Psychological Warfare Declared on Your Child! Why would anyone send their kids back to Public School to be Mentally Abused?

Now that Joe Biden has convinced the world he is the holy savior of curing COVID – never mind  the FACT that they removed false positives from the equation as soon as the election was stolen – it looks like your kids are going to school!

Only, the new normal schools doesn’t look so normal. In fact, it looks more like a psychological abuse program meant to destroy your child’s spirit. From kids in Plexi-glass bubbles to kids being yelled at if they come within 6 feet of each other, if you haven’t pulled your kids out of the public school system, what are you waiting for?

Here is just a small look at what you will be sending your child into…

kids in covid tents
Wenatchee, Washington State school kids “socially distanced inside” COVID tents as they perform in a band.
Kids Quarantined at school
covid camps

These are the people teaching your kids:

And if that isn’t bad enough, teachers are gearing up to push this crap even harder now…

Time to take your child’s education off the grid!

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  1. That is really sad that society has come to this. The world recovered just fine from the Spanish Flu that lasted from 1918-1920 without this nonsense. The Spanish Flu was H1N1. This Wuhan virus is a bio-weapon designed for biological warfare and the world will recover but I see this going into 2022.

  2. Just wanted to post a theory regarding COVID here.. i think covid si an infectious catalyst, something to prime the body, and the vaccine is the DNA alteration serum, what will they alter? i don’t know, probably something to make us good little mindless idiots that follow the status quo like the peasents they want us to be. but if the media is pushing the nonsense saying how great it is, it probably actually isn’t….
    yet it doesn’t:
    grant you immunity from, or stop you from catching covid, unlike other vaccines
    doesn’t prevent you from spreading covid if you do catch it, unlike other vaccines
    won’t allow you to live life normally again,
    won’t allow you to go out in public without a mask again.
    so what is the real point of the vaccine?
    no all of this is sinister, and I bet with the money from Fauci to Wuhan lab, this is a bought and paid for designer virus. and now our government is finishing the payment with it’s money to the wuhan lab in the new stimulis bill ( yes they are paying the level 4 china lab , MILLIONS if not BILLIONS in “releif, and research and development” money to “study the virus”

    remember operation large area coverage? yeah the states SUED the feds for subjecting them to radioactive isotopes in their aerosol, they should also also been sued for literally infecting people with viruses in road and subway tunnel ventilation as well.
    i could say “WHEN WILL PEOPEL WAKE UP!?” but sadly i know the answer already, never.

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