The problem isn’t guns, it’s the Schools – Media ignores Thousands of Violent Assaults and Stabbings Every Year at Schools

Ban Guns and our schools will be safe, right? Wrong.

Public School

While the freak jobs in the media launch themselves into a frenzy over the latest school shooting, trying to claim the most recent school shooting is caused by America’s Gun Owners and the NRA, they are conveniently ignoring the real story. It’s not the Guns; it’s our culture, our youth, and our shitty public-school systems that have been corrupted by liberal politicians and their twisted ideologies.

For the last week, we’ve got to hear the media blabber on about how evil guns caused the school shooting in Parkland, Florida; we’ve even had a President who claimed to be pro-second amendment talk about banning certain firearms accessories and limiting who can buy firearms — hell, even the sellouts at the NRA are now backing the proposal.

But what about Knives and School Stabbings?

A knife

Every time a school shooting takes place, we are lectured on how bad we are as gun owners, and how evil AR15s are the problem. But why is it we never hear about the other violence that happens in public schools? The epidemic of rapes inside schools, the record violence that has swept public schools over the last decade, and the hundreds of stabbings that happen each and every year in the hallways of these schools?

Far more kids are stabbed in our schools every year than have ever been shot in school shootings, so why doesn’t anyone ever talk about those cases?

  • In Las Vegas, there have been three stabbings (1, 2 & 3) in the Clark County School district just this school year; in one case a 12-year old girl stabbed another girl multiple times.
  • This week, a 13-year-old Toledo, Ohio boy stabbed a school security officer in the stomach.
  • In New Rochelle, New York, there have been THREE Violent knife attacks inside the school system this year, with one student being hunted down and viciously stabbed to death by another student.
  • In January, a psychopath pleaded guilty to stabbing 20 fellow students and a security guard at his suburban Pittsburgh high school. He was sentenced on Monday to 23½ to 60 years in prison, yet not a word on FOX News, CNN, or MSNBC about the mass-stabbing.
  • This week in Odessa, Texas, a 15-year-old student was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after stabbing another student twice in the arm and once back.
  • On 28, 2017, in Warren, Michigan, a girl was sexually assaulted at knifepoint by a 14-year old student inside their high school.

And these are just a handful of the knife attacks that happen every day in our public schools throughout the United States, most receive little coverage, and a lot of them are covered up by the school districts.

In a 2013 nationwide survey by the CDC, 24.7% of high school students reported being in a physical fight. 17.9% of high school students in 2013 reported taking a weapon to school.

But back to those evil AR15s and scary assault rifles.

Well according to the FBI, over four times as many people are stabbed to death than are killed with rifles of any kind — for you anti-gun idiots who don’t understand, AR15s are a type of rifle and fall under that category. In 2016, hands and fists killed almost double the amount of people than all rifles combined — again that includes the AR15.

But wait… we may have to ban assault hammers as well because in 2013 more people were killed with hammers and Blunt objects than were killed by all rifles combined.

School Shootings are actually Rare compared to other Violent Crimes in Public Schools.

School shootings are rare and are an unusual form of school violence; they account for less than 1% of violent crimes in public schools, yet they receive almost 100% of the mainstream media coverage.

The truth is, if the media reported on school stabbings, school rapes, and school violence most of the country would have to wake up to the fact that we don’t have a gun problem, we have a culture and a public school problem. Our schools have become liberal death zones that are more interested in pushing liberalism than they are teaching or protecting our children.

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  1. Growing up we had rifle clubs in my high school. We never had a school shooting, I don’t remember kids being raped in the halls, in fact I don’t remember the debauchery that you see these kids engaging in today in the schools either. This is a morality problem, it’s what happens when you push the queer agenda, liberal idiocracy, the Urban Ghetto lifestyle, phony evolution theory and every other bit of liberal propaganda that makes kids think they are Animals and that life has no value its all about instant pleasure and gratification with no consequences.

  2. Something very serious happened to our morality and norms in the 1960’s. Our traditional values changed radically different and went downhill ever since. I get the feeling it’s to late to make changes that will improve. We are to fractured, angry, and only worried about our peace of the pie. We’ve lost our moral compass and became a country of gimme dats, and perversion being the norm.

