National Defense Authorization Act passes and gives President power to detain U.S. Citizens

ObamaThe National Defense Authorization Act, the bill that could have preppers in the cross hairs, has now passed the House of Representatives with the vote count coming in at, 283-136.

The last glimmer of hope also seems to have faded as The Obama administration announced today that the President will no longer veto the bill. The National Defense Authorization Act will give President Obama, and all future Presidents, the authority to hold U.S. Citizens who are suspected of terrorist activities, indefinitely without a trial.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters that last minute changes to the act would “not challenge the president’s ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the American people,” and the president’s senior advisers will not recommend a veto.

Well that seems like a good explanation of why he withdrew his Veto threat right?

Wrong! The changes do nothing to protect American Citizens; instead, the changes do everything to ensure the President will now have supreme authority over who is detained.

Yes some of the original language has been modified, but if you dig deeper into the new language it seems the only thing that’s really changed is who has the ultimate power. The new language adds a waiver that will make it possible for President Obama and future presidents to detain, without due process, anyone who is considered a threat to National Security.

And as we pointed out in our first article on The National Defense Authorization Act, the government seems to have some very disturbing views on who they consider to be a possible threat. In the article, we posted a number of videos from prominent U.S. Senators who warned that the government considers preppers to be a potential terrorist threat.

When you consider who they view as being a possible enemy, this bills passage is very troubling and should be a huge cause for concern.

Here is one of the videos from the original article:

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  1. Well if they think this will stop us from prepping I think they have made a huge mistake. Lately I have slacked off but after seeing this in the news it has renewed my efforts to prepare.

    If they want to put me on a list for having more than 7 days of food so be it. They have only confirmed why we need to prep. These people are out of control

  2. He could look like the “good guy” in the eyes of the public by using his veto, even though Congress can override it. That would go toward good will in his reelection campaign (not that he will get reelected).

    The 7 days of food they’ll be looking for will have to be “camping” food. Just about any family in America will have a 7 day supply on hand, if not 14. I’m sure they’ll also look at legitimate gun owners, too. Camping food and guns will make us targets.

    I have an app on my phone that was developed as a result of Occupy. It’s called “I’m Getting Arrested”. It has a default message and phone number. I’ve changed my message to NDAA. My recipient knows what it means. Just in case.

  3. Jason, it looks like a waiver was added that now transfers the power directly to the President and future Presidents, which is why Obama gladly withdrew his veto threat.

  4. In late 1932, the German “congress” gave “Chancellor” Hitler full authority. In short order he had several of his political enemies killed and many many more rounded up and sent to the first concentration camp, Dachau. It primarily housed the opposing political party the Communists, not the Jews. At this point, Democracy was DEAD.

    Am I the only one that sees an uncomfortable parallel here?

  5. Just in time now that the Gov. , Law Enforc. , and other dept’s are ramping up their ability to use drones here in the U.S. Not that they have’nt already but since they seem to be having a 90% fail rate overseas on legitimate terrorist they might as well use them here to spy on their own people. Are we making progress or just losing every constitutional right we have left ??????????????

  6. people, this is a decloration of war against the American people. it is now a time to stand up for your rights and freedoms. the worse thing your little minds can imagine will be taking place on American soil to the American people from a government that hasnt represented the people in 100 years. so now is the time to make a stand before its your loved ones you see taken or murdered before your eyes. in our governments eyes i am a terrorist for speaking against our dictatorship government. if you talk in any way about them taking your children and killing them or any words or actions will then make you a terrorist also. take my words and yourown and pass them along to the world. let them know we are free men and women of America

  7. JH this act of treason from our government just dismantled our contitution completely. every part of the constitution can and does now fall under terrorism.

  8. in a last ditch effort for peace every American should stand with OCCUPY. OCCUPY is about everything wrong with our government and a corrupt system

  9. I ACCUSE EVERY AMERICAN THAT READS THIS IS A TERRORIST TO AMERICA. that being said that is grounds for your government to take each and everyone of you without trial, without facing accusers or proof. you no longer have rights or liberty, there is no more justice. it is now a DICTATORSHIP. so wake up

  10. looks like Civil WAR. watch the video on what was given up without “we the people” having a say in it. they WILL start to systematicly take people to there consentration camps. they will execute and kill the American people . so stand now or sit and watch your loved ones taken and murdered before your eyes

  11. “The value of liberty was thus enhanced in our estimation by the difficulty of its attainment, and the worth of characters appreciated by the trial of adversity. “George Washington letter to the people of South Carolina

  12. “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” Thomas Jefferson

  13. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Franklin’s Contributions to the Conference on February 17 (III) Fri, Feb 17, 1775

  14. alot of the Occupy are business owners and vets. but the main stream media doesnt talk about that. mainstream media doesnt talk about the thousands of things Occupy stands for. its not about one thing or even 100 things. its about righting a system all across the board. having accountability for our government and those that line there pockets. its about opening the banking books so it is the same as any other business. with accountability and paying the same tax as any other, with equality and fairness for all. its about our freedom our contitution and bill of rights (SB 1867 wants to take all this away and give complete power and discretion over us to corrupt government, read to the end of what SB 1867 is) its about everything wrong. “we the people have petitioned and tried many other forms to get things made fair and right. now we stand at a point where our forefathers stood before us when it was America’s independance from England. i say unto you all” research everything and do not be the ignorant” know that these occupy stand for each and every one of the American people. it does not stand for corruption and injustice. so before you mock those fighting for you and a better system. a system that is within our CONSTITUTON/BILL OF RIGHTS/DECLORATION OF INDEPENDENCE. google all these things and do not be IGNORANT AND BLIND. the Occupy is a growing force in an attempt to not have a Civil War to right things that are wrong. we have now and throughout history fought for freedom. ours and the world. when you mock Occupy you mock every person fighting and all who have died fighting for freedom. so if you feel everything is perfect and life is just and its heaven for you then thats great, but if the system is not. then its time to make a stand. soon they will take our rights and freedoms completely and our right to bare arms . but we will fight with sticks and stones rather then stand and watch our wifes, mothers, daughters, brothers and sons die or be taken away to the consentration camps our caring government already has built here in the USA for the American people. so as our forefathers before us so must we stand and fight or die for ours and our childrens future

  15. so how hard would it be for this chip to hold something like the CIA’s famous heart attack poison or worse. so anyone that stands up for themselves is not a problem.with chip and mayhaps its toxins you will get your pay checks, free medical, be able to buy your food and what ever you have credit to buy. they will be able to track you any place in the world. so no waiting at airports. without it you dont get payed cant buy anything and have freedom. i vote no slavery and to abolish any chip and anything that takes away freedom, independance and our liberties.

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