This is Why We Prep: Atlanta Crippled by 2 inches of Snow, People Literally Sleeping in Stores

What’s happening in Atlanta right now is a perfect example of how ill prepared the country, the government and people in general are to face any kind of disaster.

Yesterday Atlanta was hit by a relatively small snowstorm; in fact, only about 2 inches of snow fell in most areas. But sadly, this was enough to cripple the entire city, forcing people to abandon their cars and take refuge inside of shopping centers.

Pictures from the Area Via Local Twitter Accounts:



24 Hours after the Storm, and people are still stranded without food and water.

24 hours after the storm hit, students are still camped out in schools, buses full of people are trapped on roadways, and commuters are still abandoning cars all along the highway. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has dispatched National Guard units to start collecting kids who are still stranded at school and people who are still stuck on Atlanta’s crippled roads and freeway system.


911 Goes Down

In Atlanta, the 911 systems have become so overwhelmed with calls that police are actually asking stranded motorists to start contacting them through Facebook and Twitter.


Gas and Food Shortages


Atlanta Mayor Defends City’s Shameful Response to Storm

Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed tried to defend the city’s shameful response on CNN after residents turned to social media to complain that Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed, and the state’s governor, Nathan Deal, failed to both prepare and properly respond to the chaos.

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  1. Heaven forbid that something serious could happen.

    How many days advance notice did they have? Three, I believe. Still, they had no food or water, nor did they think to have a full tank of fuel, or even to have warm clothes and a blanket or sleeping bag to use.

    I suppose the estimates of 90% of people failing to survive a moderate term event may be accurate. It seems the modern day crop of people are ill suited to plan for any disruption in their every day, head in the sand, way of life. 90% may be giving some people more credit than they deserve, but I suppose some could learn quick enough.

    Yet another warning shot that most will fail to learn from. Tell anyone you know that is in the mess that this was a moment to use to start thinking more seriously about their future and that of their families.

    • Actually we had NO advance notice. Our heads are not in the sand… we were expecting flurries with the possibility of a light dusting. YOU try driving up a mountain ridge (remember this part of the south is in the foothills of the Appalachian) on a sheet of ice. OH, did you not research enough to know that this was not just snow but that there was a sheet of ice under that snow? And that just the day before it was 50 degrees? Or what about the fact that most of us do not have 4 wheel drive b/c it simply isn’t needed here.

      OH, hey, and what about the fact that people were sharing the blankets that were in the car?! Oh, yes, you missed that point… many like me do keep a blanket in the car – enough for every member of the family – because we were taught to do so as a child.

      I notice you did not even mention the thousands of children stranded at school… was this because you knew the people with a heart would empathize? What about the many children stuck on school buses that were stranded out there all night? Southerners are a tough lot and we will make it through this and other problems just like we always have.

      Get YOUR head out of sand and stop making light of other people’s problems.

      • No advanced notice??? Do you think people who are affected by earthquakes have advance notice? It’s called preparedness for a reason.

        All I’m seeing form people is a bunch of excuses to why they weren’t prepared. Sorry excuses aren’t going to do shit to save you from a real disaster. This should be a wake up call to anyone that was caught off guard.

        If you couldn’t handle a winter storm you are not going to survive a major disaster.

        • You are an idiot! What were they suppose to do, drive a tank around instead of a car? Cities in the north have snow equipment because it happens every winter. That is not so in the south. Neni, the temp was a high of 19 but what does that have to do with it? Frozen is frozen moron!

          • You stupid american. The snow equipment cannot remove snow as it falls. they wait until the end of the snowfall and then deploy units into the affected zones. Nobody should sympathize with your country and its shitty disaster reaction. Look at those lineup for food and gas. Is that because of ice? Haha. Probably not. Why are kids stranded at school when you can walk through the snow? 2 inches of snow is pussy shit and your country is the king of pussies.

          • Dan! Stupid American????????? I’d like to know where you live. PLEASE do us all a favor and let us know. Also please film yourself driving up a mountain ridge on a sheet of ice. We need to learn from your “PERFECTION.” Dan, the storm suddenly set down in Atlanta. It was NOT supposed to do what it did there plus the temperature dropped lower than it was supposed to. Oh perfect Dan please respond because this American hating is curious. Where do you live Dan?

          • Rob I totally agree with you in the last 2 snowfalls here we have had roughly 2 feet of snow fall yet I drive everyday through it without getting stuck or stranded… it’s called being Canadian…

          • 2 inches of snow is no reason to close roads and act as if a Nuclear Fall out is happening.
            I fail to see how 2 inches of snow could cause this disaster.

            I’m in Ontario Canada, we have 2.5-3 feet of snow on the ground and roads, with 5-6foot high snow mounds on the sides and curbs of our roads, our children ages 10-18 walk to and from school in snow, a 4 wheel drive truck can drive through 2 feet of snow with no issue.. I know cause I do it almost every day to work…

            Temperatures are also -20C to -40C and All I wear outside is the average attire with a sweater, coat and boots.

            Hell I go walk to the grocery store and back in this weather.

          • Kory, then you don’t live in the south. we dont get snow we get ice. as soon as the snow hits the street it melts since it was in the 50’s days before. When there is a bit of water on the street and then it gets cold enough to freeze, then it does just that. Its like driving on a frozen lake without any snow tires, chains or the like. I would like to see you try that while simi’s are skating all over.

          • Do you idiots honestly think that you’re the only ones who have ever had to drive on ice? Here, we get ruts of black ice so slippery that cars literally go flying out of them, even when they’re driving 30km. If it’s not snow plow season yet, then we have to deal with it. And no, not every car has winter tires or 4×4. It doesn’t take a smart person to know that if the road is slippery, you must drive accordingly, even if it means going significantly under the speed limit. Children had to sleep at school while they’re parents slept in Wal-Mart’s camping department like it was the end of the world over fucking 2 inches of snow… No wonder the whole world is laughing at you.

