Government has made you a serf till death! Property Taxes Equal Lifelong Servitude to the State

At some point, when do we say enough is enough? Today, I read an article about a poor 106-year-old woman who is about to lose her home, which is fully paid for, because of the lifelong prison sentence known as property taxes.

Everything else we are taxed on is taxed at the time of sale, but not land or your home; nope, they know that your land equals freedom which is why the Founding Fathers believed property rights were as important as other human rights. In fact, many times, they talked about the right to acquire and possess private property being in some ways the most important of individual rights.

Making You a Lifelong Ward of the State

Home-ownership Serfdom

Your land belongs to you, the one who bought it, not the Government. Unfortunately, through fear and intimidation, we’ve allowed the State to subject us to a lifelong tax on properties we’ve paid for in full. We’ve allowed ourselves to become forever in debt to a government that demands we continually pay a tax on something that we have paid for in full.

Would you allow them to keep taxing you on the lawnmower you cut your grass with after purchase? Do you allow them to tax you on the eggs and bacon you ate ten years ago?

The Constitution of the United States of America is pretty clear about direct taxes. The writers of the Constitution included not one but two tax limitations in the Constitution.

The limitations forbidding direct taxation of individuals are found first in Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3, which states:

“Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers…”

Again, Article 1, Section 9, Clause 4, states:

“No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.”

The United States Constitution only allows for direct taxation of individuals and property based on CENSUS or ENUMERATION.

Tricking, rather intimidating, citizens into voluntarily subjecting themselves to a tax based on the value of their property is nothing more than an unconstitutional FRAUD; it’s a deliberate violation of the Constitution. Lifelong property taxes based on some bullshit property value made up by the state is pure theft under color of law.

We are being scammed and enslaved by property taxes! Try not paying them, and you will quickly find out who “owns” the property!

Every American has the absolute RIGHT to own property. That RIGHT is protected by the fundamental law of “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit to Happiness.” In fact, Jefferson’s first draft on the Declaration of Independence said, “life, liberty and the pursuit of property”! He expanded it to “happiness” in order to extend the meaning of the clause to include any general pursuit, which still embraced property.

James Otis famously said, “A man’s house is his castle,” pointing to the essential link between homeownership and liberty (See “Against Writs of Assistance,” 1761). And James Madison guaranteed that this essential link would be preserved, by including protections of property rights in the Bill of Rights, under the Fifth Amendment.

The Supreme Court has ruled that no tax may be levied upon a Constitutionally protected RIGHT unless that tax is levied upon Citizens equally – that, of course, is a “properly apportioned” tax. In other words, if you owe $100 property tax, and so does each person of your family living with you owe $100: : the person who owns the biggest house also owes $100 , and so does each member of his family owe $100 each.  CENSUS or ENUMERATION means head-count, not property value.

There is no such thing in America as Homeownership! A Property Tax is the State declaring it owns your land!

Homeownership is an illusion; we are, in fact, serfs.

A property tax is the State declaring that it owns the land, but even more than that, it’s the government  attempting to take away your God-given right to do what you want with your own land, by saying it owns the land – hence, zoning police forces which are another topic for another day.

How is our system any different than the serfs who were forced to pay some medieval lord a special fee in order to remain on the land or in their home?

Serfdom is alive and well in America; The medieval lord has been replaced by the state who now maintains serfdom via the property tax.  Supreme Court Chief justice John Marshall, warned the public when he wrote these words in the 1819 McCulloch v. Maryland case, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.”

According to the Atlantic,

The origins of the property tax aren’t American at all. It, instead, has roots that date back to Europe’s feudal system. First instituted in England by William the Conqueror in 1066, the early tax system worked this way: A king (or conqueror) took over all the land in a given territory. He would then divide it among his lieutenants and supporters, who would pay him (with money or services) in order to keep that land. In return, landholders enjoyed the king’s protection and were able to rent the property out to others—who would live and work the land—for a fee.

The punishment for nonpayment was forfeiture of the land, which could result in a considerable loss of money and status. At the time, this system was called “free and common socage,” according to John Joseph Wallis, an economic historian at the University of Maryland. The person who held the land was called a socman, his taxes, socage. The arrangement created a way for people to own land while still having to remain loyal to the crown, which also had rights to the land.

So, what do we do? Can you simply stop paying your property taxes?

I’m not suggesting anyone not pay their property taxes, try that, and you will probably end up homeless, on food stamps, and even more dependent on our feudal lords. But we do need to start speaking up. Take to your local city council meetings, make it an election issue in every local, state, and federal election, and let’s start holding these bastards accountable.

Since Assessors, auditors, and tax appeal boards answer to no one, this is also a blatant violation of the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, but as Serfs, we allow it to continue.  At some point, their constitutionality should be challenged!

Serfdom is not freedom! Property taxes are an assault on your freedom and the America Dream!

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  1. My tax on a 1983 farm house is $1500 and 1300 is school tax..I haven’t had a kid in school 35 years!!! Unfair!!

    • Yes “taxation without represention.” Same problem here and I don’t believe in the government indoctrinati…. I mean school system anyway.

  2. Excellent article. I’ve always advocated that the Marxist left (and right in many cases) are slowly taking away our freedom and the American Dream with taxes. Example: We moved to our current location in 2013. Since then our “Property Taxes” rose 172%…I say again 172%! That is outrages. I’ve complained to my rep on the County Counsel several times but didn’t really respond to my questions other than “the state sets the rates in Indiana”. And, you are correct in the article that the only way to fight this take-over is to vote these A-holes out of office.

    Like this Web site.

    • “Marie,”

      You don’t see the needs for automobile insurance/ Liability Insurance? Is that due to your opposition to taxation, opposition to indemnifying people you injure, lack of critical thinking ability, or just desiring to avoid responsibility?

      In case your 4,000 lbs vehicle injure 25 lb – 200 lb “flesh, bone and blood,” what would you do, since you don’t have to have mandatory auto insurance? How are you going to compensate injuries and/or deaths? Never mind the other party’s transportation, never mind the injured/dead person was the ‘bread-earner’ for the family?

      What would you do to make the family “whole” again? If you don’t want to “buy” car insurance, you better at least buy surety bond, or some $200k cash in holding to cover other injury part(ies).

      Must be one of those sovereign citizens, wanting to shirk responsibility and common sense.

      If you were to injure my family and me in an auto accident,

      • Firstly while it may be responsible it should not be mandatory, next there are multitudes of ways to provide compensation outside of monetary means. Think outside the box.

        As for your claim of common sense, im tired ofnhearing insanity espoused as common sense it is dangerous. Please refrain from doing so in the future.

  3. Watch the The Coming Judgement Part 2 at YouTube channel for reason, explanation & motive for property tax.

  4. Theoritically, you can buy a land patent for your property, and can own it out right. It’s like an exhaustive nationwide title clearing/search, I believe. This is searchable online. It’s called your “Alloidal Land Rights.” You can read a lot about it at the John Birch Society’s web site. What we had before the ‘Creature from Jeckel Island,” was released; And then that commy FDR put the final nail in it with the “New Deal,” after the manufactured 1920’s stock market crash.

    • False. There is no such thing as “allodial land rights”. You are greatly mistaken.
      There is only one solution to tyranny and those who would make slaves of others: they must be fought to the death! It has been that way since sin entered the world.

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