Radical Antifa Terrorists Declare War on America: Execute Multiple Brutal Attacks to Incite Racial Tensions


Radical Antifa terrorists have teamed up with the terrorist group BLM to plan brutal attacks on whites to incite racial tensions throughout the country. As the nation burns and looters have turned almost all 50 states into a warzone, radical leftwing organizations have increased their violent attacks and have begun targeting patriotic hard-working Americans.

In Portland, Antifa terrorists brutally beat a man for carrying an American Flag.

When another man tried to come to his aid, the mob beat him unconscious and kicked out his teeth.

Today, in Rochester, New York a woman pleaded with rioters to spare her business. Instead, they punch her in the face and started attacking her with a 2x4s. Her husband tried to help but was beaten back.

Last night, BLM terrorists beat a man nearly to death for defending his shop from looters.

This morning, President Trump announced on Twitter that his administration would be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist organization.

BLM and Antifa don’t care about Black Americans.

They are using a tragedy to stoke the flames and push the country over the edge. You won’t see this on CNN, becuase they don’t want you to know they are destroying black neighboorhoods while pretending they are protesting police brutality!

And when these rich Hollywood celebrities and idiot kneeling sports millionaires pretend they are in it for the cause, just remember this. A couple of days ago, millionaire NBA star Chris Martin Palmer was encouraging rioters to burn it all down (keep in mind the photo he tweeted was a low-income housing project in a black neighborhood being burnt to the ground)… Just days later when rioters breached his rich gated community his tune changed, calling the same people animals!

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    • LOL! Really! Selective rioting. Animals like sheep and cattle stampede, and riot. Not intelligent human beings with brains.

      • So, to the person who put this together; does your beard start at your chin and encompass your rectum at the end? Not one confirmed death from Anti-Fascists since being connected to WW2. Not one word of Proud Boys or any of the many racially destructive groups that police protect and participate with. Show both sides and well, we all know, you cannot because this is 100% fabricated evidence and embodies the Fascist(s) behind their keyboards looking to create animosity. For every 1 instance of Anti-Fa being excessively violent I can find 50 instances of white supremacist violence that actually led to murder or maiming that did not include our police. ACAB

        • You are a liar and probably a nwo, satanist, blm, antifa terrorist. If that scumbag with the 2×4 had attacked me I would have shot him, after all it was self defence!

  1. ANTIFA Australia have gone underground and protest under another flag ”you can shear a sheep but it still baaaa’s. They are now protesting with the Australian ”black lives matter”, most of the protesters are whites or white people claiming aboriginality, they want everything and never mention the traditional Aboriginal whose funding is used up by white aboriginals, they make fake artwork,they claim sacred sites but cannot show what is sacred.So much for their black lives matter ”STOLEN IN AUSTRALIA BY WHITE ANTIFA.

  2. I think all of this is getting out of hand. It has nothing to do with color of your skin. It is about being treated right and fair in America. The people that are out here hurting people and burning down businesses of the hard people that are working is not right. We all are just trying to survive and live our lives the way we want to. I will protect my family and my property at all cost. I do not want nothing to do with this. We all need to look to God and ask him for answers. We do not beat women children or men in America because they carry the American flag. Here in America we have freedom of speech. We might not like what people say or do. But it is not our place to judge them or to punish them for it. I will be praying for all y’all stop all this b******* and for the people that are y’all are mistreating and beaten and killing. This makes me very angry that my grandchildren a kids have to grow up in this s***. This is just a bunch of bulshit.

  3. Started concealed carrying because of BLM / Antifa. Don’t care if they call me a racist (I’m not and I know that!), they’re welcome to their opinion. Try me though in the streets and that’ll be it for them.

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