Pelosi warns a future Democratic President Could Declare a National Emergency to Ban Guns

Nancy Pelosi

In response to President Trump’s Threat to declare a National Emergency in order to build portions of a border wall with Mexico, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is warning that should a democrat become President in 2020, they will use the same National Emergency powers to push gun control.

In a press conference earlier today, Pelosi told reporters that Republicans should “have some dismay about the door that they’re opening.” 

“You want to talk about an national emergency? Let’s talk about today, the one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America,” Pelosi said, referring to the Parkland, Fla., shooting that left more than a dozen high school students dead. “That’s a national emergency …. A Democratic president could do that.”

Democrats make moves in Congress to push gun control

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved multiple gun control measures for floor votes, including H.R.8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which will require universal background checks for all gun sales and most gun transfers.

“There is a clear consensus among academics, public health experts and law enforcement personnel that universal background checks would greatly enhance public safety,” said Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.

On Tuesday, Anti-gun Senators Bob Menendez and Richard Blumentha re-introduced the Keep Americans Safe Act, or S. 447. The bill would ban the sale of magazines that hold 10 or more rounds.

“Guns become doubly and triply deadly in these massacres because of these high-capacity magazines,” said co-sponsor Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. “And so if we take one simple step in approving this prohibition, we can literally save lives. There is no more simple, straightforward way to save lives from gun violence than to ban these high-capacity magazines.”

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  1. Do they really think a crimnal is going to do a background check to buy a gun legally.

    Gun restriction laws only restrict law abiding citizens.

    • If the democraps did that the Republicans would sue to block it just like the democraps will as soon as the words NATIONAL EMERGENCY are finished leaving Trumps lips

      • You mean Republicraps. If needing the wall was such a national emergency why didn’t he build the wall when the Republicans controlled both Houses??? Because this wall emergency is nothing but a manufactured crisis…a vanity project. His way of assuring his rabid, racist base that he will make good on his campaign process. Even if he were to build the wall it would be Americans who would pay for it, not Mexico as he promised. Trump is a lying racist mongrel.

        • Excusr me Ann, but there were no massive caravans back then. You are basically shortsighted, mentally biased, & a bit naive if you cannot see the difference.

        • Ann let me enlighten you. First there are not 2 Houses. There the US House of Representatives, and there is the Senate.
          Secondly, even if the House had sent a bill to the Senate it would have never made it to floor for a vote. The Republicans had a slight majority but that’s far from control of the Senate.
          Read up on the rules of the US Senate.

          • I don’t know of any gunman that would go to a gun shop for a background check for a gun to shoot someone.
            They will just keep on getting the guns the way they always have and that’s on the streets. President bush had the money allocated for the wall . Why don’t you ask him where the billions went.

        • When American jobs stay in American giving American jobs, when factories and jobs return to this country, when Mexico stepped up and started giving Central Americans visas to stay in Mexico and work instead of coming to the USA for benefits…Mexico is putting out the 5 billion easily and if you could remove your hatred and short sightedness you would see that, President Trump never said he would get a check from Mexico he just said they’d pay for it and they are. Try to put your liberal hatred in check and look at the large picture for a change.

          • A third of the Republicans should be in the dems camp, that’s why. Plus the Declaration protects our gun rights. Just remember guns can be hand made and bullets can be manufactured. It would not end our desire to protect our country, our home and our family. I and millions of others will fight to the death to protect our 2nd anendment my Ancestors fought hard to protect our homeland. We are not letting a bunch of goofy assers tell us we cant protect our homeland. You guys need to move down to South Anerica or somewhere else. Remember we are the Patriots and we will persevere!!!

        • And you my friend are as stupid as the DemoRATS! If you want the government to keep taking your money and running the American people than keep thinking the way you are bc you are going to hell in a hand basket!

        • You are so delusional!!! First of all just because the Republican were in control doesn’t mean they can just do what they want. They actually have to have a certain amount of Democrats that vote for anything that is trying to be passed. The crisis is not manufactured….all of the Democrats were for the wall and voted for a wall to be built up until Trump got in and now they think it’s a bad idea. Border control officers have been begging for a wall and for additional help-the Democrats just don’t want to listen. The hatred from Democrats is so disturbing and to think I voted my entire life Democratic until my eyes were opened. God Bless America and God Bless You!!

