Police across the Country Collecting DNA for Federal Government

Residents in a Reading, Pennsylvania are asking questions after a government contractor, with the help of local Pennsylvania law enforcement, corralled drivers into a checkpoint where they pressured into giving DNA samples.

Drivers in Reading, Pennsylvania are claiming they were forced off the road by employees of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, a contractor hired by the Federal Government to conduct stops across the nation. The government checkpoint used local police officers to intimidate drivers into a parking lot where they were asked to give DNA samples.

Although the program, according to the Reading Police department, was voluntary, a number of residents claim they were never told they had a choice in the matter, and say they were intimidated into giving the samples.

The checkpoints, which have begun popping up throughout the country, are all part of a program funded by the Obama administration to collect medical data for use in combatting drunk driving.

But some see it as something much more sinister….

Earlier this year the Supreme Court cleared the way for the federal government’s new DNA database. In one of the most shocking rulings in quite some time, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that police departments can now collect DNA from anyone they arrest, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Since that ruling, DNA collection checkpoints have popped up throughout the country. In fact, just last month the Police Chief in Fort Worth, Texas had to publicly apologize after his police department allowed federal contractors to take  breath, saliva and even blood samples from innocent drivers.

Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead told reporters, “We realize this survey caused many of our citizens frustration and we apologize for our participation.”

Without informing State officials, the federal government set up similar DNA collection checkpoints in Alabama’s St. Clair and Bibb Counties in June.  As soon as Alabama Governor Robert Bentley learned about the checkpoints, he voiced his shock and outrage at the program, which he said he was unaware of:

I am instructing my Secretary of Law Enforcement, Spencer Collier, to investigate this issue.  Like many people, I have questions about how and why these surveys were carried out along Alabama’s roads. We need to find out from the federal government exactly what is being done with the information that was collected. We’ll do everything we can to get to the bottom of the issue and make sure that the rights of our citizens are protected.

In my opinion, this is just one more example (a very Orwellian example) of how local police departments have become a de facto militarized arm of the federal government.

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      • If they want my DNA, I won’t care because I will be dead when they get it. Do they think they can tell me that I can’t do something because I don’t have their fucking licences or because they have a badge… they better open their eyes they are gearing for a war they dont want because when it happens I am out for me and me only.

  1. I wonder if people even realize what this means for our personal liberties and our country. This is seriously frightening and disturbing. Not to mention a long-time coming. From forced home inspections and laws allowing your home, car, and even food and water taken from you, when will people say enough is enough and stop letting them strip us of our rights?! We’re screwed all because of ignorance and complacency of the general populace!

    • Yes, this is very disturbing. But the vast majority of the SHEEPLE will do as they are told. There are only a few who understand what has been happening in the U.S. and around the globe. We will soon see full oppression of the people. When that happens, it will be too late to do anything about it. Some will resist, and some will die trying.

  2. It’s already happening in the Uk. They’ve banned ownership of handguns, semi automatic rifles, shotguns with a capacity to fire more than 3 rounds, knives with a blade of more than 2in. If you’re detained for any reason they take your DNA and don’t have to destroy it if you’re not guilty of anything. Cameras are everywhere, they push the line that if you’ve done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear, does any of this seem familiar to you Americans. I’m a 64 year old man, if I was a young man I would be very uneasy at the least. They used 2 mass shootings to justify the gun ban, sound familiar. Maybe the conspiracy theorists are telling it like it is. Certainly I’ve seen enough on the internet to question the Sandy Hook shootings. We’ve lost it over here Yanks don’t you go the same way.

    • You are most certainly on the right track. Britain IS a step ahead of the U.S. when it comes to being a police state. But we’re following on your coat tails. Remember, the control center for the Zionist bankers who control most of the world is the City of London.

  3. For those of you who thought that the tip of the spear of freedom was Fox news, how retarded you are; with apologies to retarded people.
    Fox covered this traitorous crime this afternoon and, without question, they supported it hands down.
    Moreover, they justified it on the basis that so many people are driving around high on perscription drugs threatening public safety.

  4. I’m only 24 andI’m terrified. Soon homeschooling, young, single parents all will be enough reason to open a child welfare investigation. But what the article above fails to mention is in the fine print of voluntary statement given to those at there check points is that that they are testing your breath during the verbal exchang via some sort of wireless tester. I read this when it was reported on yahoo about the stops in Texas, in the same article. I don’t understand why we as a people haven’t stood our ground. Little can individuals do against country, but a country of United individuals can save each other.

  5. Where is the proof that it was the “Obama” administration? All I see is an accusation of who did it with no proof. In my research, I have found it is much more likely it is a Republican Senate who ordered this.

    • I really can’t believe how incredibly stupid you obama voters are. At least most conservatives have stopped buying I to the republican lies, but I’m starting to think there’s no hope for the idiot liberals in this country.

