Pack of Urban Thugs Kill 59-Year Old Man in Latest Knockout Game Assault

Knockout Game Attack

Two black teens have been charged in the fatal attack of a 59-year-old white man, in what appears to be the latest deadly assault in a sick and twisted game played by urban thugs throughout the country.

Given little attention by the mainstream media, the Knockout Game is a racially motivated game played primarily by black teenagers who target innocent, mostly older white Americans, in violent attacks where they attempt to knock the victim out with a single punch. In 2013, the hate crime began spreading like wildfire throughout the United States.

We tried to cover as many of these attacks as we could, but they are usually covered up by local media sources, ignored by the national media, and plea-bargained down to lesser crimes by judges who favor political correctness over truth and justice.

In this latest attack, a 15 and 16-year-old killed a 59-year-old man who was attending the Great Frederick Fair in Frederick, Maryland.

Deputies found the victim lying unconscious on the ground, according to a news release Saturday from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins identified the victim Monday morning as 59-year-old John Weed from Mount Airy.

“Criminal investigators responded to the scene and interviewed numerous witnesses who indicated that the person assaulted was the victim of an unprovoked attack,” the news release said. “As a result of the investigation, two juvenile suspects were able to be identified and were later located and arrested by the Sheriff’s Office.

Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith told The Frederick News-Post the assault might have been the result of the “knockout game,” in which participants record video of themselves sucker-punching a victim that they post on social media.

Statement from Frederick County Sheriff’s Office:

On Friday, September 20th at approximately 5:36 p.m., Frederick County Sheriff’s Office deputies assigned to the Great Frederick Fair were notified of an assault near the midway area of the fairgrounds. A short time later, deputies located the victim, a 59-year-old white male, lying unconscious on the ground. EMS responded, and the victim was flown out by Trooper 3 to R. Cowley Adam’s Shock Trauma in Baltimore for further treatment.

Criminal Investigators responded to the scene and interviewed numerous witnesses who indicated that the person assaulted was the victim of an unprovoked attack. As a result of the investigation, two juvenile suspects were able to be identified and were later located and arrested by the Sheriff’s Office. Interviews were conducted and both juveniles have been placed in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Services pending a hearing with a Circuit Court Judge. No weapons were used or mentioned in this incident. 

The first juvenile, a 15-year-old black male, was charged with
1st Degree Assault
2nd Degree Assault
Reckless Endangerment

The second juvenile, a 16-year-old black male, was charged with:
2nd Degree Assault

Late this afternoon, September 21st, the Sheriff’s Office was notified by the Shock Trauma Center that the victim in this incident had passed away. The victim was transferred to the State Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy. The Sheriff’s Office is currently consulting with the State’s Attorney’s Office to determine additional charges. Anyone with information related to this assault is asked to please contact Detective Jen Skelley at 301-600-1046, or through our tip line at 301-600-4131.


We thought long and hard about even posting the video, but we believe there is a coordinated effort to cover up these crimes. Innocent people are being racially targeted and attacked throughout the country, and someone needs to point out what is going on so people can be better prepared to defend themselves from these lunatics.

Unbelievably, you actually have sick bastards on social media making excuses for these killers!

You Need to be able to Defend Yourself!

As liberal nutjobs use our nation’s retailers to disarm us and leave us vulnerable to these types of attacks, it’s never been more important to learn how to defend yourself.

These attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence throughout the country. From last week’s brutal attack in Minnesota to the hundreds of racially motivated attacks every month in malls, fairs, restaurants, and shopping centers throughout the country, it is becoming a problem that you cannot afford to ignore.

It’s an especially important topic if you have children growing up in this crazy world!

Help Your Child Develop Situational Awareness

I dedicated an entire section of my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, to self-defense topics and understanding the criminal mind. The world our kids are growing up in is a whole different world than we grew up in.

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  1. These Dindu Nuffins are out of control! We are being systematically targeted by the bastards on the left who know this is going on and are pushing for these animals to commit more violence. This is 100% orchestrated by the communist left.

    • Moving is probably the best choice. If you can’t move or choose not too, then you’ll have to live with it. Avoidance is the best defense in the urban areas of larger metros…But if you can’t avoid them do to work or business dealings, then you’ll have to be prepared; especially if you are over 50ish. You’re a potential target for sure.
      It’s only going to get worse.
      Know you firearm laws and heavily insure.

