The Militarization of our State & Local Police Forces

Over the last couple of years we’ve featured a number of articles on the militarization of our State and local police forces by the Department of Homeland Security.

Through federal terrorism grants, local police forces are stockpiling military weaponry and battlefield gear at an alarming rate. In fact, just this month the U.S. Army gave away 13,000 armored trucks, worth about $500,000 each, to the Department of Homeland Security who distributed them to local police forces throughout the country. These high-powered military vehicles, which were built specifically for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, will now be patrolling the streets of America.

The guys over at Arrest Records sent me an interesting infographic this morning that highlights some of what’s going on.

Police militarization infographic
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  1. Get ready ! Your “elected leaders” are about to put the country under marshal law. The end is here. Food , Water , home heating fuel and medical care will all be used as weapons to keep the public at large in check…

    • For as much as I don’t want to believe it,it’s very hard for me to deny that our rich elected officials have been selling us out and have had plans of oppressing their very own people. They are slowly closing and tightening their evil grip. God help us all at that time! Evil is and has been here.

  2. IF this country wasn’t afraid of a take over “WHY” would we need all this equipment.?
    is it China or the Muslams.?

  3. neat cartoons – if the people on this site knew they were getting regurgitated Radley Balko articles from Salon, “the online arts and culture magazine”, they would fall on their collective faces.

    The police are becoming militarized because the world is going to shit. China is buying gold to set the stage for internationalizing the Yuan. Russia is centralizing its own credit payment system and planning to flood the global economy with increasingly worthless US dollars. Hyper-inflation is on the way. PrairieWolf is right on target.

    • I agree with Praire Wolf. It used to be police and fire depts would get old 3/4 ton, 5/4 ton, and Cutv (chevy blazer look alikes) military vehicles for inclement weather or brush fire use. Now, it’s vehicles from overseas with the possibility of martial law. A similar article was published on this site a few wks ago. Right after reading it, I observed one of the vehicles pictured in the article in my county. Right after that I made a trip to the police lot and counted 5 Hummvees. The bumper markings were not military. I am very concerned about the upshot of all this or where this is leading. Keeping a “low profile” is something I try to do as much as I can. Other than that I can only wait watch ….watch for new developments on sites like this one…. to have warning of …..what may/could happen.

  4. Neither China or Muslims keeb.Look no further than a financial holocaust and the aftermath via looting and worse.This was planned long ago to bring about a one world government.

    • As much as it may seem that way, I have to disagree. There just isn’t enough evidence to support a 1WG, and it seems more like s**t happens.

      I used to be a NWO theorist, but I’ve done my own research and find it to have no concrete evidence. None, if any.

      Greed gave way to the creation of debt, debt to large amounts of it everywhere. It doesn’t have to be planned, just enough people wanting money to collaborate and rack up the dollars.

      Heck, the Ukraine crisis is all about money. Not starting WW3 and bringing in a NWO. Syria, North Korea… Was the Vietnam war planned too? When the Americans suffered a (debatable) loss? Wars are made to fill pockets. Few are made to execute an agenda. (The latter can be debated)

      China is buying gold because they KNOW the USA is in decline, and it’s dollars are almost worthless. They’re buying the gold so that when the dollar DOES collapse, they can force the USD out and bring in a currency with value behind it. That is REALLY hard to plan, and the NWO people wouldn’t be happy, assuming they exist. China isn’t stupid. The gold reserves are to value theirs once the fiat currency that supports all other currencies collapses.

      I can’t wait for all the “Shill” and “Sheeple” comments to roll in.

      Enlighten me with your concrete evidence about the NWO, and sources please. If I’m so incorrect, I’m open to be proven wrong. Remeber; CONCRETE.

      • Finally, someone who isn’t mislead by the NWO theory. I will admit the theory is interesting but there is no solid evidence to support. The real threat to America is the people who aren’t focused on politics and current events. Information is one of our greatest allies but misinformation like the NWO theory confuses and misleads

  5. Shariaunvealed WordPress. Comm government purchased 30,000 guillotines,fema has 400 desceditent camps through out our country. Obama denies Muslim heritage. Obama relieved our patriot generals. Has executive power for Martial law,can’t be removed from office when inacted, Doubled our debt. He promised change. Well say hello to the toilet. Our $ will collapse. Will lose investments,homes, and scrounge for food.

  6. Obama care is a dead horse. Let the hospitals take over the medical care. They serve you they know what you owe! They Can zone areas around them for the population they can serve. People pay monthly to that hospital they use hospital pays doctors,doctors serve the people. If your hospital can’t provide needed services they pay other hospitals for services rendered. Each hospital will try to be competitive, costs will go down, state can regulate hospitals/or be arbitrators for the lawyers, no insurance premium, no deductibles. No preexisting conditions. We could save 60% on medical coverage. We all could afford medical.why can’t our elected officials see that the government doesn’t need to be in the medical business. Let medical field lead our health care,not insurance company’s. I hope their will be some commonsense support by thousands to make our leaders at state and national officials. Do their jobs, find solutions that work for everyone.

  7. Seems more the kitty is forced into the corner the more paranoid and criminal it becomes the harder it fights back. Sad thing about it they swore to protect this country and wont hesitate to fire upon it’s own citizens. Blame Corporations and greed it is the base for all of it!

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