fears during the crisis.
  3. Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World: A Christian’s take on dealing with the uncertainty and chaos of life that keeps you up at night. Anxious for Nothing, is a study on Philippians 4:6: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Our Top Articles on Stress during Times of Crisis:

Start Working Out: Preferably with a Workout Routine

When it comes to relieving stress, working out is scientifically proven to help your body, your metabolism, your heart, and most importantly right now: your spirits! The mental benefits of exercise are numerous, and from a medical standpoint we know that exercise lowers levels of the body’s stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. It can also release your body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators.

While any workout can help relieve stress, during times of crisis it’s even more important to have a routine. Routine and schedule are two things that can make you feel normal when everything else feels like it’s spinning out of control.

Don’t Take Entertainment for Granted

During times of crisis, it’s important to keep our minds fresh and our attitudes positive. Take this time to enjoy your family, catch up with friends online, blast your favorite music, or binge-watch those shows that you couldn’t watch when you were busy with work.

  • Download Spotify: It has an advertising-supported option which allows you to make playlists, find new music and listen to pretty much every song that’s out there.
  • Stock up on Good Old Fashion Board Games: Not only can this help you keep your mind fresh and healthy, but it can also help your entire family come closer and during this crisis, you can build memories that you will never forget. Remember, if you have kids, they are taking all of this in so you want to make your environment as healthy as possible and shield them from as much of this garbage as possible!
  • Let your Kids Play those video games and join them! Normally we would never recommend this, but these are not normal times… As millions of American parents try to figure out how to homeschool for the first time in their life, don’t get overwhelmed with the details. The most important thing right now is to make sure your kids are happy; you can figure out the details later. But, for those who are trying to figure out the homeschool thing, here is our homeschooling resource page.
  • Get Lost in a Book: Amazon has thousands of completely free books and classics that you can download to your Kindle App. All you need is an iPad, an Amazon Kindle or Fire Tablet and the Free Kindle App. They also have subscriptions similar to Netflix that let you download unlimited books and audio booksYou can get a Free 30-day Trial Here.
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  1. I just want to say that I’ve always liked your articles and find them very informational, but i have to say that as of late I’ve been finding your articles a source of hope! So many “preppers” that I follow and genuinely trust have just been pumping out so much negativity and “doom” that they fit right in with the MSM. Thank you for putting this crisis into perspective and for preaching common sense and hope over hype and despair!!

    • Thanks Tim, I think it’s good to keep things in perspective during any crisis. Although we are facing some tough times, the hysteria is making everything so much worse than it has to be. I hope people will look at the numbers, look at the math (and run the numbers themselves, don’t just take my word for it), and realize that at the moment the panic seems worse than the reality of the virus. I’ve seen some of the prepper sites melting down as well, but we’ve always said here that preparedness and fear should never go together. Yes, it is important to understand the threats that are out there, but it’s equally important to understand the reality of the situation and not be overwhelmed by negative news.

      Stay strong everyone and make sure you are protecting your minds and enjoying your families!

    • I agree. Thank you guys for this article and for focusing more on the crackdown and loss of freedom than trying to scare the hell out of people. I know this might ruffle a few feathers, we are not supposed to compare this to the flu, but imagine if they covered the flu this way every year. If they had those numbers up on the screen no one would ever leave the house.

  2. I’m on the fence here neither agreeing nor disagreeing about the news. This is far from the regular flu. Enough said about that. I’m just glad we’ve been better prepared thanks to this site. I’m not stressing a lot but I am on alert at a higher then normal level. I take the precautions seriously and am following DHS and CDC guidelines.

  3. I always look forward to your common sense articles. It is because of YOU and others who contribute with their comments that I had my family prepared years ago for what we are now experiencing.

    Your thoughtful articles had me thinking about the probabilities of specific events and being sequestered in the house was one of them. I have had respirators, hand sanitizer, food, and water filtration for years thanks to your publication. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  4. I really like your outlook. While most are trying to instill fear, you are trying to instill thinking and healthy attitudes.

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