Bill Requires Parents to have Mental Evaluation before Homeschooling own Children

Our government officials are completely out of control, and America needs to wake up before it’s too late. Little by little every freedom we have, our God-given rights, are being stripped by a bureaucratic system of tyrants who think they have the power to tell us what we can and can’t do.

We are becoming a nation of serfs.

In the latest example of government abuse, and the governments disdain for traditional values, the State of Ohio has proposed a bill (SB 248) that will make parents who wish to homeschool their children pass a government investigation. Senator Capri Cafaro (D-Ohio) has drafted legislation that will make parents undergo an investigation by social services, who will then decide whether the parents will be permitted to homeschool their own children.

As part of the government investigation, they will conduct background checks, interview parents, and then separately interview the children without the parents being allowed in the room.

Ohio State officials say the law is needed after a child, who was being homeschooled, was killed by his mother’s boyfriend.  What they fail to mention, is the abuse started and was reported while the child still attended public school. State officials never lifted a finger to help the child, but are now using his abuse to justify persecuting all Homeschooling parents.

SB 248 turns the government into a nanny state that will now replace parents with government social workers. If this bill is allowed to pass, expect similar legislation to follow throughout the country. It’s not a secret that the federal government, who has unconstitutionally hijacked the public school system through its common core curriculum, has been looking to take down homeschooling for quite some time.

As part of the federal government’s takeover of the public school system, through the common core curriculum, massive government databases have been setup to track children from the time they enter the school system, all the way into the workplace. Through the governments P20 database tracking system, homeschooled children will also be tracked without their parents’ permission.

Welcome to the new America!

UPDATE: After public outrage, the bills author has asked for it to be temporarily withdrawn. Since the State Senate is on recess until 2014, the bill still remains live until the Senate reconvenes. Senator Capri Cafaro is rewriting the bill that she says will create a more “comprehensive approach to address the current challenges in the state’s social service and criminal justice system.”

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  1. Glad to see that it might be withdrawn, but we still need to keep an eye on this. The fact that we have someone in the Senate that would even propose legislation like this tells you how bad things really are.

  2. People will start having babies at home and never give them a gooberment serial number. The greatest gift you can give a child.

  3. parents will surely loose kids—when GOVT. ask the kid “ever been whipped?” parents will be jailed so fast,

    I guy up the road from me born @ home he’s 66 —can’t renew his expired drivers license because he doesn’t have a birth certificate, but he does have a SS & on social security—more stupidity.

  4. thanks.i live in ohio now but homeschooled daughter through to college. i did it sub rosa. that’s the way to go.
    also had a home birth with a midwife who served the amish people. but we got a birth certificate and she got a government number.
    the antichrist’s lord is never at rest, stirring up trouble every where. the Bible foretells all this. the devil has an advantage or two over us. for one thing he never needs to sleep, he doesn’t age and after all these centuries he knows humans’ fallible nature like the back of his hand.
    it is always the same old stuff but tried on a new generation.
    the Bible says lean not unto thine own understanding and that’s where capri cafaro and others fall off the wagon. they are so entangled in their own human reasoning that they cannot see the forest for the trees, much less spare a moment to see if
    they are doing God’s will — as if they cared for Him!
    thanks for the heads up/ i will write to our stat4e reps about this. try to stem the flood.
    don’t you feel like the little dutch boy but with not enough fingers to stem the flow from all the holes in the dike?

  5. YOU ARE ALREADY SERFS ON THE LAND…….You own nothing, miss your property taxes for two or three years, and see who owns your land, the State :) When you buy a vehicle, who gets the “Manufacturers Title of Origin”???? The State :). You get a “Certificate of Title,” which is “Prima Facie Evidence” that the real title (or the Manufacturers Title of Origin) exists somewhere….with the State!! :) Get a Marriage License (from the State) and make the State a “Third Party” in your marriage…..:) aren’t you happy yet SERF?? I could go on, but that is enough to wrap your head around. Don’t believe it?? Try it.

    • So, if the “State” is the third party in your marriage, your children are their property… DHS, Divorce Court, etc..

  6. Supposedly, according to the Senator’s website, this bill is/has been withdrawn. And with all due respect to Joe above, while websites like this are a Godsend, what got the bill pulled was a deluge of complaints to her office, her Facebook page and so on. The bottom line – we’re at war people. Those of us who still believe in individual liberty and all of the principles on which this country was founded are constantly under attack. Stay vigilant people!

  7. Having homeschooled 4 children for 15 years and had experience with public, private and charter schools as well, forget testing parents!! Start with many of the teachers and get rid of tenor in some states. I could write a book just on one teacher my 6th grader had! The idea of this is a joke glad it’s over.

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