        • Ann…….EVERY President, Republican or Democrat has voiced concerns over border security. For once, a President attempts to do something about it and people like you think he is the worst person in the world. Fact is, most do not like him because he had his own money and can’t be bought, like the majority of politicians.

        • You need to change the tv channel. You have memorized the talking points, now change the channel and get the real story. Don’t just be a robot moron!

        • Every president has talked about a wall and stopping all these illegals from entering, now that TRUMP want to do it,its racist and so wrong, u probably voted for killery didn’t u ann. If anybody speaks out and does not agree the the democpappers they are racist, and anything else the left can come up with. U should crawl back uder u r rock

        • I personally think the amount of drugs coming across the boarder alone should be considered a national emergency. Add to it the increased burden on US taxpayers and a cancerous sanctuary city of California you have a severe threat to America. But you just keep drinking the far left Kool-aid and let the grown ups run the country.

        • Enough! Are YOU a racist? Or do you just call people that bc you have no actual words or arguments to make that might persuade others?
          Trump isn’t a racist, neither am I.
          Learn the facts instead of just listening to people who have an agenda different than yours! It’s the ONLY way to understand and know the TRUTH.
          If you come yo a different conclusion, that’s fine! We NEED other opinions. We NEED to discuss our differences. We do not need to kill or hate one another.
          Americans work together for our country and our own best interests. We aren’t Sicialusts. We aren’t Nazis or Communists. We do not allow other nations yo come here and take over or turn our REPUBLUC INTO A TERRORIST NETWORK!
          Come join us! We want you to THINK and Learn what and where America truly lives…. In FREEDOM of thought, actions and growth.
          It truly is the best way!

      • Wrong! The 2nd Amendment keeps guns safe from such deals. The whole point of the reason it was written, was to keep Democrats from doing just what she claims they could do. Trump’s power over immigration, was stated by Obama in his speech about it.

        • The 2nd Amendment also keeps tyrannical governments from taking our freedoms and our way of life. The 2nd Civil War has already started ladies and gentlemen but the first shot has yet to be made.
          “FINISH THE WALL!”

          • Not accurate. He(and/or the congress creeps)can declare Martial Law but it’s not automatic

          • Nope they constitution can only be suspended during a time of war! Has to have approval of congress to do it

          • Nothing supeceds.the Constitution the national emergency the Dems would claim isn’t true 1.2 million die every year in car accidents

            Hundreds of thousands die from smoking a year.

            Let’s not mention the tons that die from. Police wrongfully shoot people

          • We are already under Martial Law and have been for many years. It’s called “state of emergency” or what ever you would like to call it but the feds will not call it Martial Law.

            I agree with Patriot Nation Radio about LaVoy Finnucum. LaVoy was set up and murdered by the Oregon State Police with assistance from the FBI. The cops could have taken laVoy in custody anytime he was out-and-about but they chose to set him up in an old fashioned “road block” out in the sticks where no one was around. He and his people were ambushed and the cops, to include the state governor and the state’s two senators should be held accountable for LaVoy’s murder. I’m sure that the Director of the FBI then, James Comey approved the killing. Very sad.

        • Actually the founders didn’t sanction the posession of automatic guns, magazine clips and such. Re-read the second amendment. It was to allow citizens to bear arms against a tyrannical government. 99% of gun owners are not purchasing for that reason.

          • President Washington stated that the people should have arms and ammunitions sufficient to protect themselves, even from their own government. Nice try, though..

          • Again Ann, you yse illogical logic, the government dif not have automatic weapons then either.
            To be equal in piwer to resist a tyrannical government, the citizens must posess equal power.
            Even with automatic weapons the citizens eill never have equal power to resist the array of weapons available to a tyrannical government. Your thinking is basically flawed due to upbringing, training, education, indoctrination, ability to process common sense, or a combination of all.

          • Yur a total dipshit, and a leftist commie bitch, even if you are a male. Go back to the basement child and quit interfering with the conversation. Yur probably a muzzie as well. Your komrades are calling. Go an play now.