      IRS scandals, NSA spying scandals, Benghazi, 2 wars that were still fighting despite him saying he was going to end them, him trying to start a new war with Syria, and these idiots still refuse to believe their savior could do anything wrong.

      • See the problem is everyone is busy trying blame others. “Idiot Liberals” or “Obama voters” or “Right wing Christians” or “Republicans” and so on and so on.

        The problem is your so busy making sweeping statements about people your actually feeding the complacency that all sides have fallen into. This not about right and left.. they are just constructs, something to keep us busy fighting against each other.

        Here is point, rather than making sweeping statements and generating hate, we should be all trying to put aside our differences and working together to fight a system and government that has got out of control. The Blame game is not the answer and all it does it actually help the elite!

    • A. The Senate is majority Democrat. The House is Republican. B. Unless Congress overrides a Presidential veto, NO law takes effect without the President’s signature, so his desk is where the buck stops. It is his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution by vetoing unconstititional laws.

    • Hmmm, democraps are typically liberal, republicans in general are conservative, does this sound conservative or liberal to you? FYI, get over your party preferences, they are all OWNED, these people play both sides, divide and conquer, you my friend are conquered, have a nice day! YES I know DEMOCRATS is misspelled, that is how I spell it.

    • Sadly, you still believe that the House, Senate, Judicial system, and Presidency are legitimate. They are all working together. The balloting process is corrupted as well. If you watch corporate media, you will watch a charade. The politicians put on a show for the SHEEPLE of America. Then, the controlled media presents only what the controllers want us to know.

    • I doubt Obama, or any executive level person on his staff, had anything to do with it. You’re right to highlight that.

      That being said, they should get involved to put a stop to it. Our government has gotten too big when things like this are being allowed. The Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans – you can pick your issue, but both have seen our young soldiers die for lies in the desert and taken money and rights directly away from the American people. People need to drop the D vs R and focus more on the little citizen vs the BIG out of control government, before we can start moving in the right direction.

      • You Obamaaettes are Delusional! So did he also have nothing to do with NSA Wiretapping congress, world leaders and the American public? What about them collecting every piece of information that was ever sent online?

        Do you also excuse him for the IRS Targeting his opposition? What about Syria, Benghazi and about 800 other scandals? I guess you give him a pass on all those huh?

        scandals, Benghazi,

    • the Senate is controlled by the Dems, as they have a majority there….so if it was ordered by them..(it wasn’t of course) then the Dems were the ones that did it…get out of the tv and quit drinking the koolaid.

  6. this is the end,beautiful friend the end…consider what kind of person,cop,minion could pull off sort of action in mass and go home and look themselves or family in the face each and every day and justify their lives…ya did it to you’re selves merica! ps. not to mention kennedy,911…

  7. Ok I can sorta understand a breath test, but why swabs (smokers?) and DNA Whaaaaaaaaaa (increase data bade?) maybe I’m slow but why blood work.

  8. I was recently brought to Tucson Az umc by abulance and after i was seen by doctor a lady showed up asking if id like a free hiv test. At the time i thought was odd so i turned it down, good thing i did seeing the fed maxe it legal to collect anyones dna as long as you volunteer it (some cases even thats not needed now). What the heck is going on? What good can come of this? And what the hell,! Asking me when im coming out of a diabetic coma?! I feel like i should sue..

  9. There are provable test done on DNA. As far fetched as it sounds, DNA can display the EXACT emotional characteristics of its ‘doner’ from any distance previously measured in experiments (400 miles was the last one I have heard of). Search ‘ emotional attachments to DNA or DNA distance experiments for yourselves. This translates into a preemptive arrest or detainment for the prior owner of the DNA if their DNA triggers the data and monitoring array it is stored in. Personally, they can pull mine from the teeth of the oppressor that attempts to take mine. Arm yourselves with knowledge my friends. The powers that be are accelerating their attacks on our rights. Not rights ‘given’ to us, no, the rights we are BORN with. Have Fun. Stay Alert

  10. This mess has been coming since the end of the civil war. Look at what developments came out of that war. (1)The check against centralized government forcing it’s will against the states was removed{the 10th amend’ rewritten after the war} (2) The checks against centralized banks and currency was removed {outlawed the states producing their own currency} (3) The legal right to own slaves simply shifted from individuals to the corporations {the 13th amendment} Slavery was not outlawed!!!
    Look at all of this in a line, then concider the developments that we have had over the last 55 years, where we had a socialist government forced on the entire US population….Just look at these above stated facts alone, and one can see where this country is and is headed…get this..A FASCIST GOVERNMENT, where the people are enslaved for the sole benefit of government and the corporations! In other words, I see concentration camps coming here to the US..I see an Auschwitz appearing right here on American soil!

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