          • Also, Todd, some of us northerners DO drive on frozen lakes. They’re called winter roads.

          • Catherine, your absolutely right, after being in Minnesota and Colorado one learns to drive on icy roads. (Idaho we had studs, Minnesota we had chains) Its not a big deal for the most part. A layer of sand and salt help too.
            We don’t think we are the only ones to deal with driving on ice. If it were a yearly thing instead of every 10 years they would be more adept at it. But alas, most are not and they tend to drive too fast and start the cascade effect that causes the problems.

        • Try living in Montana, Mr. “No advanced notice, mountain ridge, 50 degrees the day before”…in Montana, we have things called “Chinook Winds”, and I’ve seen it be 60 in Feb out of nowhere and -20 2 days later with a foot of snow. I’ve also seen “light dusting” turn into sleet followed by 2 ft of snow in less than 12 hrs. It’s called “winter” and even though you guys aren’t used to it, we all know this has been an extraordinary season. Yes. We feel bad for you, but no one is making light of your issue- the author was trying to convey the importance of preparing for the unexpected and possible. Stop being so snarky. It’s not helping anyone’s opinion of that hell-hole you call home. And yes, I’ve lived there, unfortunately.

          • This is a great example of being prepped and shows how many are not so. I keep a bag in my car with winter clothes and food. I finally have an example where my kids see the importance of what I tell them. And now have a good example to show why it is a good idea to do at least a minimal amount of prepping with my neighbors.
            The whole thing was a stupid conglomeration of bad decisions made at the same time. People, Employers and City.
            Takeaway for all: Keep items in the car that can make a cold nigh bearable. Figure out how many days to get home and have a bag ready in the car with provisions and what not to be able to get home with out an issue.

      • See I think you are quite wrong, YOU did have advanced notice, they call it a weather forecast. WTH? You think those of us who live in the North don’t watch the news and get “taken by surprise” by two inches really? C’mon get YOUR head out of the sand, you should have been watching the news. The weather “predicts” the forecast. You knew there was a “chance” of snow. Hell they were talkin’ about it for the last week. Y’all shoulda stayed home and off the interstates. If you had to drive or go to work use common sense. BE prepared. You can get stranded in nice weather. Better to have all contingencies covered than look like a boob like you do for trying to tell us you had no advance warning. Geesh do you believe the falsehoods you spew? Plus what was it? 39 degrees? 32? 28? Try working in -6 with a windchill of -25.
        Would you like a straw so you can suck it up?

        • The “forcast” at 9am was calling for the snow to fall south of Atlanta and a light dusting, as is normal this time of year to happen at least once, from Atlanta on north. Most people were already at work. Since Atlanta is a comuter city. (few live inside the city because it is corrupt as hell) It was not till 10am did they change and put us on alert. Then when it actually stated snowing good there were 2 things that happened.
          The snow melted when it hit the pavement and the froze as soon as enough cold was available. We don’t get snow we get ice. So “two inches of snow” is really an inch of ice topped with snow. Not even the almighty northerners deal well with that.
          The second problem was about 1pm, workplaces let people head home since it was worse than predicted. So now you have iced roads and half a million people heading home.

          Atlanta has always been hard to call as to whether it will hit the Atlanta area or go north or south of us. We get a big storm that locks down the city about every 10 years. So we were over due for this since the last was 13 years. We have had plenty of near misses (goes north of us or south) or where is just peters out and we got nothing. Most forecasters have multiple models they draw from and they sometimes have to go with their gut, sometimes they are wrong but that is weather in Atlanta. (just watch it for a year and see how hard it is to predict) Hell, I’ll be in shorts this weekend when its 65 deg out.

          My son works for a New Jersey company and was not allowed to work at home or he would be docked a day of PTO, since it was going to be a light snow. At 1pm they finally let the employees go home, but it was too late. He spend over 3 hours heading home that was normally a 10 minute freeway trip.

          Long and short of it. It was a mess and not preventable. But this is the exact reason I keep a winter coat, gloves other necessities as well as some dehydrated food in may car during the winter. You never know when you will be in a problem like this. This year was a learning point for what I need to add to the list for my car bag. It was also a teaching point for my family that has not been on the same preparedness bent as I have been. I was able to point out what I have in my car and they agreed that they needed to do the same.

          • “We don’t get snow we get ice”. Christ.

            Shut up and accept the fact that Atlanta dies first for lack of preparation.

      • Haha, you called the Appalachians mountains. LMAO, those are barely A cups on the chest of the earth. Try doing it in Colorado on some DDD cups lol. Those are mountains.

        • I’ve significant amounts of time living near and in the Rockies as well as the Appalachians.

          In the GA area, they might as well be foothills. once you migrate up to the central eastern seaboard (Virginia/West Virginia), they start to get comparable to the smaller Rocky ranges.

      • No advanced notice? I didn’t even start looking at the weather reports until a day and a half before, and there were “WINTER STORM WARNINGS” all over the place: accuweather,, news stations, etc. They all said very specifically: Accumulations of 1-2 inches, 3 in some locations and that the snow would start falling mid-morning and begin accumulating around 12-1PM. This is EXACTLY what happened. The people that got stuck all over the place, I couldn’t even believe it.

        I grew up in PA, but I’ve lived in Atlanta for nearly a decade. When it snows here you just don’t leave the damn house because the city and surrounding areas can’t handle it. And if you DO leave the house, you don’t go out in nothing but a hoodie (which I saw sooo many people doing) with nothing in your fuel tank.

