Pittsburgh Attempting to Ban Ammunition, Semi-Auto Firearms, and Magazines

Shotgun Shells

With democrats taking control of Congress, anti-gun groups and politicians from around the country are pushing firearm bans at both the federal and local level.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the government is attempting to ban all semi-automatic firearms, ammunition, and large-capacity magazines.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto was joined by Governor Tom Wolf, members of City Council and state Democratic lawmakers Friday in proposing legislation that would ban semi-automatic firearms, ammunition, firearms accessories, and large-capacity magazines in the city of Pittsburgh.

“We intend to work not only in this councilchamber but across the state of Pennsylvania in council chambers, in every townand village across this state, to get the support that is needed to change thelaws in Harrisburg, but we won’t stop there,” Peduto said. “We’ll work in cityhalls across the United States, one by one, going to the places where they havenot only been the victims of mass homicide, but have been the victims ofhomicides on a continual basis.”

Three Anti-Gun bills will be introduced in Pittsburgh:

  • A ban on semi-automatic firearms within Pittsburgh. (Read the legislation)
  • A ban on accessories, ammunition, and weapon modifications. (Read the legislation)
  • Adoption of “extreme risk protection orders” that would let courts temporarily prohibit someone from having guns if law enforcement or immediate family show the person poses a “significant danger.” (Read the legislation)

“The ordinances that thecity of Pittsburgh is contemplating are illegal, and the city should know thisbecause we beat them in 1994 and we’re going to beat them again,” said KimStolfer, president of Firearms Owners Against Crime. “The fact is, what thecity’s doing is illegal and there’s very little difference between them and thekiller at the synagogue except for a matter of degree. They’re both criminals.”

“The draft ordinances –if enacted as written — would infringe fundamental rights, violate state law,and cost taxpayers dearly because the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has alreadytwice invalidated similar ordinances,” said Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman forthe NRA Institute for Legislative Action, in an email to Pittsburgh’s ActionNews 4. “To add insult to injury, these bad policies would do nothing toreduce firearm-related crime. These proposals are nothing more thangrandstanding from anti-gun politicians who aren’t concerned about trampling ontheir citizens’ rights.”

The bills’ cosponsors, Councilman Corey O’Connor of Swisshelm Park and Councilwoman Erika Strassburger of Squirrel Hill, plan to introduce the legislation during a council meeting on Tuesday and say they hope to pass the gun legislation by Feb. 14, the anniversary of the Parkland shootings.

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  1. Isnt it interesting the very law makers of a town born from a fight with the British and French over land control, and later a rebellion against taxes on whiskey is now a city where those law makers are attempting to disarm the citizens so they cannot rebel again.

    • Excellent observation Jimmy.
      If the city council passes this atrocity, the courts will kill it in mass….thank God.

      I’m sure the council members took an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States” -or- maybe they didn’t.

  2. The governing body of Pittsburg and the state legislature would do well to refresh themselves on our supreme law of the land, the constitution, and the citizens of the same should stand, at all cost, to stop this oppressive attempt on the liberties of the people of Pennsylvania! They do not have the authority to act as they wish in regards to impeding the free exercise of the people’s protected rights !!
    Next thing you know they will be jailing those who speak ill of officials publicly!!

    • Agreed! We all MUST stand against this attempt of the far left to trample our Constituional (both US and PA) rights and destroy our Commonwealth and our Republic!

  3. This is how revolutions start!

    We have a constitution and spells out our rights! Don’t care if you like it or not – it simply is! They violated their oath of office by doing this and by definition are traitors.

  4. In November of last year 26 people were shot to death in our church here in Sutherland Springs Texas. You won’t find one person supporting gun control. In fact many people who were not armed prior to this event are now armed. Open carry is welcomed in our church. Only a complete idiot would think disarming law abiding citizens will stop a tragedy like we had here.

  5. If they pass this and council people and democrat politicians responsible aren’t found here and there with their throats cut, then you can definitely take this as evidence that this republic is absolutely doomed to failure. That judgement is forthcoming and soon at that.

  6. Well, voting this problem away has completely failed. Remain non compliant, give up nothing, and be willing to kill agents of the state to protect your rights. That’s the only way around this.

  7. Please remember, the next time an argument is made that when the Constitution was written they had muskets and never envisioned semi-automatic or AR style “scary rifles”, but then they never envisioned internet porn or abortion did they?

  8. They forgot to ban pea shooters ! One can fit
    30 + beans in your mouth for rapid fire . Can have
    devastating effect at close range ; it could put
    somebody’s eye out .

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