  3. I more or less agree with most of what is stated but I believe it started closer to the early 70’s and the oil embargo. When, due to a nationwide financial hardship, both parents had to start working to support the family and it began the downfall of the nuclear family. By the end of the 70s and early 80s it had begun to take its toll and the divorce rates started creeping upwards to the point of a 50/50 chance that a marriage will last. Thus the generation being raised in the 80s began to see some societal changes such as the demonization of anyone physically disciplining their children (I am talking about a spanking as a “part” of a disciplinary process not physically abusing the children THERE IS A DIFFERENCE). So when all these single parents raising their children by themselves get home from a long day at work and have to manage a household on top of it now have to deal with a kid who is misbehaving at whatever level, they either lacked the energy or the fortitude to properly handle the issue and thus began the downward trend of parental discipline. Not to mention the fear of being labeled a child abuser. Remember those days when the police could count on parents to do their jobs and when Jr was caught stealing baseball cards they took him home for dad to deal with because dad was far more effective at behavior modification then throwing a child into a detention center and making them worse… Because nobody felt like disciplining their kids properly this led to the educators of this generation to start up the Zero Tolerance BS in the schools so they could just suspend or expel the kids from school without actually dealing with the problem. These Zero tolerance policies equally penalize everyone involved in an incident no matter the situation. For example the poor little kid who had been getting bullied, or let’s call it what it is, abused for weeks, months, or even longer that finally had enough and stands up for themselves with their 2 hands and punches that bully square in the nose. They receive the same punishment as the bully that they stood up to. How does that teach the bullied to stand up for themselves? How does that teach a bully the lesson not to behave that way, since mom or dad either have no clue or no desire to handle their child? These are lessons children need to learn and sometimes they themselves are the only ones that can teach it. We have taken that away from them and have raised an emotionally weak generation because of it. It is my opinion, as far as most of these school shootings are concerned, a direct result of that. When the bullied try to speak up and the people entrusted with their care do nothing can we really be surprised that they experience a mental breakdown. This is really no different than a veteran with PTSD experiencing “no safe place” issues except that it is an “abused” child who is not emotionally developed enough or with the life experience to work this out appropriately or seek the proper help themselves. I realize this is a broad generalization and not the cause of all of these horrible incidents but I feel is a big piece of the puzzle. Whether it is with a firearm, knife, or a baseball bat. Because of these school facilitators’ actions historically I would not trust them and do not advocate in any manner that they be armed. How about law enforcement being present at each school? Not just some regular beat cop, but an armed police officer with extensive training in psychology and child psychology. Otherwise you will get that idiot that handcuffs or even tazers a kindergartner because they are having a “meltdown” and not the person that gets down on a knee, eye to eye, and deals with the root of the problem not the result of the problem. You cannot legislate away death or atrocity no matter how badly you think you can.

  4. They don’t want to talk about it. When was the last time you same an article on the violent crime in the tourist district of Orlando, FL? If the truth was known many tourists would not come. There is at leat on shooting, stabbing or armed robbery a night. There is an armed invasion on a weekly basis. The try to keep these incidents low key. Tourists are regularly robbed going to their hotel rooms. If they admit that there are problems with violence in the schools, they may loose federal funding or have to pay to have additional security at more cost. Or even worse, people will move out of their school district to better schools. Our school district in FL has at least two armed Resource Officers in every school and some of the schools look like a PD parking lot. There is a very big problem with violence in America today, especially with young adults and until they solve that problem, shootings and stabbings will continue.

  5. But when they do happen multiple people die. How many people can one kill with their fists vs how many with an AR15 in 1 minute.

    • jax. you are a moron. dead is dead….do you want the assault weapons ban of 1994 again? in 10 years the govt determined the ban on “assault” weapons did ZERO ZILCH NADA to stop violent crime…so wtf. seriously….

      also liberal logic..Trump is a Nazi he is a FACIST….his administration is corrupt..the govt is corrupt…..(turn around)…hey lets take guns away from citizens so the aforementioned corrupt, Nazi, facist govt you speak of is the only one legally armed.

      BAN LIBERALS…that would work. since most of these mass shooters are leftists…an armed society is a POLITE society.


      go cry somewhere else.

  6. While I do believe, as this author states, that much blame is on the shoulders of the schools and the negative liberal influences many teachers these days are guilty of. I gotta agree with Kloathis that the problem (and the cure) begins in the home. While I am all for equal rights for women, the whole equal rights movement is where it all began. If both parents work full-time jobs, the kids are left to raise themselves with no real direction, and nowadays, it seems there are a lot more children being raised by single parents (usually mom) than kids raised in stable homes with both a mother and a father, which I believe is the natural order of life. Single moms and deadbeat dads equals very mentally disturbed children that either don’t know or don’t care about the difference between right and wrong. To blame the troubles of today’s society on a particular type of rifle is absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous.

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