        You’ve got people blaming the governor and the mayor, whining about children being stuck on buses and in schools. We as adults have a responsibility to know how to say no kids you’re not going to school because they don’t know what’s best in this situation. We have a responsibility to ourselves and others out there to not be out on the roads in the first place if we don’t know how to drive on them or if we aren’t prepared for a worst-case scenario. I thought it would get ugly out there, which is why I never left my house. I had no idea it would be as bad as it was though, waking up to seeing all of these posts on facebook about people being trapped in their cars for 15+ hours. People comparing 2″ of snow to Hurricane Katrina… all the while shaking my head.

        If you think you had no advance notice, your head IS in the sand!

        • Well said! I like that you’re one of the first people I have seen that lives in the affected area that accepts responsibility for what could happen to you. Many people want to blame someone else for their problems. I give you a thumbs up and best wishes for dealing with the people that surround you!

      • Hahaha! Sorry you in the south are such wussies. I live in MT… we just got 8 inches of snow overnight….life went on as normal. We just drive a little slower but I just drove a freeway and a highway home 40 mins to get home… it was nothing. Life as usual, the south is “tough” huh? Come up here we will teach you what tough is. They just needed to plan road clearing services there I guess but you all act like the world is ending.. I have driven in sketchy situations a lot on plowed roads and never thought… oh I should really go sleep in the home depot… c’Mon! Isn’t like the south is ever worried about people in the north and weather we deal w on a daily basis so frankly don’t care… should’ve stayed home I guess. and I guess you probably only live w one season constantly so none of you even pay attention to forecasts… so ridiculous.

        • Stop attacking people from the south. Some were prepared,some were not.It happens sometimes. I for one was prepared. Lots of food,water,extra fuel,extra medications. I even have heavy sweaters for my small dog. I understand it makes some people feel good talking crap over the net because they do not have to face the people.The kind that were school bullies.

          To lump every person from the south is ignorant so before you put us down remember,one day you may need help and I hope(since you seem to be so much better than southerners)you will find someone willing to help you because here in Rebel Land,we do help others. Do northerners do the same?

          • Yes i live in PA and we help each other as much as we can. I live in the back woods though, i can’t speak for all northerners but i know that in my neck of the woods we help people. You guys were taken back by this storm kind of like NY was taken back by the hurricane a few years back. I pray that in time of need we would all help each other out, regardless of where we’re from, and not put people down for being taken back by a storm that took us all for a loop…

          • There is nothing to be ‘prepared’ for. 60% of the country deals with this on a daily basis.

            Pathetic humans.

        • I, too, am in MT. I cannot believe these people are in a state of emergency over 2″ of snow. Are you kidding me right now??????? Astonished.

          • Again…you live in the north where the ground is frozen pre-snowfall. Here it melts first then ices. It’s apples to oranges. Having come from the north myself, it’s not the same. Ice and snow are different animals. In my case I stayed in touch with my wife at my house all morning and left when she said it was going to be a problem. I didn’t wait for it to get to me. When everyone realized they needed to leave work I was already an hour ahead of them. I made it home. That’s not before seeing multiple wrecks, spin outs, and even an 18 wheeler going in reverse down a two lane road because he couldn’t get up the incline. Don’t be an @55 and assume you know what the conditions were like because unless you are an Ice Road Trucker…you don’t.

        • yall are so cool, tell me some more stories about how good you drive on snow. I even saw a poor Canadian guy that finally found something he could brag about because he was canadian and the poor thing it was “im better than the American at……driving in snow!!!!” Canadians are so funny, their kind of like the little nerdy guy that is to dumb to be a true nerd so he really dont fit in with any one but is so weak that the cool kid lets him hang around. The US north east people that are really good at driving in the snow or the mid west snow driving greats that lives in …lets say Chicago. What the hell are you doing on a survival web site, you choose to live in a city where they ban the 2nd amendment and you cant carry a gun. I guess the only survival option you have is to drive like hell in the snow to run for your life.
          I live in the south, Birmingham, and yall are right these idiots around here cant drive for shit in the snow. When the idiots clog up the roads, then you super snow driving gods from the north loose your super power. If the roads are blocked with cars then your car cant go… yall tracking so far? From the post above it appears that not only are yall snowflake fast in a car but yall have the ability to walk in 2 inches of snow (super studs… no doubt). The only problem is that a lot of the people that were stuck in the cars commute about an hour to work. Us southern folk dont want to live in the big city so we drive up to 50 miles to get to work. With that in mind what would the northern ice masters do, what is the better offgridsurvival option:
          (a)to walk 30 to 50 miles in the cold with night coming.
          (b) Use a knife and duct tape to make a survival shelter and start setting snares for wild rabbit.
          (c) sleep in the local grocery store floor for a night.
          Laugh while you can you ‘snow slope super sliders’ because its already 60 degrees again here in the south, I will be at the beach in a month. I will leave you with a little college football fact to compare it with to help you ‘northern nascar ice ninjas’ understand why the people of Alabama cant drive for shit in the snow: A BLIZZARD IN THE SOUTH IS AS RARE AS A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IN THE NORTH.

      • Aww poor babies dig urself out of 18 inches of snow in a two day time period. Two inches aint shit in michigan, on top of the -20 to -35 degree wind chills at night. Schools have been closed for the last three days because its been to cold to send the kids to school. I get they are not use to having snow but i dont understand how much notice you need. Watch the weather more i guess. Or how 2 inches brings a big city crumbling down

      • You don’t need a 4WD vehicle to drive on ice. Plenty of people in AK drives with all weather tires with front wheel drive. The trick is drive slooooowly and with caution.

