This is Why We Prep: Atlanta Crippled by 2 inches of Snow, People Literally Sleeping in Stores

What’s happening in Atlanta right now is a perfect example of how ill prepared the country, the government and people in general are to face any kind of disaster.

Yesterday Atlanta was hit by a relatively small snowstorm; in fact, only about 2 inches of snow fell in most areas. But sadly, this was enough to cripple the entire city, forcing people to abandon their cars and take refuge inside of shopping centers.

Pictures from the Area Via Local Twitter Accounts:



24 Hours after the Storm, and people are still stranded without food and water.

24 hours after the storm hit, students are still camped out in schools, buses full of people are trapped on roadways, and commuters are still abandoning cars all along the highway. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has dispatched National Guard units to start collecting kids who are still stranded at school and people who are still stuck on Atlanta’s crippled roads and freeway system.


911 Goes Down

In Atlanta, the 911 systems have become so overwhelmed with calls that police are actually asking stranded motorists to start contacting them through Facebook and Twitter.


Gas and Food Shortages


Atlanta Mayor Defends City’s Shameful Response to Storm

Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed tried to defend the city’s shameful response on CNN after residents turned to social media to complain that Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed, and the state’s governor, Nathan Deal, failed to both prepare and properly respond to the chaos.

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  1. Whoa!! No reason to be such haters! Reasonable people prepare for the emergencies most likely to be encountered. Plus, it is not the snow that is the problem, it ius the ice. Nobody has snow tires here.

    At the same time, a lot of people didn’t prep at all. This is why anyone who preps to any degree is ahead of the pack.

    I hope this situation encourages more people r
    to prep.

  2. Wow, I love how people are turning this into a pissing contest over who has the biggest Mountains and how they obviously would Handle The Situation Way Better Because They Are Uber Prepared. Well Good For You. Are You Also The Person That Would Lecture Them If you Were There About How “they Should Have Packed A Blanket” instead Of Sharing One Of Your 50? How About We Stop Attacking People And Start Helping each Other And Learning from Our Mistakes Along The Way.

  3. I recently moved to Atlanta but I’m from Wisconsin. All you chest beaters have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. Combine a solid sheet of ice on the road — not “snow” — and it cannot be driven without tire chains. It is most definitely nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Combine rush hour traffic and a gazillion 18 wheelers, and you’d have the same mess anywhere in the north that we had here.

    • Exactly. Now maybe the moron who wrote the article will read your reply and be a little more truthful in his reporting.

      Also, maybe some of the super preppers here should visit Atlanta on a nice dry sunny spring day and witness the traffic when conditions are optimal. It ain’t a whole lot better.

      • I think what these people do not realize is that no day is safe to drive in Atlanta add a little ice or snow and there you have a disaster. You are correct I have driven all over the U.S. Just using caution.

  4. Moving From Maine to Florida, I have a tendency to want to beat my chest and say they where at fault, but in reality they just do not prepare for this kind of weather in the deep south. In a place where a light flurry is abnormal, 2 inches of snow and ice is unimaginable. Their vehicles are not equipped for these conditions and for the most part they can’t drive in them. On top of that, the cities and state don’t have enough equipment and resources to deal with it. I even heard at one point they were using deicing fluid to try to melt the ice. The government should have been a little more proactive and cancelled schools ETC. but that is hindsite. While it is easy to sit back and laugh, just remember that not everyone is conditioned for this kind of storm. It’s a good lesson to learn from though, even if just that it can happen to you.

  5. You guys realize you’re all part of the same country right? By no means is the north or south more “tough” or even intelligent.

    Yes, the south could have been more prepared for this storm. At the same time, it’s unlikely northerners in a similar position would have prepared much better for such a seemingly unlikely situation. The judgement is really unnecessary here and making you all look like fools

  6. all you people complaining about 2 inches of snow and ice on the road need to come visit Canada for the winter.. just last week we got over 40 cm of snow in a matter of hours, i could not see acrost the road. when we have weather that is -40 on a regular basis, when I drive down the highway we have snow on the shoulders that is higher than the top of my vehicle, so high in fact that they need to shut down part of the highway so they can try to remove some of the snow to make it safe,
    its all about being prepared, you guys had enough warning, heck i live in canada and I saw your warnings 3 days befor it happenned, note to the people living in the south, when they call for bad weather STAY off the roads, keep your kids home!! give your heads a shake,i understand that it never snows down there but when youve have warnings, its best to heed them and not just ignore it all.

  7. After reading the above comments from the people of the northen states, it would appear that you all have living in the snow figured out,,great for you,,,,,but why are you all being such asses toward people that only see snow three times in seven years???? i thaught that most people posting on this site were all trying to help each other with update information,,guess i was wrong.

  8. I live in Winnipeg, Canada. The winter temp here is upwards of the temperature of Mars (not a joke). Our roads are terrible ALL the time. ALOT of people drive cars with NO 4×4. The trick is.. Drive SLOW. Do not floor it from a dead start (like I saw drivers do on CNN). This creates friction causing snow to melt, this turning into ice. You will not move. This is NOT an emergency situation. Learn.

  9. A common theme I keep reading is someone else did not provide something for you. If you did get caught up in this mess use it as a learning experience for yourself.
    The blaming of weather service is absurd. It is not an exact science and never will be. It is predicted in percentages and probability of an event happening.

    Lets be real here if this was not in the Eastern time zone would we even be hearing about it?

    • Travis, what does the Eastern Time Zone have to do with anything. The Eastern Time Zone includes these states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia, Kentucky – all of which experience heavy amounts of snow fall each year.