  2. Late last year I was sneakily struck from behind by a 15 year old African American teenage girl on the right side of my head with such force that I incurred hearing damage. She was in the middle of a verbal beat down with her teenage wimpy boyfriend. To the girl’s surprise I remained standing and did not go down. I will not divulge why her cowardly knock out punch did not work. Shocked she proceeded to ask me if I wanted more and I said sure come over here that you just committed a crime it’s called assault and that she could go to jail. Undaunted she then proceeded to tell me that she would have me thrown in jail by her Uncle I asked her his name and she said his name out loud and his police department. I thanked her and told her she’d be hearing from me again soon. This incident happened right after the cackle of Dems orders to threaten and stop any white person over their white privilege. Amazingly I was one of two attacked in the same manner on the same day the latter being covered on recorded video at a bus terminal on the evening news. My attack was near a train line and I’m confidant the incident was recorded by our local transportation as well. Hate crimes against whites are not being investigated nor reported even though ample video evidence of occurence is available. Concrete jungle out there due to inflammatory race hate division propaganda. I have no doubt it was my government that spurred on and relished such an unprovoked and cowardly attack. For context, I am a 5 ft 10 62 year old white woman who would have had no problem ripping into the girl only I’m aware that she like others are being manipulated by social media into shockingly disturbing anti social behavior. Police and DA’s have the tools to counter the propaganda but chose to allow lawlessness and to remain silent. There’s no one there to protect we the people. Learn self defense and teach it to the next generation. We are all going to need it.

    • I totally agree!!!
      I’m a 67 year old white retiree,,,
      One difference I’ve made is I taught combative martial arts about 25 years,,,
      I hold black belt ranks in 4 fighting systems, with the higher rank of 4th degree masters rank,,,
      I passed my teachings to my son, now 47 who now holds a grandmaster rank of 7th degree in 2 of those fighting systems… and still teaches all over the country.
      We both have firearms training with conceal carry permits in Illinois,,,
      Like you I feel it’s important to take the time to train in self defense,,, & pas it on!!!

  3. The really important part of the video is what’s going on with the person making the video and everyone else around. There’s no calls to stop it. Nobody tries to stop it. This is the entertainment of the year to them. All the excitement and energy eggs it on, and more attacks like it in the future.

    The problem isn’t just these couple teens. The problem is the whole culture.

  4. My husband and I are aware of what is happening with certain members of our society.
    And guess what? We are ready for it! Anyone that looks white should be prepared for an attack or die. Most likely this will not happen but it can.
    We are Hispanics that pass for white.

  5. I now live in Delaware, escaping from the animal infested piece of shit city called Baltimore. I am 65 living in the city provided me all the skills I needed to survive. I put my back to walls, always carry a big knife, and in Delaware now I carry a nice gun. I have concealed carry permit. So if one were to attempt. He would miss I guarantee and my first move would be for the gun because they never travel or work as a single, always in three’s or more. So Tyrone, Jiggy, Wofomo, or whatever your name, you better start being more careful as whites with no criminal records, start to change laws to carry. Right now I would be legal in Maryland since I have it in Delaware

  6. There is a thing called smokeless gunpowder. If I were doing these kinds of things, I would be very careful that some folks might start parking at such events , praying you head their way , and start taking out ten or twelve, which would be nice to have 12 to 1 which you are now doing. Think its not gonna happen. Please, never bet on it. White people only take so much, then they start planning.

  7. Love how the parents of these scum thugs are defending them, saying “sorry about the victim, but my kid doesn’t deserve to spent the rest of his life in jail”. WTF? of course he does. Too bad O’Malley nixed the death penalty (could have used it on the 2 thugs, and her white bf that hired them) for hire from CO that came to B’more to murder my sister 19 years ago). Congratulations “dad” you raised a fine thug. You must be one too. How about you teach your kids not to assault people! You can take the **** out of the hood but you can’t take the hood outta the ****. Don’t even get me started on the libtards that claim it is discriminatory that 75% of prisoners are black. Well if they commit 75% of the crimes (probably more) then they got what they deserve!

  8. There are many other items you can carry that are just as lethal as a pistol. My ‘bling’ can be fatal if you strike the right places. Always keep alert. Watch for animals. You do live in the jungle.

  9. I hope those two get life in prison or the death penalty would be better.
    Thank God I live in the country and only have to come to town to get supplies then leave ASAP!
    Always carry something to stop the animal attacks, .45 acp works wonders.

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