      • You guys need to get it together.
        I drive on that every day.
        Hell, I drive a front wheel drive car with no snow tires on ice every day.
        Apply yourself

        • Samers! I don’t know why suddenly everyone needs 4×4 and fancy tires to handle themselves on ice.

          It’s like photography or music… sure you can outfit yourself with the best gear, but it doesn’t make you a good photographer or musician…. or driver.

      • I am glad you survived the ordeal. Although I agree it is important to prepare as much as possible for anything that could happen, I believe it’s just as important to show compassion in these hard times. So It gives me hope to see people helping people. I hope more people learned some alternate behaviors in staying safe. Mother nature will continue to show all of us who’s in charge. Getting cocky and thinking you can do everything by yourself is also a mistake. Everyone could use time being the rescuer and the rescuee if you ask me.

      • Hahanahahahaha! Wow! Seriously? 2 inches. We get that in minutes, we pray for “snow days” because if it’s not snowing it’s -45 or colder. And hey guess what ice is apart of winter conditions. Hahahahahahaja survived. My god, you people barely made it by with your testicles intact.

        • It’s people like you that caused a lot of the gridlock in the south. “We drive in that all the time… lets go to the store momma!” Yes, you might drive in it all the time, but you drive on it in a city that has 400 salt trucks and 300 plows. People like you relocated to the south and assume because you drove in 3 inches up there, you can drive on 3 inches down here, not realizing the tiny discrepancy between salt trucks down here versus up there. You are the morons that create havoc on our roads. People from around here stay the hell home. They no better.

          • Lol. Just because a city has salt trucks and plows doesn’t mean nobody drives on the roads in those cities before salt trucks and plows come out.

        • I cant help but post again, yall ‘northern nascar ice ninjas’ are just so cool. tell me a story….tell me how you saved your testicles by driving like a boss and outrunning a snow angel or something cool….. wait a minute i just noticed the snow is gone here and its almost 70 degrees. the stories was good for a day but im going to the beach. Yall have a good winter. bahaahabaha jerks

          • Winter isna blast man, it may be cold but it’s just one of our 4 seasons so we make the most of it.
            You sound butthurt your hickmobile 4×4 with a lift kit and gun rack couldn’t handle it, too bad all your earnings went into it..
            I bet you and your cousin look cute on that beach blanket together.
            Giiit errrr duuuuun

      • I was born and raised in Florida and have only lived in Colorado for 3 years I drove through a blizzard on the highway for 6 hours and on the edge of a mountain in a Ford Focus. NO EXCUSES. I am also a fearful driver.

      • 2″ is a light dusting. What are ya gonna do when the real thing happens? 8″ here in Montana and we are functioning just fine and we don’t have to dig into our Zombie apocolypse surplus to survive.

      • It isn’t to hard to see who will live & who will die when a real emergency hits…we have a nation of pussys who have no idea what to do when a small hardship hits. People roll their eyes and snort in disgust at ” preppers”…well, rest assured when the grid goes down..I’m coming to your house and taking what I want because you are weak & un prepared

        • Being from the south where some of those photos were I thought i would give you a heads up. The last place you want to go to kick a door and take what you want when the “grid goes down” is in the south. You better just build another room to prep in or go to Chicago to kick that door. southern people cant drive for shit in the snow but guns and how to use them is a different story. It would really suck to waste all that time and money on “prepping” just to kick the wrong door and you will not like your odds in the south. You would be better off just learning how to drive really good in the snow and bragging about being a ” northern nascar ice ninja” like the rest of the jerks posting on this site.

          see ya at the door.

      • You had NO advance warning? Really? The National Weather Service and the Atlanta press says otherwise:

        It’s an individual responsibility to keep up with events that may affect them. What did people expect- the police going door to door and civil defense sirens going off? In this day of 24-7 internet access and smartphones attached to every hip, there’s no reason anyone should have been caught off guard.

        People here in SE NC were out buying groceries Monday night, a full 48 hours before a single flake fell.

        Here’s a few contrasts about being smart & prepared, and remember I’m in Southeastern NC where we rarely get snow.
        1) Having 4WD doesn’t make a difference. I have a 4WD and guess what- I stayed home.
        2) The school districts should not have even been open that day- county schools in my area let out early Tuesday & stayed closed Wednesday.
        3) We were warned that the expected snow was going to start out as sleet around 3pnm Tuesday, so we too had a sheet of ice under the snow.

        I empathize greatly with the kids being stranded- they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

        Point is, people have to stop thinking “It’ll never happen here, it’ll never snow here, we’ll never get hit by a tornado, we’ll never get affected much by a hurricane…” You don’ need to be a “prepper” just have a dose of common sense and INDIVIDUAL responsibilty.

        • SL, well said! I’m also from your area and confirm that we all had ample warning and for the most part, folks just stayed where they were. We also routinely deal with hurricanes and tornadoes which in say, Montana, would put them over the edge. Everybody has something to deal with so why don’t we all stop trying to one-up each other, disaster-wise? Just get prepared!

      • This has been the weather in St. Louis this winter, but we didn’t have people sleeping in their cars on highways or in stores. I drove to work in 10 inches of snow with an inch of ice underneath 2 weeks ago, and it was 64 degrees the day before. We don’t usually get 10-12 inches of snow, so that was a shock to us as well, but we stilled prepared ourselves as well as we could for something we weren’t used to. If we saw the winter storm warnings in advance around the country, then your area did to. When we get severe weather warnings, our children don’t go to school. A city who isn’t used to having snow/ice or prepared should have called off school. I feel sorry for the innocent children stuck in the middle of a bunch of adults pointing the blame at each other.

        • I agree with you.

