This is Why We Prep: Atlanta Crippled by 2 inches of Snow, People Literally Sleeping in Stores

What’s happening in Atlanta right now is a perfect example of how ill prepared the country, the government and people in general are to face any kind of disaster.

Yesterday Atlanta was hit by a relatively small snowstorm; in fact, only about 2 inches of snow fell in most areas. But sadly, this was enough to cripple the entire city, forcing people to abandon their cars and take refuge inside of shopping centers.

Pictures from the Area Via Local Twitter Accounts:



24 Hours after the Storm, and people are still stranded without food and water.

24 hours after the storm hit, students are still camped out in schools, buses full of people are trapped on roadways, and commuters are still abandoning cars all along the highway. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has dispatched National Guard units to start collecting kids who are still stranded at school and people who are still stuck on Atlanta’s crippled roads and freeway system.


911 Goes Down

In Atlanta, the 911 systems have become so overwhelmed with calls that police are actually asking stranded motorists to start contacting them through Facebook and Twitter.


Gas and Food Shortages


Atlanta Mayor Defends City’s Shameful Response to Storm

Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed tried to defend the city’s shameful response on CNN after residents turned to social media to complain that Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed, and the state’s governor, Nathan Deal, failed to both prepare and properly respond to the chaos.

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  1. Not bashing anyone just saying a dusting in Kansas means the wheather people don’t know what the hell is going to happen. So just be prepared could be 1″ or 3 feet. I carry my gear when it’s 90 in August. And have seen it go from 80 degrees to freezing in a matter of minutes. Just always be prepared.

  2. This just doesn’t make sense to me. Have people become so incapable of dealing with weather that society is stopped dead in it’s tracks? This isn’t a hurricane for pete’s sake or a major flood….it’s snow! Something is not right here.

  3. I get that this isn’t normal weather for you and I hope all are safe…. But it still makes me chuckle a bit. Southern Ontario here, -30*C last week and prob a solid 8-10 inches on the regular lately. Def a colder winter than we’ve had here in a while but those pics of ppl camped out along the aisles of stores at all hours made me howl. You will not get hypothermia at that temp and I’m sure you have two feet and and a heartbeat!!! Get walking or don’t go out. Wow.

  4. Oh my gosh!! I’m sorry, not trying to be rude but this is so pathetic!! We here in Canada got a real good laugh. 2 inches of snow?!?! Waaahhh!! We don’t even fire up our snow removal equipment for that!! And close the schools? -30 ours are still open and the kids are still walking. I drive a ford Taurus with all seasons, never had a problem. I actually thought this was a joke. Sorry but I don’t feel sorry for you. Seams like this might be just what you need to toughen up…..sorry but really?

  5. I am from Germany, currently living in the affected area. Before the snow came in, I was laughing about the overall “The world is going down”-atmosphere in the South as well. But let me tell you, it’s one thing to have snow in areas where buildings were built to outlast this type of weather, streets are prepared and crews as well, or to live here – where it literally and instantly blows out the power to your house, water pipes burst and NO ROADS are cleared, making this a heck of a lot more difficult to drive in than I could have ever imagined, and this is coming from a person that is used to driving around in snow every winter.
    It’s not compatible. It just isn’t.

    I really do not want to be out there driving right now, it’s way too dangerous on these type of road conditions. We’ve had rain – turn into ice, covered with snow later on that day. There’s ice beneath the snow and there’s no way to get up and down these hills right now, and there’s no salt, no sand or gravel being put out anywhere in my area.

    Stores are all closed, because nobody can safely get to them.

    What I don’t understand about Atlanta is – if you have all these plows and sand and salt, why weren’t the roads salted the day before? That would have given y’all a great advantage and is a common practice. You didn’t prepare for this and you failed the community. And your Mare is ignorant as can be about it.

    Take responsibility for ALL actions. That is to include the Mare!

  6. Ha.. man this is crazy. We call this “storm” just another tuesday in missouri.Sad to see a major city so unprepared for a miniscule event such as snow or ice. Make you think twice about where you live

  7. To funny, the largest population in the metro Atlanta area are the transplants from all the states these smug selfrighteous northern blowhards are from. …native Atlantan is an endangered species, are rarely found anymore outside the “hood” in downtown “Atlanta”…similar to navtive Floridians…they exist, but are not common.

  8. What the hell? We had about 6 inches of snow today in alberta and I walked home from school, people saying that this is serious are retards, even though it’s not very common in Atlanta, 2 inches of snow is literally nothing, you can’t even make a snowfort out of that

  9. I am understand that other places do NOT have this kind of weather which is why such a reaction.. where as other people live in this every day…. i understand….. BUT… to go so far as to shut things down so massively is rather… irresponsible… honestly?….. 2 inches where i live is NOTHING…. nothing…… We don’t close down…. not for any snow fall warning.. i’m sorry but its NOT as bad as THAT… like holy crap….. to be prepared for this kind of thing is having good winter tires… slow down to conditions and be more careful on the road… this is really quite pathetic….. do your research OUTSIDE OF YOUR AREA to figure out what OTHER COMMUNITIES FARTHER UP NORTH WHO DEAL WITH THAT KIND OF ROAD CONDITIONS ON A REGULAR BASIS!! Then you can further determine what is the best way to prepare for this kind of thing….. i shudder to think what would happen if you had a massive snow dump… 2 inches is not a massive snow dump… i’m talking 6-9 inches or so…. a full foot of snow or even a few feet….. get out of your little city bubbles and do your research on how other people deal with those kinds of “disasters”…. really pathetic…. Even when the roads were so slick we should have shut down i mean there was at least an inch or two of ICE not snow ICE … we should have shut the city down… we didn’t.. people still had to go to work… it just required a bit more careful attention….. *shakes head* ….