      • Boone ever thought we’d have a African American Presidentbut yet it happened twice! If Trump continues to screw the pooch we need to watch out! A Dem could sneak in.

      • What she said is ridiculous an’s so is the wall. It’s just a monument țo that baffoon. You people still can’t worship this idiot this wall isn’t going to do anything to stop the flow of illegals. I don’t want them either, but a stupid wall and shutting the government down is not the answer.

          • I agree but also ask the question, how many of us lock our doors at night or have fences around our property? If you can answer yes to both then why do you do that or have that? Is it not the same as the purpose of a wall? Just curious

          • Steve I have been trying to figure that one out myself! Nancy Pelosi stuck your foot in her mouth when she said the wall is immorial! All of the IDIOTS need to take down their walls and gates around there homes!

        • What is your answer to people sneaking across our open land border? We have open land and big gaps in the current border fencing. The last 6 Presidents addressed our growing illegal immigration issues and are open Borders and the need to secure our Borders.
          That’s why Trump was asked to run, our Country has some serious problems. He will not cower to the Democrats and let go of the Border Wall, which is now lots of razor wire. All the previous Presidents wanted to secure our Border and address the immigration issues. After they got money allocated, nothing changed and a wall was moved out of discussion.
          Now Trump steps up because he won’t back down on something every other President tried to do as well.
          He is here to close the gaps in the current barriers and build new where needed. How can anyone be against insisting that people follow the laws of the land and go thru the open door with a background check and permission.

          • AMEN AMERICA! Unless your child was murdered by one of these illegal criminals, you have no ideas the devastating impact it has on your entire family and life, for Life! President Trump please build that Wall bc has we had it , my baby boy would be Alive!

        • If walls don’t work why do other countries have them. Why does Nancy Pelosi have one? Why does Obama have one? Why do all the Hollywood elites have them. They all have them because the do what they are built to do.

        • As soon as you resorted to name calling I knew you were a troll. Our President is not a “buffoon” and we “support” him, we don’t “worship” him. Of course walls work, if you truly believe Walls don’t work, how did you reach this conclusion ? They just need to be engineered properly. The ones that were recently in the news, with razor wire. I guarantee you those Walls will stop ILLEGAL ALIENS from climbing over into our Country ! More caravans are forming as we argue ,even now there are thousands heading this way from Central and South America. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to help these ILLEGAL ALIENS make it into this Country. Why are the Democrats working so hard to make this happen. This is the question that needs answering. btw…Obama also shut the Government down. Admit it, your post is just more of the ridiculous “resist” movement. I am 60 years old and I have never seen more hypocrisy within either Government Party. Just a few short years ago, Obama along with Schumer and Pelosi were all speaking out FOR more Border Security including Wall building ! Our Country needs to WAKE UP and realize what the Liberal News Media is doing to our Country ! Just because something is heard on the TV or printed in the Newspaper does not make it true !

        • So Mikey, you got a wall/fence around yur property? Why, it doesn’t keep anyone out…..but it does keep you in. Too bad you have no intestinal fortitude for the fight. Just run along nay sayer, we’ll handle it for you.

      • Yeah there will be because Trump is an idiot and I hate libs. We screwed are selves this time letting this grown child in the white house

        • And have Hillary as President? I Know that would’ve been a disaster! I sincerely believe Trump has our (USA) best interest in mind.

    • Crooks, gang members never purchase guns legally! You screwballs in congress live beyond secured walls, clueless to reality! You place the cart before the horse. It isn’t law abiding citizens murdering masses, it is loonies, gang members, bad people. They can get a gun and ammo in back rooms, back alleys, trunks of cars, or stealing them! Shut up and sit down, you’re stupid it showing again!

    • And how is banning high capacity mags going to save a lot of lives?
      There millions of them out there. And when they threatened banning it drives people to buy all they can find. The laws don’t effect criminals felons and anyone that wants to in a gun illegally. It effects the law abiding citizens that want to protect their homes family and self defense.

      • And protect ourselves from the mentally ill Dems that are running around threatening “We the People” that they want to take our guns away! Bring it on you stupid ass Dems because there will be a civil uprising with that kind of talk….. starting with the nasty speaker of the house and her cronies!!