          I’m from Saint Louis too. The storm a few weeks ago was awful. In Saint Louis it can be 60 degrees one day and 2 degrees the next day. We have snow plows but by no means does this mean that all the roads are safe and easy to drive when 10′” of snow falls! The plows don’t clear side streets and they do a crappy job on highways. I have a 4×4 Jeep, but I drove 10 mph when I did go out and stayed home when I didn’t absolutely have to leave. It’s just funny to me that people are sleeping in Home Depots over 2″ when it was forecasted beforehand. If you aren’t used to driving in snow, then don’t try to be brave and learn at a time like that!

          Mainly, I want to say a few things to these people….. For one, don’t blame your mayor and all the other goveremt agencies because it isn’t their fault that it snowed. It also insn’t their fault that you’re sleeping in a Home Depot.

          People just need to DEAL with it and quit bitching!

      • HAH! Holy crap this makes me laugh! No advance notice? That’s why you have the weather channel! I currently have 3 inches of ice on the roads and about 2+ feet of snow and I’m surviving perfectly fine! Infact I get excited for a good 15 inches of snow! And you don’t see me abandoning my car! What you have is legitimately sweater weather.
        How about I drive up an ice covered hill? Everyday to get to work I have to do that for about 6 months.

        The reason those kids are stranded at school is because of irresponsible parents who don’t know how to drive their own vehicles.

        Suck it up buttercup <3

        • yall northern folk are so cool. say that buttercup thing agin….come on, do it agian. yall must really be able to drive like a boss, so cool.

      • Try living in Montana, Mr. “No advanced notice, mountain ridge, 50 degrees the day before”…in Montana, we have things called “Chinook Winds”, and I’ve seen it be 60 in Feb out of nowhere and -20 2 days later with a foot of snow. I’ve also seen “light dusting” turn into sleet followed by 2 ft of snow in less than 12 hrs. It’s called “winter” and even though you guys aren’t used to it, we all know this has been an extraordinary season. Yes. We feel bad for you, but no one is making light of your issue- the author was trying to convey the importance of preparing for the unexpected and possible. Stop being so snarky. It’s not helping anyone’s opinion of that hell-hole you call home. And yes, I’ve lived there, unfortunately.

      • You are clueless. The stor that hit you hit us here in Houston 2 days before. We shut down the city with very little ice and the storm never materialized. I was wtaching then news and they were predicting that Georgia and the Carolinas were going to get hit. Dumbasses in charge of Georgia opted to take a chance rather than err on the side of caution

      • “YOU try driving up a mountain ridge (remember this part of the south is in the foothills of the Appalachian…”

        I grew up in the foothills of Appalachia Kentucky driving in up to 8 inches of snow. The roads are not usually salted and scraped in small towns there. Especially in the mountain town I grew up in where a salt truck was a sight to see. Now I live in the north and drive around these mountains too with even more ice and snow.

        Driving in snow is possible, but if you’re not used to it (and who in the South is?) then it can be difficult.

        • So, I live in Colorado and rive a small Geo, Metro; There is no reason for a whole group of people- Georgia, to have a city shut down from two-feet of snow. NO REASON

      • We are all making excuses. The critics are entirely right. We had due notice 2-3 days out. We sat on our tails. Gdot sat on their tails.
        The work starts before tue storm but we sat. Gdot sent people home instead of prepping.
        1st step
        Salt roads before the snow. So there is a layer to melt the snow and prevent icing.
        2nd step
        When it stops snowing Plow and spread salt (2nd time).
        3rd step
        A couple of hours later Re-salt.

        You cannot drive on ice on any elevation. Gdot did not nothing but waste tax dollars. The sad part the general population could have sufferred many deaths over the icy roads. We are not the only state with snow or cold temperatures.
        Gdot should have consulted with a state which gets snow and find out the steps. At least for the public’s safety.

        Fellow Atlantans lets not make excuses for gov. Deal or mayor Reed. We were on the road suffering they were in a warm hotel and we paid for it.

      • I live in northeast Ohio. Icy roads and snow are a fact of life. I don’t drive a 4 wheel drive, I drive an economy car (Chevy Aveo) and yet it makes it through just fine on an iced over road, six inches of snow, plus even higher drifts ( hopefully with help of a set of tire tracks to follow). The problem isn’t so much the weather as it is the fact that folks that far south simply don’t know what to do in such weather. You just experienced an average Ohio winter day. I agree, though, steep slopes are a bear to navigate in that stuff. I travel a few sharp hills daily. Anyhow, it saddens me to see that a paltry 2 inches of snow and some road ice causes that much of a mess. What ever happened to our pioneer spirit?

      • Here in the north they do not even plow for 2 inches of snow…or 6 for that matter… and yes our roads have ice under them too…we have had 108 inches thus far and I drive a Pontiac G5…no SUV or 4 wheel drive…what is shown above is shameful.

    • Here’s the thing that most outsiders looking into this situation failed to realized about the people in this situation.

      These cities are not really prepared for a winter storm like the North East and North West or anywhere else that gets snow accumulation more than a dusting regularly.

      The effected cities receive on average a winter storm like this once a decade or longer. They do not have stock piles of sand or salt for deicing, they do not have immediate access to snow plows or other snow removal tools. Majority of motorists do not have 4 or all wheel drive, why would they, it isn’t their norm to need such a vehicle. So the infrastructure to handle even what some would consider as a small amount of snow isn’t even there.

      Compound this with a weather forecast during the prior days that was forecasting a “dusting” of snow, with no accumulation. You then have a recipe for this to happen.

