Protests Heating Up: Chicago Streets Shutdown, Atlanta Mayor Discusses Curfew and Calling in National Guard

Activists throughout the country are planning another night of chaos, as major cities throughout the country are all gearing up for trouble.

Earlier today Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed held a news conference where he discussed the possibility of bringing in the National Guard and declaring a mandatory curfew for the city of Atlanta. Reed said city officers are exhausted, with city officers logging in over 6,000 hours of overtime since the protests started.

In Chicago, over 10,00 protesters are expected to flood the city tonight, with city streets throughout Chicago already experiencing rolling shutdowns. Residents should be aware that streets and major highways could be shut down for hours tonight, and city buses are already having a hard time making their way through the streets.

Buses and commuters being blocked in Chicago:

Weekend of violence pushes number of people shot in Chicago this year to 2,100!

While the media continues to focus on a very small number of police shootings, most of which have all determined to have been justifiable shootings, nobody is talking about how many people have been killed so far this year in black on black gang related violence.

City police are gearing up for major trouble tonight after 43 people were shot in the city over the weekend, pushing to total shootings to around 2,100 so far this year.

Don’t buy the Media Lies that these are Peaceful protesters!

While the media would like you to believe the groups organizing these events are peaceful, as we’ve pointed out over the last couple of days many of these radical activists groups have been calling for the murder of innocent people, police, and firemen.

Protest Leader calls for The Killing of Cops: You won’t see this video on the mainstream news!

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  1. Everyone in the world needs to see that last video. I want all the idiot liberals who keep saying these people are peaceful protestors and all the morons who think Fox, MSNBC and CNN are gospel to see what they are hiding from you fools

  2. it looks like the blakes want a war frist the cops then us i dont like it but they hate anyone that isnt like them .it looks like theywant to lission to there king the commy in the whight house

    • And you’re illiterate. So sadly these ignorant people calling for these crimes, are more educated than You. YOU just typed that message to other white people saying they hate “us”. THIS is exactly the issue that angers so many. There shouldn’t be “us” and “they” we are Americans. You are no more American because you’re white….and uneducated.

  3. There are so many white people there. Didn’t they get the memo. These Blacks want to kill white people.

    So far the Blacks have primarily been killing cops. Maybe not. When a white is killed or injured by a Black the media doesn’t cover the story. They act like it never happened.

  4. The missed in whites(if you want to call them so) are paid shipped in libs whom have drank the far left cool-aid, they do as they are told and do not think for themselves.

  5. Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Mayor Kasim Reed claims the protests were peaceful despite a contentious standoff with police and people having thrown bottles at a tow truck. Ridiculous the protest in Phoenix going on and now they are shutting down i-10 on h street. What idiots can you go anymore over board

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