    • The 2nd amendment guarantees that we can have guns. If a president tries to ban guns, that would be a big mistake as they would be removed from office and immediately put in prison – or Civil War

    • They have nothing else to stand on ..their barley staying afloat ..and it’s funny because it’s like the war on drugs ..your going to give in sooner or later ..

    • Mass shootings are not committed by career criminals but by unstable people known to have a history of mental illness, emotional distress or otherwise not well integrated into society. Criminals will always get guns unfortunately, but it is the lone disturbed individuals who can and should be prevented from having access to firearms. More shootings happen in domestic violence situations than street crimes. As unfortunate as it is when actual criminals shoot someone, it is often others involved in the street life, not everyday folks attending school or church or the movies.

      • Yes Kathleen, and nearly everone that has been a school/mass shooter, was on psychotropic drugs, which produce that mental departure from reality that enables them to do such a heinous act. Oh yeah, and nearly all were Demonratz, or leftist ideologists. Coincidences, maybe, but not surprising, given their philosophy is whatever it takes to reach the goal, even the innocent lives. Take abortion, for instance……

    • We all know that…we’ve heard it a million times. What I want to start hearing is where and how the militia is going to organize and start the war!!!

    • This is just Democrat makeup,and lip gloss for the next elections. The States have the right to govern themselves and big brother wants to tell the States how to manage firearm safety. It’s apparent there not able to manage their own affairs on the HILL. Term limits for Congress!

    • That Butch needs to be taken out of Office Before The Next Presidential Election. Also take Waters, The Elected Muslims, Reid and All of The Old Barn Sour Officials With Her.

    • You want to take away the American people’s right to protect from being overthrown by our Government is against the constition. You complain about a fence to make the people come into our country in s fashionable way so we know who we are letting in. Your the sixth richest woman in the US and you use a fence and do does many famious people. Have them all tear theirs down and see where you are then. You are one crazy Democrat who enjoys drinking and talking!! Very unstable, give up your career or your career as a drunk. To dangerous doing both. You use the apolien to help hold yourself up more and more lately..

    • There was no civil war when Reagan signed the 1986 FOPA and ended civilian purchase of fully automatic firearms built after 1986 and sealed the registry so no more old ones could be registered. There won’t be a civil war this time either. Some will go along. Some will become outlaws. A few will resist and lose. 40 years later the resistors will be forgotten.

      • Wanna bet. This is a republic,not a democracy. Democracy is an idea.some have made it their religion. Very bad choice. Pelosi is an outdated remnant of the socialist era and should be tried for treason with Clinton and Obama

      • Pre ‘86 F.A.’s are available IF one has a proper permit. And they cost more. Do some research, then UTUBE Knob Creek machine gun shoot. MERICA!

      • If the military backs the constitution and stands behind the American citizens the the government will be brought down and charged with treason

      • There was no registry. I actually owned a pre-ban AR and I didn’t register crap. And I had a boatload of 30 round magazines.

        No civil war? Don’t bet the house on it, Kevin.

      • Wrong… you can still today purchase and register full auto weapons… it just takes a few extra steps. Get educated before you make yourself look stupid… again.

      • Don’t be so sure. The Times they are a changing! This is NOT the Reagan era this is the era of socialism indoctrination late term abortion aka MURDER end the use of fossil fuels.. you might rethink your opinion The people are ready to protect their freedoms

      • Fully automatic weapons became tightly regulated, and no longer available to the general public, in the 1930’s. Banning certain long guns, especilly the single most popular sporting rifle in the Country, merely because they have features that make them look different, but do nothing to change that gun’s capabilities, makes no more sense than banning cars that have racing stripes or other ‘appearance only’ items. They don’t perform any differently than the same car without them.

        • Read Federal Firearms Act of 1968.
          Many military weapons banned from civilian use, but machine guns require special permitting and registration.l

      • Kevin there is a huge difference in banning fully automatic weapons and banning guns in general. And yes if you try and remove ALL guns there will be a revolution. Get out of the basement buddy.

    • NFA passed, nothing happened. GCA passed, nothing happened. FOPA passed, nothing happened. “Bump-stock ban” set to take place 26 March 2019, and nothing’s happening. ATFs been acting like a loose cannon since the early 90s hunting active militias. The American have not risen up and never will. Be prepared to die alone; hunted by the acronym Gestapos, to the silent consent of the sheep.

