University of Missouri Police Tell Students to Report ‘Hurtful Speech’

In the latest attempt to curtail free speech, The University of Missouri Police Department is now threatening police force against people using “hurtful speech”.

Earlier today the MUPD sent out an email to University of Missouri students asking them to turn in anyone who uses “hurtful speech”. They urged students to call the police – actually telling them to use 911 –and report anyone using this speech on campus.

The message went on to tell students to get a detailed description of the offender, their location or license plate number, and even to take a picture if possible.

Journalist Madi Alexander posted the email to her Twitter account:

Is Political Correctness a Threat to our Survival?

Recently, we have witnessed a number of large-scale social disruptions that can be tied directly to our current P.C. victimization culture. From the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, to widespread social unrest on campuses throughout the United States, we are seeing a shift in our culture. People who live their lives pretending to be perpetual victims have now declared war on the rest of society.

The college campuses that used to claim to be a bastion for freedom of thought, speech, and expression have turned into communist utopias where speech that offends any group – except groups talking about traditional American values – is now not only banned, but apparently being prosecuted by campus police.

It’s ironic when you think about it. Most of these groups who are crying about “hurtful speech” are the same groups who couldn’t stop rioting over the summer, claiming police were oppressing them. Now it seems they are perfectly fine with the police oppressing other groups .

The email comes one day after University President Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin resigned under pressure from militant students who were disrupting classes on campus and terrorizing the local community. The same day, those so-called protesters clashed with the media, declaring that White Media was not allowed – setting up what they called a “no media safe space.” The leaders of the group tweeted “white media who don’t understand the importance of respecting black spaces.”


University of Missouri Protesters

No MEdia Safe Space Zone

These are the same Black Lives Matter Activists who are actually being allowed to teach classes at Yale University on the Ethics of Looting. So on one hand you have a group of people trying to regulate free speech in this country, while at the same time using that free speech to teach classes on how to commit crimes and destroy their own communities.

We are being hit from every direction!

From the government’s attempt to crackdown on alternative media through the copyright laws, to the big internet giants censoring anything that they politically disagree with, there seems to be a full frontal assault on our first amendment rights. We have allowed militant activists who hate this country to dictate policy,shred the constitution, and disrupt life as we know it.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects speech no matter how offensive it may be. We need to stop bowing down to political correctness and stand up for what’s right. Our very survival as a nation, as a culture, and even our survival as individuals is in jeopardy.

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  1. WTF is this about?
    This is what i understand to be going on, correct me if I am wrong.
    Students complaints of racism on campus fell on deaf ears,
    football players said they would not play until the university president resigns, he resigns because it would be a big money loss,
    campus rally,
    media come cover it,
    media get out of here

    • My understanding is this…
      Some white kids called some blacks kids the n-word. Supposedly someone drew a swastika in crap on a wall. Which by the way is just nasty. The names of the perpetrators are as far as I have seen are unknown. The University President said he was addressing it, but the students and athletes wanted his resignation. In addition, to him admitting his “white male privilege.” Apparently, being fired for the actions of others is a privilege now. Oh and hiring more black professors and mental health employees at the university. As the student assoc. VP put it, it would be nice to see faces that look like ours. I am not sure how that isn’t racist, but whatever. More mental professionals is probably not a bad idea. Then they tried to keep the media from covering their celebration of him resigning.

      I guess it is fitting that at Missou and Yale liberals are suffering at the hands of the monsters they created.

  2. Millennials will be the death of this nation. In fact, I wish I was born one year earlier, so I wouldn’t be considered one. Most are thin skinned, entitled, little brats. Who would ban other people’s right to free speech, if it hurts their feelings. I would never condone racism, but what ever happen to the expression about “sticks and stones.” If someone says something racist and it really bothers you, confront them. We are raising a nation of little tyrants. This must have been what it was like just before Mao took over China.

    • I had to go back and edit some off what I wrote because the article was turning into a rant… Hard not to be disgusted over this kind of crap.

  3. Freedom of Speech is intended to create an environment where one may engage another in lively debate without fear in order to arrive at optimum solutions to problems of the society in which we live.

    Curtailing those rights leads to stupidity. In a totalitarian state no one but the master is allowed to think.

    Our racially sensitive black people are being played for fools. White people are discriminated against so overtly and so much in your face that it is considered hateful to even suggest that white people are the real victims in America.

    We live in a world dominated by the most racist people in the world but if you call them out a hush comes over and fear personified results in the victim, a white person or anyone else, will be called racist. When I type the word, I get censored. The word is rhymes with you. The eternal victim is responsible for this curtailment of free speech. They are the masters and all others across the board are slaves. They killed the Russian people in the worst genocide of all time but almost no one knows because they control speech on TV in movies and on college campuses. The perpetrators of slavery in the past are now kidnapping girls by the thousands and forcing them into sexual slavery. The criminals are never punished. They own the banks. They have robbed Americans blind but they don’t go to jail. Of course if you call them racists, murderers, and thieves; you are being threatened. Call 911. No. Grow up. Wake up. And see the color of true racism. You will be called anti-Semetic. In some countries you will be jailed. Don’t stop saying the truth as you see it. Lose a job, a college position, your health, your life. But speak your mind. We can’t give in to this tyranny. That’s all I have to say about that Forest.

  4. better be careful with those links there, they might try and shut you down for copyright infringement.. on articles written and seen in a public forum on the interwebs.. ( still dont’ get it.. if it is available for public viewing, and traffic increases from links lead to advertisement funding..why NOT let people link? it’s not like the content was hacked)

    eitherway. I live in mizzou.. to the BLM, piss off, my life matters just as much, and to me myself and I it matters more so, if you don’t believe me, I guard it with a sidearm almost everyday. try and take my life and it will result in the loss of yours. I have NO qualms over my survival at your expense should you escalate the situation.

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