  10. We just went through this crap “twice” in Houston. Freezing rain and icy roads. The city and school districts sided with caution and “shut things down” BEFORE the worst hit. Businesses followed suit. The majority of folks were home, not out and about. This seems to be very poor planning on Atlanta’s part.

    Aside from that, what I’m seeing is people who are completely unprepared. What if this was accompanied with a power outage????

    The only one to take care of yourself and family is YOU. Extra food, extra gas, and alternate power are just three things that should always be ready.

    I had to work during Houston’s problems. If the roads weren’t treated, I wasn’t going in. If things got really bad while at work, I was prepared to stay. If the house had problems, I would of walked the 13 miles home. And yes…. I had the heavy clothes ready to do it.

    • I’ve lived in Vermont, 7 miles from the Canadian border, and in Colorado. I seem to remember an ice storm about 10 years ago that crippled Montreal.
      I can drive in the snow, especially with salt and sand trucks around, but many people here have rear wheel drive cars. I don’t care how well you drive, you’re going nowhere fast with rear wheel drive and ice.
      The difference here is that we all pulled together to help each other. Something called southern hospitality. Something I know Vermont knows nothing about.

  11. hahahaha as a Canadian this is funny shit.. what a comedy act.. I just about split my gut laughing at this.. I wasn`t sure this was real at first..

  12. It’s too expensive to invest millions in more snow equipment just to handle a storm that may happen once every few years! Angry people, is that where you want your tax money wasted?

    It would be much better if the city or state mandated that everyone have winter tires on their cars. You wouldn’t even need plows if all you get is 2 inches of snow.

  13. Let’s all stop beating up on each other and do some education.
    1-The Government, any government, is NOT your friend. Do not count on any state/county/city/township/federal agency saving you and yours.
    2- Get your GO bag up to date and get it in the car. One for everybody traveling with you-including the pets. Put them in a rubbermaid tote and quit whining.
    3- ALWAYS carry cat litter!! It is useful in ice/snow/quicksand/no traction areas under your tires!! It will give your car the ability to dig in and MOVE. It will also provide ballast when you need it. This means summer and winter.
    4-Why oh why did everyone hit the freeways? It is a 1 way ticket to getting trapped-unless it is moving at 50+ mph. Get maps, get to know your routes, and use regular streets. You should be driving alterante routes for work, school, the grocery store, etc. Get to know your areas intimately! Do NOT plug the Garmin in and follow idiot commands. I love my Garmin-but only in good times!
    5- ALWAYS have a good pair of hiking boots with comfortable socks in case you need to hoof it. I love my Manolo Blahniks just like any girl, but I’m not pounding pavement in them.
    6-Wear a waterproof watch. I know that most people count on their smart phone, but if something takes the network down, you need to know what time it is, and you may need to pace yourself.
    7-Get in physical shape now! You may need to defend yourself or your family in a tight situation. You may end up walking home. You may need to move quickly to avoid a weather related disaster. You do not want to have a heart attack in the middle of a crisis. The EMTs or ambulance might not be able to get to you.
    8- If you take medication, keep a 5 day supply with you. If a terrorist strikes a major city that you are in, you might be able to hunker down in a sheltered or police safe area. But you will not be allowed to leave, and being without your insulin or blood pressure pills is your problem. To keep medication from getting to expiration date-change it out every 30 days.
    9-Keep your car in shape. Get the mechanical up to date, check your tires, and NEVER let the gas tank go below one half. Have an uncle/dad/husband/brother or whoever teach you how to do simple things; change a tire, get out of a spin, change a fuse, etc.
    10-Run scenarios through your mind and decide how you will handle them. Do your children have a safe place to go if you can’t get to school to pick them up? You are in a bad part of town, with a dead car. Can or will you be able to use public transportation? Should you have a collapsible bike for this situation? Only you know your town, your committments, and what you need to be able to handle.
    Good luck! Now get crackin’!!

  14. Hahahaha wow…..this isnt serious right? I drove ten miles to work today in a front wheel drive Volvo in 0 degree temp with 50 mph wind and 8 inches of snow on the ground with zero product on the roads and zero plow action. No wrecks. On time. Normal routine. Was -25 real temp two weeks ago. Now that was extreme. -55 wind chill. You can feel the moisture on your eyeballs freeze with that. That sh*t was no joke.

  15. First off don’t reply to this because I probably won’t answer. Early warning systems don’t always work. Typically where I live we have a 12 – 24 hour warning for when the river floods, and typically no warning for other flooding. Not too long ago we were told “a few inches of rain” and the whole county looked like a lake within 3 hours of rain. This crap in Atlanta shows how poorly prepared people are. We ALWAYS have fresh gas (between 20 and 40 gallons), enough food and bottled water to last up to a month, and kerosene heaters (like 10 dollars at a yard sale), because we know it can happen. Yea some of the stuff depicted here was unavoidable, bit for the most part it was due to “head in sand” poor preparedness. You never ever ever prepare for an expected event, you prepare for ANY event that could happen. Hopefully they learned that after this “crisis”

  16. All this fuss over 2 inches of snow?! No wonder Atlanta was the featured city in Walking Dead, they can’t handle anything apparently. Give it a month or two and they’ll be whining about the heat lmfao

  17. This sounds like a HUGE joke!! People it’s snow which it made out of water!! Thank god you don’t live or visit Where I am , here we get 2 inches of snow in an mins!! You weren’t prepared? For what? A little bit of snow it’s nothing to overreact about! I thought Americans were all tough and can handle anything, I’m sorry but if you can’t handle a little bit of snow which you can still walk through your not going to make it now a days! These kinds of overreacts just show that we’re ALL not adjusting to climate change, but this situation is just stupid! Like really you can drive in rain you can drive in snow, if you can walk in rain you can walk in snow just might be a little colder!

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