      This situation isn’t the norm for these people and cities and by the time the snow had accumulated to the point that they needed to close down work and schools, it was already too late. (in the past they close down for even what some consider “small” storms)

      • It’s the government’s job to be prepared. This is the one thing they are supposed to be good at. Save the excuses because the same thing happened to Atlanta a couple years back so there is no excuse for them not to be prepared.

        I love when people act like winter is somehow a new thing.

      • Having being born up north and lived in the south for a while too I’m sorry but I just don’t agree entirely. You are right in saying that southern states aren’t prepared properly for snow storms but in my experience there’s not much to prepare for. The roads don’t get so bad that major accidents and catastrophe’s happen. 2in of snow is hardly a problem if you’re driving slow and careful. The fact that the south has experienced snow storms at some point in the past 5 decades should’ve been enough to motivate you guys to be prepared for the next time it happens which would’ve been this year 2014. I think ppl down south are much more terrified of snow bc they don’t see it on the regular and they take it way too far, stranded in stores when really all they need to do is drive slowly and carefully or as some have said, take the warnings seriously enough to make sure you don’t leave on the days the forecast is expecting the storm. There are many common sense things that can be done to lighten the burden these ppl are feeling, more personal responsibility should be taken. Again, being experienced with snow in both the north and the south is why I say these things.

        • I had the same situation. I grew up up North and lived down South for 10+ years. Ice was always the biggest culprit because you have people who do have 4X4 still driving 70. They would fly by while I was driving a slow and steady 35 and I would just shake my head and say to myself, “See you in the ditch in a few minutes”. Slow down people! You can drive on ice, especially when it is still pretty warm outside (15+ degrees).

          • I have to agree with you Tyler, I’ve lived in Idaho my whole life and even here we get people with there 4×4 who do exactly as you expressed. Needless to say I make it a point to laugh at them while I’m passing them in my Pontiac grandprix with touring tires

        • Definitely agree with Aisha. I actually grew up down south and remember days school was cancelled due to a little snow or ice. Here in Michigan, it takes more than a dusting of snow or a little ice to close schools, or make people stay off the roads. I do understand that they aren’t prepared in southern states for snow storms, so they don’t have the piles of salt that we do. But, they also don’t have the experience that we do of driving in those conditions. Common sense seems to dictate that if you aren’t experienced driving in snow, you should just stay home. It boggles my mind that it crippled the city for so many hours, that is crazy! Driving on snow and ice is completely doable ( without snow plows and four wheel drive). I have gone to work many mornings before the snow plows clear the roads and I do NOT have four wheel drive, and I’ve made each and every time. All you have to do is slow down. It really is just that simple. I am glad people were helping each other out, and in times of need that is what we should all do. I just hope this serves as a lesson to everyone down there. Next time either slow down… Or stay off the roads!

      • I think you are assuming that every one in the northern part of the county drives a 4 wheel drive vehicle and that once I snows we instantly have a magical machine that can plow all of the roads and salt/sand them before anyone has to drive on them.

        Here is the deal: yes we do have the equipment to help clean up the roads; no it does not happen instantly; these things take time. So when I wake up in the morning to multiple inches of snow, unplowed roads, I go out uncover my Chevy cruze (not four wheel drive also not all wheel drive) and I go to work driving on ice and snow covered roads that have not been plowed. This is possible because I monitor the weather, understand that roads can and will be dicey and so forth I take my time.

        Assuming that the northern part of the country instantly has the ability to have ideal diving conditions every winter storm is like me assuming that every single person in the south drives a sports car and that must be the reason they can’t deal with a snow storm.

    • Even in N Florida we closed our schools, just in case to protect our populous. Interesting that we had ice warnings but Atlanta didn’t.

      • I used to live in Georgia. I remember school being cancelled on a few occasions for just a light snow warning…(which in most cases ended up being a free day off because it never actually snowed). I am very surprised that they did not cancel schools with all of the STORM warnings!

    • No food or water? ITS LITERALLY 4 INCHES OF SNOW….AT MOST. Literally right now, where I sit in Upstate NY there is 6 IN of snow, and it is 7 degrees outside. Yesterday…get this…I went to work, did the laundry, went grocery shopping, and shoveled the snow. ALL WITHOUT ABANDONING MY CAR WOW. CRAZY RIGHT.

      Get a clue.

    • I think this news lady is a complete Bitch, well I am listening to this and she drove to work, well why didn’t her boney ass stay home. Its not the Governor’s fault that this storm came it is a act of God…. The governor does not close schools the school district does, and individual business’s close when they want too… So stop trying to put the blame on a person…. Its an act of God so deal w ith it

  2. The NWS forecasted for the snow/ice to be 150 miles south of Birmingham, Al. We were being told they we would only have flurries here. The local forecasters have apologized. They said it was the biggest mistake in forecasting since 1982. The ICE was the issue. Everyone went to work, school, and to stores and got into trouble when trying to leave. It froze on the roads so fast. Don’t judge people for being unprepared when it is such a rare situation. There are no snowplows here. Not enough salt,sand, or worker to deploy on main roads, much less the side and rural roads.

    • Again it’s called preparedness! People really need to stop blaming others for their lack of preparedness. Yes maybe the forecasters messed up but does that excuse the total lack of preparedness?

      • Agreed! I’d hate to see them in the North. I mean Winter is not exactly a new season that just popped in on us. It’s been around since the dawn of time. js

        • Well, how did you northerners do with a cat 1 hurricane? Down here that’s called rain…….so don’t be so quick to judge someone else who lives in a different climate.

          • Here in south Florida we get to witnessed the well prepped yankee class every winter as they flock down here by the tens of thousands prepped to the hilt with their Bermuda shorts and Coppertone sunscreen. The hell with a 4wd loaded with emergency rations and survival blankets, just by a ticket on American to Miami when the weather drops a few degrees.

