Pelosi warns a future Democratic President Could Declare a National Emergency to Ban Guns

Nancy Pelosi

In response to President Trump’s Threat to declare a National Emergency in order to build portions of a border wall with Mexico, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is warning that should a democrat become President in 2020, they will use the same National Emergency powers to push gun control.

In a press conference earlier today, Pelosi told reporters that Republicans should “have some dismay about the door that they’re opening.” 

“You want to talk about an national emergency? Let’s talk about today, the one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America,” Pelosi said, referring to the Parkland, Fla., shooting that left more than a dozen high school students dead. “That’s a national emergency …. A Democratic president could do that.”

Democrats make moves in Congress to push gun control

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved multiple gun control measures for floor votes, including H.R.8 – Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, which will require universal background checks for all gun sales and most gun transfers.

“There is a clear consensus among academics, public health experts and law enforcement personnel that universal background checks would greatly enhance public safety,” said Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y.

On Tuesday, Anti-gun Senators Bob Menendez and Richard Blumentha re-introduced the Keep Americans Safe Act, or S. 447. The bill would ban the sale of magazines that hold 10 or more rounds.

“Guns become doubly and triply deadly in these massacres because of these high-capacity magazines,” said co-sponsor Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn. “And so if we take one simple step in approving this prohibition, we can literally save lives. There is no more simple, straightforward way to save lives from gun violence than to ban these high-capacity magazines.”

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  1. Dear Mrs Hitler, You come do that and I’ll guarentee you, I’m speaking for many hard working Americans, who have the spirit of all the soldiers who fought and died for us inside of them, that if you wanna go there I’m sure theyll be more than happy to let you try, especially in the South.

  2. Yea riiiight
    We are given the 2 nd amendment for that very reason!!
    The government cannot and should not take our right to defend, protect or form a militia against our government!!!
    Come try and take it!!!

  3. Sheriffs in Washington State are already refusing to enforce illegal liberal firearms laws…politicians really have lost their minds and have truly forgotten who they work for! We, the people could take this country back. It would be a bloodbath but we would prevail!

  4. Let the Democrats try to ban gun with a national emergency the new Civil War will begin immediately. There is a difference in securing our borders with a wall to stem the flow of illegal immigration and talk of denying our constitutional rights.
    To you Ms. Pelosi and those of your ilk, bring it on, let the war begin.

  5. The Demmocrats have been tap dancing around what they really want with all these useless laws that they are passing… one day it will be to make it illegal to own guns – THAT is what they are ultimately after – the rest of this, is just smoke screen.

  6. Some folks are missing the point which is misuse of the President’s power to declare an emergency. There are no clear definitions of what a national emergency is or is not. At this time the President can declare an emergency for any reason then declare martial law. And so long as the military doesn’t step in a clever President can prevent Congress from overturning it. In short, our constitution and laws allow a President to declare himself dictator. According to our constitution the President has limited power but over the years Congress has been ceding more and more authority to the President. Declaring a national emergency for a wall would open the flood gates and remove all controls on the president, Republican or Democrat.

  7. I agree with u if a criminal wants to get a gun they’re going to get one one way or another he needs to be removed from office I’m not giving up my guns I don’t care what they say it’s my right to have one and I’m going to force my right

  8. So if they want to ban guns….then the police …military…and any type of security including Nacy’s will have to turn in their guns if they are banned ….the only people that will have guns are illegal criminals …should be a good time living as a criminal

  9. The leftists in this country love guns as long as they control them.  I’m sure many of them have their own collections hidden away some where nice and safe with thousands of rounds of ammo.  

    They fear us armed citizens because we are an obstacle to total control and domination over us.  It’s all about obtaining power and keeping it.  Pelosi also illustrated the use of lying (propaganda, information warfare, etc) and convincing -or- forcing the masses to give up their weapons as the first step to control (the most important lesson).   We are the last hope for freedom. Freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression and freedom to live our dreams.  

    Are you willing to keep that freedom?  To keep our freedom you will have to be willing to give your all.  Put it all on the line:  your job, your future, your fortune, your possessions and your life.  Freedom isn’t cheap–it is quite expensive.  

    We ARE the last hope.  

  10. One more thought…Pelosi (and Feinstein) is threatening law abiding citizens with banning our guns. This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and to even suggest such an action is Treasonous.

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