Prepper News: Can you Repair your Firearms During a Survival Crisis?

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This morning we came across something that we think is an essential information addon for preppers who stockpile knowledge. In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of things like being able to gather intel during a SHTF situation, stockpiling things like books and manuals, and building your own prepper database of information.

Shockingly, when it comes to people stockpiling emergency supplies, knowledge is often one of the most overlooked preparedness items. People stockpile all sorts of crap, but what happens when that crap breaks down? What happens when the equipment you count on to help you survive a real-life, long-term survival situation breaks, and you lack the knowledge or the instructions to repair all that fancy gear?

Firearms Guide provides over 18,500 Gun Manuals, Schematics, Blueprints & Catalogs

Firearms Guide, the largest gun guide, gun values guide, and gunsmithing library just grew over 18,500 antique and modern gun manuals, catalogs, schematics & blueprints presented for gunsmiths and shooting industry professionals.

“The newly updated Firearms Guide 12th Edition now presents over 80,000 antique and modern guns (from muskets to 2021 tactical guns) and ammunition from over 1,500 manufacturers from 62 countries. That is the largest searchable guns & ammo database in the world that users can search by caliber, type of action, or stock, by year of production, country of origin, by stock type, barrel type, or other way and will get all the tech specs, prices, features and up to 12 high-resolution pictures per gun. That is the reason why Firearms Guide is used by many police forces around the world as a firearms identification tool”

“If you trading guns you will appreciate that Firearms Guide is also Gun Value Guide that presents antique and modern guns with gun values online based off of the 100% – 30% condition. Gunsmiths will love the fact that now they can access at any time from any location world’s largest Gunsmithing Library with over 18,500 zoomable and printable high-resolution gun manuals, catalogs, schematics, and blueprints for antique and modern guns. When they have a project that they work on, just log in, find the armorers’ manual, zoom it on your screen to read and to see all the parts, print it out for your archive, and continue work on that gun with all instructions and information you need to fix that gun.”  

“Many Firearms Guide users love the fact that they can use the Flash Drive Edition offline, completely anonymously, without Google or any search engine or internet provider tracking and archiving the gun-related searches that they can later sell to any client or deliver to the government.”

Chris Mijic, publisher of Firearms Guide

The Flash Drive Edition keeps privacy private. On the other hand, when you are researching guns or printing gun blueprints & manuals at nobody tracks and archives your searches because you not using Google or other search engines. Instead, you are inside a sealed and protected Firearms Guide website that does not record and archive your searches or any other personal use and data. provides 100% anonymity and security to its’ users.

Published since 2009 for shooting industry professionals and gun enthusiasts, with its new 12th Edition published as Online Edition at and as Flash Drive Edition, Firearms Guide is:

  1. A Reference Guide that presents over 80,000 antique and modern firearms, air guns, and ammunition from 1,500 manufacturers from 62 countries.
  2. A Gun Value Guide that presents antique and modern guns with gun values online based on the 100% – 30% condition ratings
  3. A Gun Schematics, Blueprints & Manuals Library with 18,500 printable hi-res gun schematics, blueprints, catalogs & manuals for all types of antique and modern guns & ammo.

Firearms Guide is available as Online Edition, Flash Drive & Online Edition Combo, and as Firearms Guide Activation Cards. It is available with free updates at

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