Private Property Rights Gone: WWII Vet losing Family Grocery Store to Eminent Domain

I often cover these types of stories, because I believe our property rights are among some of the most important rights we possess in this country. Unfortunately, everyone from the federal government, to state and local municipalities seem to think they have the power to take our property anytime they see fit.

In the latest case of government abuse, a World War II veteran, Frank Whitney, is fighting officials in the village of Saltaire on Fire Island, N.Y. after they used eminent domain to claim ownership of his property.

The property, which holds his 88-year-old family owned grocery store, was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. Even though Whitney has the funds to rebuild the damaged store, Saltaire officials are preventing him from doing so because they want to seize the property to build a municipality-owned market.

Here is Frank Whitney is his own words:

Your Freedom & your Survival Depends on Your ability to Own Property

I think one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country is the ability to own property, and I think those rights are under a full frontal attack. We’ve covered numerous stories like this in the past; from a businessman who was forced to stop using his land after 26 years of running a nature school, to the heartbreaking story of Andrew Wordes, who took his life after code enforcement teams seized his home, to the Off-Griders in California who were threatened with arrest and forced back on to the grid, these stories are becoming far to common.

In my opinion, we cannot afford to ignore these stories. Not only does our freedom depend on our ability to own land, but I believe our ultimate survival depends on it as well. The moment we lose our right to own property, is the moment we lose our right to be free.

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  1. another case of a corrupt government body acting in a corrupt manner and doing that after a natural storm event shows how low they will go to further their own agenda.

    • Shame on you NY. Leave this honorable WWII veteran ALONE. This is HIS PROPERTY not yours. You make me sick to my stomach. Who in the hell are you to take this mans’ livelihood ? Feeling disgusted by your attempted actions.

  2. If this guy loses his land everyone in that area should show him support by boycotting that grocery store and when they don’t make any money they’ll end up closing it down and moving it somewhere else

  3. I am so DISGUSTED. SHAME on YOU NY. This is a WWII veteran. He put his life on the line for America and you thank him by attempting to seize his property. REALLY ? Go bully someone else and leave this man alone. This is HIS property NOT YOURS. GET a HEART. Leave our working class alone. Leave this HONORABLE WWII VETERAN ALONE.

  4. I am DISGUSTED by your actions NY. Leave this WWII VETERAN alone. This is HIS property NOT YOURS. Your actions are despicable ! You should be ASHAMED of yourselves.

  5. This is so frustrating, but happening a lot more than is being reported. My father was also a war veteran, he served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, and he has been fighting a losing battle with the State of Colorado for over the last 20 years, fighting eminent domain. He has owned his business as a diesel mechanic shop for over 30 years, and then the state decided they wanted his shop, but “discussed” enacting their “right” for over 20 years. He couldn’t sell it, because everyone knew what the plan was, and they knew it would eventually happen. So 30 years after he bought it, the state of Colorado, finally decided to buy the piece of property for far less than the property was really worth, and my father who is almost 70 has no choice. The city basically evicted him, and he has to figure out where he can move his business. Which is not an easy task, because of all of the new zoning restrictions, and new laws since he started his business, he is the one that suffers, and has to deal with it, not the jerks that are basically taking his land.
    It’s as if they waited until the properties are worth the least, and then they decide to give what they consider a fair offer for the property, and YOU have no choice but to accept it, regardless of who you are and what you have done in order to better yourself, the community, and our country.
    After all he has given for his country, and the state in which he calls home, but the politicians, and others see something they want and decide they can take it, and that is what they do.
    If they (the government) can take anything they want, they will, regardless of who owns it. We should all pay attention to things like this happening, because I have a sinking suspicion it is only going to get worse.
    This is just so incredibly frustrating to me! (Sorry for my little rant :) )

  6. The Humungus understands your pain. the government has become too intrusive for its own good. Some days, I feel like leading my leather clad biker gang (the dogs of war) up to a government building and then give them a choice: fight for their lives, or just walk away.

  7. This has been going on in Wyoming too. They took land from a number of people in and around Cheyenne. The people all had wells and septic tanks. When the city of Cheyenne did a land grab and told all the land owners they HAD to hook up to city water. Most land owners could not afford the hook up fees. So the city took their land. This is just one example, in others they took part of the land owners property. Put in streets for a new subdivision. Then left the land owners driveway six feet above the new road! Then told the land owners they had to pay to have their driveways fixed! If more people don’t wake up and help the rest of us take back our country. I fear all is lost! One more thing google Riverton Wyoming. The EPA is taking the whole town! You will never believe who they are giving it to and why!

  8. I know thier pain, i was forced to sell my family home that my dad bought in 1954, so the city urban development could build another wal-mart.

  9. I wish everyone would quit saying “The Government”. The government is comprised of individuals who made this decision. What is the name of the individual or individuals who made the decision to pursue eminent domain. What is their name. What is the address of where they live. What is their home phone #. Who are their family members, their spouses, their children. Where does the spouse work? Where do the children go to school?What types of vehicles do they drive. What are the license plate numbers of their vehicles. Start providing that information, and then we know who we are up against and decide what type of action to take to see if they REALLY think it is worth their while. Pursue them and bring misery into ALL their lives. Don’t just say the government. Name Names and then go after them!

  10. The power of eminent domain was created to authorize the government or the condemning authority, called the condemnor, to conduct a compulsory sale of property for the common welfare, such as health or safety. Just wondering how did it ever get passed and what was the purpose then?

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