  10. I live in Charlotte NC and work at the airport. I had to go to work. On the way home I drove slow and made it with no problem. Yes I do have a 4×4 but did not use it. I did not need to. I grew up in Ohio, so yes I know how to drive in the snow. A 4×4 will only get you moving but stopping is just the same as a 2 wheel drive. People trying to blame the mayor for the problem is wrong. Could the state or city have done things better? Yes, but it is not the blame game people. We are all adults, we make are own choices is our day to day lives. Some good some bad. Itis up too us as adults too make our own choice. If you choose the wrong one it is no one’s fact but ours. To push the blame on someone else is just wrong.

  11. I am sorry but 2 inches of snow really is nothing and lets face it the world is changing places that haven’t had snow or cold weather are getting it. There is no one to blame but ones own self if you are not ready to handle any and all situations. I live in the mid west we got hit by that polar vortex our cities didn’t come to a stand still. Even Egypt didn’t come to a 100% stand still when they got snow for the first time in like 100 years. Stop blaming other people and be ready for anything.

  12. It’s 2 inches.. Put some chains on your tires throw on a winter jacket and suck it up. Here in New York we got 10 inches.. Then the next day it snowed again.. Then 2 days later it snowed again. And we still got up went to work and didn’t ABANDON OUR CARS ON A HIGHWAY to take refuge in a store.

  13. All I can say is REALLY PEOPLE??I have lived in upstate NY all my life..NO not Albany or Buffalo,REAL UPSTATE NY by the canada border.Yes we are used to this kind of stuff and are prepared but just because you live in the south dosent mean you should not be prepared if this kind of thing is moveing in on you.Dont you get the whether channel people?Get your gas and groceries ahead of time,get a kero heater or find another heat soruce.Stay with family that have these things ,somthing.STAY OFF THE ROADS.We just had an ice storm and left us without power for 5 days,we did fine…Our earth and whether is changeing people.Just because you only get snow once a year is no excuse to be prepared.It will make your life much better.We have water drew ahead a an extra heat soruce.We live 30 mins from a store and go a day ahead and get our food.PLAN!If you have to go to shelter then go before its 2 late.YOU CAN DO IT!!!.

  14. Gee, I understand people giving there opinion, Yet why all the rudeness. Let people learn from there mistakes if there not prepared. And this the lady on CNN is a Bi#$h where she gets she can talked to people like she does…. where was she, ooh out stuck in it,, Also I am surprised to see the ones sleeping in stores, In other big cities people would have been fighting and stealing and robbing..CNN is rude..Anytime a big city gets snow it cause a traffic jam, most are driving in from the surrounding area’s. yes they need to be more prepared, the rudeness is not called for.

  15. For all you macho northern weather-hardy survivalists, we get national news down here below the Mason Dixon line. We witness, every winter without fail, massive snow related traffic accidents involving hundreds of vehicles and lots of dead bodies in your well-prepped and ready north. I’m sure you could Google up a few right now.

    We also witness northerners crying and whining over the loss of power when ice storms bring trees down onto power lines or when the streets aren’t cleared fast enough.

    Yeah, we get YOUR news and we aren’t all that impressed. One thing we don’t see up north where you rough and tough preppers live is folks going out to offer hot coffee to stranded drivers, and folks inviting strangers into their homes for a hot meal and a place to sleep until the roads are cleared. We never see that in the land of the macho prepper.

    The only winter traffic jams I experience are the ones created by the tens of thousands of snowbirds whose idea of winter prepping is heading south to Florida armed with their bugout bag of sunscreen.

    • Your comparing apples to oranges two inches to 12 inches. Maybe you dont see people bringing out coffee because they are too busy putting on their big boy pants and dealing with it

    • More than once I have invited ppl in to warm up etc during horrible CANADIAN winter weather… made coffee for passers by an so forth. Thing is to stop Canadian traffic it has to be really bad. I do understand that we are more accustomed to winter weather and we have better equipment to handle it but lets face facts you are talking about enough snow to maybe have a half assed snowball fight.
      Ice? you want to bitch about it? Watch a few seasons of Ice Road Truckers then think about bitching again.

  16. I am not an every day driver being a borderline agoraphobic. However, I wanting badly to see my sister in MI, drove from ND to where she lived in a blowing snow storm. It was icy and roads not plowed. I did just fine in a regular minivan no four wheel drive. It just takes common sense to drive in lie someone said. If I am to understand correctly people were not dressed properly. It only takes 1 ill prepared person to cause a domino effect with the rest of us. But I also know that because its warmer that in part of the country that regular winter gear is hard to find. A person isn’t going to walk into a Walmart and grab really warm gloves or a parka like in the colder states. Maybe some of the people were driving to work or somewhere elsewere important because their employers or whoever else told gave them am ultimatum. I’ve been in that situation here and having no choice cause otherwise it meant no food or not being able to pay rent with children.Anyways tried to see all point.Just saying.

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