      • Sounds like you may be consumed with the same flagrant insanity Pelosi suffers from. Im afraid this may be incurable, but wait theres more! I saved a ton of money by switching to Geico. Haha it will never happen! We will never surrender our weapons

  2. Pelosi is clueless as to what is morally right. We have background checks to purchase a firearm. Taking over 300,000,000 guns from law abiding American citizens has only one course, CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE.

      • I agree it is a constitutional right. And I’ll be damned if they will take my gun that I bought legally after a FBI background check. But it also said in the constitution that the government is not allowed to tax wages. That was done to support ammunition for WWII. It was supposed to end after the war. So the government is stealing from us every day and getting away with it. Pelosi is an ignorant nullminded wretched witch. It’s not guns that do the killing. It’s the Dumbass behind the trigger. Banning them just hurts the legal carrying citizens from protecting themselves against criminals. It wont stop criminals from getting them. It will just make their crimes easier. How about we ban this idiotic woman from ever speaking again along with her right hand bartender.

          • Cindy, the Gun Control Act of 1967, was a word for word translation of the 1938 Nazi/German Gun Control Act, brought here to you by one of the fine Demoncraptic senators that was involved in the Nuremberg Trials against the Nazi War Criminals.
            What a swell souvenir to return home with.
            Hey guys, look what I found. Bet this’ll come in handy some day.

  3. The day that this happens there will be a civil war now think about it if even half of the armed citizens stood up the whole idea of taking our guns would go up in smoke i say let them try.

  4. I’m sure gun sales are gonna go through the roof I know I’m gonna be there getting a few more and I will defend my rights and my family Pelosi if you want a civil war you can get one

  5. As an Australian I beg you not to allow them to chip away at your constitutional right to bear arms. We allowed the slippery slope of gun control to start after the massacre in Port Arthur, they only wanted certain guns restricted. Since then, (1996), it has become harder and much more expensive to own a gun. First you have to have a licence. Then to purchase a gun you need to apply to the police for permission to purchase that gun, even if your license is for that type of gun!! Resist at all costs guys.

  6. 2nd Amendment was put in place to keep the Government from taking our rights. it literally says shall not be infringed. that means no restrictions are legal.

    • The left will provoke until they get the response they need, then they will point ….LOOK !!! those 2A people are scary and are over reacting they need to be stopped.
      look at the mind control they have only over the BOOHOO crowed.. they suck! and are blind…BUT they are united openly. they are justified by the leftist dems political propaganda and protected from A LOT of things that should be treated in the same way they treat the libertarian and conservative types.
      it is a disturbing reality that is coming. CONGRESS AS A WHOLE IS FAILING!! IT DOESNT WORK ANYMORE! THEY FORGOT WHAT IT IS ABOUT!! WE THE PEOPLE!!! THE UNITED!! the left are dividing every line they can. race, religion, “economic class” up is down.. lies are truth and truth is ridiculed, shamed, and beat down by the corporations and a blind eye turned by our elected “officials”
      The government instituted by the people are bound by their oath of office to the constitution and the people of these UNITED STATES. They are there to secure our freedoms!!(SECURE) there should be legal action taken! (YEAH RIGHT)
      They govern only by the consent of the govern!!
      IMO it will only take 2 more generations of this crap for our country to change forever.


  8. They want my guns, they can have them, but they are DEFINITELY getting them in the order of ALL BULLETS FIRST!
    Considering I’ve got about $7,000 worth of ammo, if recommend that whoever they send packs a lunch, cause it’s gonna be a LONG ASS DAY!

  9. You come after guns of law abiding citizens, you will start a civil war. Many militias will not tolerate it. Nor will Americann citizens who still believe in our god given rights!

  10. Very different. Guns are a constitutional right. The other is to keep criminals with no contitutional rights out of our country.

  11. Unless you want your guns taken from you she has given you warning to stop voting for democrats. That sounds like a socialist country to me. Take away guns, cars, planes, and anything else they think. Lets not forget the fact that you will work and they will take your income. While they are making over 170k a year.

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