            Always get your survival advice from gun hating yankees.

          • this response is actually to rick.. I’m technically a Yankee, and I do not hate guns, in fact I find them invaluable as tools for gathering meat, thank you very much.

            and to add to the irony.. I enjoy the products of yankee hill machine..

  3. Just read a bunch of the comments on Facebook and I am truly amazed at how unprepared people are. I think it’s pretty ironic that people who visit a site about preparedness are now so offended when others point out the fact that they were caught off guard.

    Instead of being offended, maybe you should be thankful and realize you need to really step up your preparedness efforts.

  4. Okay folks, I live roughly 30 miles southeast of Atlanta, and have lived the majority of my life in the true North Georgia Mountains, with the exception of time in the military, and three years in Louisiana (for my job). My area was expected to be hit with a winter storm much worse than Atlanta and north. I did one thing to prepare: topped off my tank on my 4wd truck with diesel.
    I have spoken to my wife and asked her what we could(‘ve) done better. She and I agree mutually- nothing.
    We were, and will continue to be prepared for an event like this. Something could cause chaos- and the inability to make it to a store at any given moment.
    Whether it be staying at home (because I am already there) or trying to get home, you won’t catch this Georgia boy in this sad situation that so many are in. I have been through the “Blizzard of ’93” in the mountains of GA, and also Hurricane Gustav in ’09. The first left me and my father without electricity for almost three weeks, and the latter forced me to evacuate to Arkansas for over a week. When we were finally allowed to return to our seriously damaged home (18 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico) we were without power for right at 10 days.
    First off, if you subscribe to this page- I would expect that you should be prepared for almost anything.
    Secondly, if you can read what I am writing and you are not prepared- wake up!’n

  5. You people are ridiculous. I drive 38min one way to work here in Ohio. In a full sized ford F150 rear wheel drive. And its so bad the salt doesnt help it was 40 below and nothing but ice. I went to work. I understand ur not used to it but damn take extra time and drive slow your excuses are ridiculous you should be ashamed of your selfs

    • I live in NW Indiana we have had -40 wind chills blowing snow over a foot of snow (with more to come Saturday abot 10 inches) we survived! You have to be up to date with the weather and be prepared. Stay home if you can!Be Safe!

  6. All this over two inches? I drove a little saturn, no AWD, in a storm I had no idea was coming, at night, with no plows or anything in sight, that dropped about four inches, and managed to not have to abandon my vehicle or call 911. I hope for your guys sake that nothing actually serious ever happens, because you all are screwed.

  7. The thing is, the city DID have plows, and DID have spreaders. The interview above shows the Mayor touting this fact often.

    I think the root of the problem stems from uncoordinated closings of businesses and schools flooding the interstate system, combined with a group of people who are largely inexperienced in winter-weather driving. (That isn’t an insult)

    We can point fingers all day long, but ultimately even the most serious preppers can be surprised. We do the best we can to be able to adapt to the surprise and overcome.

    I would just say that if I had experienced this, instead of being upset that I was caught off guard, I would take it as a learning experience and consider options to minimize the risk of it happening to me again.

    • In the panhandle of Florida and Walton County the school board erred on the side of safety and cancelled school…….also we all topped our gas tanks, bought the basic food items needed, and then stayed home. I realize that was not possible for many people and this contributed to a lot of the issues I think. My son drove an 18 wheeler through Birmingham and the gridlock/slowness was so bad he could only go 15 mph. It took him all day to get home but he made it safe and sound. Today all the major state roads in the panhandle are closed and people are being given tickets for being out in this mess. But, if anyone has NEVER made a foolish mistake or not taken a storm seriously and lived to regret it, then speak up loud and clear. We are all human, are used to cat 4 & 5 hurricanes, but not so much the ice and snow. The ice is what made it bad on the roads, NOT the snow.

    • That is exactly the way I see it. I live and work in Cobb county near Atlanta. By the time we were allowed to leave work at 1:30, the traffic was pretty much dead stopped on the main roads. It took me TWO HOURS to drive down the road to the neighborhood I cut through to get to my neighborhood. Fortunately there was no backup there, so I made it to within a mile of home, where I had to pull into a parking lot and walk because a bunch of cars couldn’t make it up some icy hills. I’d learned my lesson about walking on the ice from a storm a few years ago, and had some metal studded pull-ons for my shoes in my car bugout bag.

      The weather reports had repeatedly stated that the serious problems were going to stay south of us.

      Of course, one never knows exactly what’s going to happen, and I would not have gone to work if I didn’t live within 8 miles of home.

  8. Two inches is only flurries. I live in southern iowa. I don’t use 4wheel drive. Doesn’t most rednecks have 4×4. Your in Georgia and Alabama. The best advice for flurries or 2 feet of snow is to just take it slow and slowly pump your brakes and allow more distance to stop. Common sense is all you need. Of course most people don’t have this.

  9. Folks give me crap about stock piling food and having an evac bag, but when and if TSHTF they will be whining about the slow government response while I’m holed up back in the woods in my hide away! I just turned 63 and I asked my family for survival tools and gear for my birthday. Got some cool things too!!! <3 Start now and next time you'll be prepared!!! Good Luck!!!

  10. Up here in MN folks still ride bicycles in 2 inches of fresh snow, no I am not kidding. One thing I don’t think people take as seriously south of the frost line as they do up here is having good tires on your vehicle. I have relatives in TX and FL and they will run their tires nearly bald before they replace them. Good tread is not only critical for snow and cold but also rain or sand or any other less than ideal road condition. It also improves stopping distance on any pavement, improves puncture resistance, and improves fuel economy. Prepping your transportation is more than just making sure you have gas in your vehicle, it is also about making sure you are properly maintaining your vehicle so when the SHTF you are not saying to yourself “Man I really wish I would have gotten those brakes done or that serp belt changed” before it is just too late to do so.

