Prepper Alert: Price of Gas Skyrocketing. Gas Stations Shutting Down

The average price for a gallon of gasoline on the West Coast is going through the roof right now.

Gas Pump reading $5.99

During the last 24 hours, gas prices have jumped by over 30 cents in California, with some areas experiencing prices that have jumped over $1 in the last week.

Gas Shortages

gas signA number of California gas stations have been forced to shut down after shortages in gasoline supplies made it impossible for them to resupply their stations. The problem is so bad, that some areas of California have seen the price of gas jump to almost $6 a gallon.

Shortages in gasoline supplies have forced many independent gas station owners to completely shut down. Even some of the larger stations, like Los Angeles Area Costco’s, are now starting to have trouble keeping up with demand and have begun to shut down their pumps.

If you haven’t filled up the tank, now might be the time, as experts warn the problem could soon spread into other states.

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  1. You guys over the pond have nothing to worry about, over here in the U.K. it is around £1.79 per litre, around £10 per gallon [$2.90 or about $16 per gallon]

  2. Over in New Zealand at the bottom of the world we have it worse than the UK, NZ$2 per litre and thats just for diesel which does not include road user tax, think petrol is around 2.40. admittedly we r very rural.

    maybe people will have to start changing their lifesytles and getting on the old bicycle again!

  3. I already started bicycling and running to and from work because of gas prices. 6.5 miles one way. It saves a lot of money, but there are dangerous drivers on the roads and dangerous dogs that roam free. And it takes a lot more time.

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