  11. 2 inches of snow with a bit of ice, temperatures hovering around 30….that’s not a national disaster….we call it spring time and we look forward to it

    • This is retarded. You all need to spend a winter in MN. At -60 degrees most of you can’t fathom extreme temperature changes like that along with 3 feet of snow. I’ll try to put it in a way you might understand, the temp outside can warm up 91 degrees and water will still freeze. 2in of snow and you’re ready to call FEMA. Cars all over the hwy, sleeping in stores, come on. ….a country boy can survive. LMAO. You’re giving the South a bad name. Now put down your tissue and grab a shovel. Not a snow blower, you’re not ready for that kind of work.

      • I am right here with you GC, boy it has been cold up here this year. Not many parts of the country that can have a 50+ degree temperature swing in 24 hours and still be below freezing (or below zero if you count windchill). Oh and for you folks in ATL we got 6″ this morning :) I am just hoping one of these next dumpings we get is a THUNDERSNOW that drops 30″+ in a 24 hour period, something like Halloween of ’91 :)

  12. I live here in the ATL. and this people are IDIOTS….it’s not the snow it ‘s pretty ….it’s the ice on the road this moron only know full throttle they do not know how to drive slow….when the car starts to spin it throttle up ……I love it …I been at home sitting on a ware house of supplies with full tanks of fuel all laid in over the last several years watching this chaos un fold on the traffic cam put in place to spy on us by the local govt.

  13. Seriously? I thought us brits was bad enough but that takes the piss even I can drive in two inchs of snow. Don’t affect my day to day life. I haven’t even got a 4×4. Wimps

  14. I don’t have much to say other then you don’t need 4×4 to drive in the snow I got a car with No snow tires and my snowbanks are 10ft tall all you panzies just need to take in account your just a bunch of whiny bitches looking for compensation. You all should get together and get a lawsuit written up isn’t that the typical Yank thing to do

  15. I am from Alaska and this just cracks me up. You can’t rely on the government. You have to be self-reliant because by time the government does anything it is usually too little too late.

  16. I had to laugh at the person who said they didn’t have 4-wheel drive. For two inches? I’ve driven in ice storms, down mountains with only front wheel drive. You use your head, drive slowly and carefully. You want to allow room between yourself and the drivers in front of you. You definitely don’t slam on the brakes. For those of you saying you had no advance notice? I also watch weather channels, it had been predicted for, what? Two days? Three? If you don’t know how to drive in the snow, that’s fine. When it’s predicted and the rest of the country has already been hit with it, you stay off the road. Period.

  17. So…Atlanta gets a ton of attention, but a category 5 blizzard that dropped 44 Inches of snow in the upper peninsula, MI gets no attention….and people up there don’t cry for their government or FEMA or anyone to come help bail them out. People need to learn to just get shit done and stop thinking that any government (federal or otherwise) is going to do a damn thing to help them.

  18. 2 INCHES. Come on people! Even if there is ICE under it, or even if it’s all ice, it’s just not that big of a deal. I drive a Ford Focus here in Colorado and live in an area that they do NOT plow or otherwise treat the roads. I have lived here for 4 years now and have NEVER been in an accident. I’ve driven in much worse conditions than what they are saying happened here in Atlanta.

    This just further proves how STUPID our country is. Just drive slower, you idiots.

  19. I have been reading a lot of every ones comments on Face book n other site and I think people are just plain rude and self center South n North what are we back in the days where we are fighting the war? I agree everyone should have more Common sense not just the South but the North also yes I live in the North and for the last few weeks we have been hit pretty hard our self and towns and roads have been closed down being in the Red and we still have are own morons in the north that didn’t listen and most of it is because we have not seen a winter like this in years and they wouldn’t listen so most of the younger also wasn’t and didn’t think to be prepared, 4wheel drives do nothing on ICE so it wouldn’t matter if you live on flat land or in the mountains but having Common sense can go a long way we all have brains for a reason and usually if I think it’s going to get to bad out to send my kid out on a bus even if they are having school I would keep them home if the weather man said 3 to 4 inch of snow I don’t wait until that day to run to town to get milk or bread ,I am in Indiana where you can wake up and it be sunny and 60 out and by night fall have 2inch of snow and that just happen a few weeks ago we have had so much snow and ice that we have a storage of salt and sand and even though we have plows on hand they couldn’t keep up because of the high winds and ice then all the dumbazz that wouldn’t stay off the roads getting stuck and needing help didn’t make it much better for our guys trying to do there jobs the only thing our government has done was to let them close down county and start giving out fines if caught out on the road driving anywhere between $500 to $2500.00 but didn’t stop job’s from writing people up or letting them go for not be able to get to work .What has this country come to is what most should be talking about not who gets more snow or about the hurricane, I remember a few years ago in the middle of winter we had a lot of snow falling in a matter of days and 2 days later in melted so fast because it rain for days on end none of it had any place to go and it did a lot of damage to people homes a lot was out of power and had no heat and this was in the middle of the winter who thought that would ever happen but we also as a town pulled together and used common sense safety should be your number one thought if you got up and it was nice and you went to work and then got hit even with 2inch of snow and NO that your city is not able to deal with that instead of getting out on the roads stay right where your at until it blows over your kids are safe at school heck you send them every day to school with the same teachers that are stuck at school watching them they are a lot safer their then out on a road you cant handle driving on.

    • Thanks Lee! I’ve never read or heard so much bickering, and your letter puts a lot of this mess in perspective.

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