Radioactive Household Items – Thousands of Household Products Contain Nuclear Materials

Are we being slowly poisoned with Radioactive consumer products?

Nuclear SymbolSounds like a bad science fiction movie right? Sadly it’s not; In fact, it seems to be exactly what’s happening and may explain the rise in diseases like cancer, autism and a myriad of other problems that have skyrocketed in recent years.

Not many people realize how many radioactive items can be found in the average American home. From radioactive smoke detectors to furniture and consumer goods that are manufactured using radioactive waste, your home is likely filled with radioactive compounds.

While there’s are no official numbers on how big the problem is, thousands of consumer goods have been found to contain low levels of radioactivity.

How Bad is the Problem?

Well that question is actually part of the problem; nobody really knows how bad it is or how much radioactive material is actually finding its way into our homes.

The U.S. government doesn’t actually have any regulations that define how much radioactive material can be used in manufacturing a product. In fact, we don’t even actively screen imports coming into the United States.

But it’s not just imports that pose a problem to consumers.

Despite the health risks, our government has turned a blind eye to the thriving practice of using recycled radioactive material to build common household items and consumer goods. Radioactive materials are finding their way into common household products, because American metal recyclers and scrap yards are not required to test or report the presence of radioactive waste. In fact, many of them often mix this radioactive waste with clean products, since the cost of disposing of the radioactive materials is so high. It’s almost enough to make you want to buy a Geiger Counter and scan every thing in your home

Documented Cases

Thousands of consumer goods contain recycled radioactive metals – Home furnishing, decorative items, metal tables, women’s handbags and kitchenware manufactured with contaminated recycled metals have all been found, some after having being on the market and homes in for over a decade.

One of the most infamous cases happened back in 2008, when a Chinese-made EKCO brand cheese grater had enough radiation in it to set off alarms at a Michigan scrap yard. The cheese grater emitted the equivalent of a chest X-ray every 36 hours and contained the radioactive isotope Cobalt 60, an element that has to be made using a nuclear reactor.

Radioactive Smoke Detectors – 80% of the standard smoke detectors contain an Alpha and Beta ray producing radioactive isotope,  americium-241, which has a half-life of 432 years. The element americium, which is made in nuclear reactors, and is a decay product of plutonium-241, was discovered in 1945 during the Manhattan Project.

Tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and an important component in nuclear weapons, is used to make self powering lighting devices that are sold throughout the country. Everything from glowing key chains and wristwatches to gun sights and compasses may contain this radioactive element.

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  1. So in essence, every American has access to materials that could make a nuclear weapon like a dirty bomb?
    Glad I live in the U.K.

    • No. Just because there are radioactive elements in the average American home, does not mean the average American would have sufficient access to these products to create enough “Fissile” material to produce the smallest of dirty bombs. Thank you for your ignorance.

      • actually, almost any American with enough eductaion could very easily create a nuclear reactor, in fact a 16 year old boy once created a few particles of plutonium (U-238), the most radioactive particles in own known world(s). With futher eductaion, it would be hard to convert all of the radioactive isotopes into stable compounds that only need the spliting of an atom or the increase in radioactive meterial around them. So in conclusion, with the right eductaion (which can be learned online, the right meterials (like thermometers, smoke detectors, or possibly old manual watches that contain radium to illuminate the digits) and enough time, that person with all of the attibutes wouldnt have a big problem creating a nuclear reactor and even a dirty bomb or bombs.
        Dont call people ignorant untill you have the research to say so, so to you. Thank you for your ignorance.

  2. Yeah, household items like: bananas (potassium 40), bricks, granite countertops (thorium 232 and uranium 238), smoke detectors (Americium 241), sunlight, and the air you are breathing RIGHT NOW (radon 222). Oh, and don’t forget-human bones are radioactive too!

      • Yes it is everywhere, a lot of it is naturally occurring.

        What we were trying to point out in the article is the stuff that should not be in our homes, and how the government allows recycled nuclear materials to be mixed into metals that are then used in the production of consumer goods.

        In my opinion, just like the lead that’s often found in Chinese imports, these products should not be allowed on the market. The cumulative effect of being exposed to this much radiation can’t be a good thing.

        • I do appreciate your bringing this information out, and I apologize if I sounded overly critical. I agree that you have a sound point.

        • Yes, yes! Keep the articles coming! I meant no disrespect to the moderators of the site. If no one keeps an eye on this stuff (“this stuff” being the gov’t and accompanying bureaucrats) things like this are bound to get out of hand. Many of our elected officials count on the fact that many Americans are uninformed. The only way to counter that is through informing those around us in every way possible. Thanks for the work you do! I keep this site on my RSS feed and will continue to visit and spread the word!

        • I think you are severly dis-allusioned. The government does not allow, nor does it have a say, in the radiated products in your home. The Chernobyl incident realeased MASSIVE quantities of radiation into the atmosphere, so much so that if you shot a Moose in Northern Canada, and waved a Gieger Counter over the meat collected you’d find small amounts of radiation. As for the smokoe detecters, bananas, Glow in the dark watches, granite counter tops, marble, brick, and countless other object; these all contain isotopes found naturally occuring. Your fear mongering tactics here are not appreciated. Just because an isotope can be found in a reactor, does NOT mean that it came from one.

  3. OK, so what are some of the “thousands of consumer goods” involved? Is there a list you could have linked to and didn’t? Or was this just something pulled out of the air because of a posting deadline?

    Honestly, I’d rather not see ‘regular’ posts if they are going to be Hooey just to make some publishing date. It happens to nearly every blog I ever followed that became popular, and it’s why when I watch the news these days I see newsreaders trying to forecast the Nov. election for a single county in Nebraska based on things like how many people got their left foot wet in the last rain.

    I use RSS to follow posts, so I’d prefer to see ‘useful’ info irregularly rather than ‘regular posts’. This one was not really useful – at all.

    • Every story we post is not going to interest every person that comes to the site. I found this topic interesting so I wrote about it.

      How big of a danger is it? I really don’t know, and even the scientific community is at odds when it comes to that question.

      What isn’t disputed is the fact that there’s a direct relationship between radiation and an increased risk of cancer, birth defects, etc….

      Like others have pointed out, we are exposed to radiation on a daily basis, some of it naturally occurring some of it as I point out in the article not so naural. While most of it probably isn’t going to harm us, the fact that our government allows recycled nuclear materials to be mixed into metals that are then used in the production of consumer goods is pretty scary.

      In my opinion, why would anyone want to add more of this stuff into their homes? The cumulative effect of that much radiation can’t be a good thing.

    • And I check this site every day looking for something new. It’s one of the very few I have tabbed, along with google, eat the weeds, and the art of manliness.

  4. A local kid needed a project for the science fair so his parents rented a gieger counter and took him to WalMart. It didn’t take long for the management to know he was there as that thing was screaming loud and clear. Dad was following with a video camera. They had started in the toy dept. They were politely asked to leave the store which they did and drove to another one….and another one. By the time the day was over they had enough material to know what to buy to set up his display and of course it got some press but not what you would expect. I think that we can assume that what comes to us from China w/o lead has high radiation. Accidental? You be the judge. I know what I think and so do most people that attended the science fair. We’ve allowed ourselves to be boxed in to the point that we can’t buy what we need for modern life w/o buying from China and we and our children are being systematically being poisoned. Sad but true!

    • Geiger Counters can pick up the radiation emmited by the nice green glow coming from the tritium used to light up the numbers and the tips of the minute and hour hand in your watch/clock. Geiger counters have selectable ranges to pick up even the smallest source. STOP BEING PARANOID. No one is trying to kill us off one by one using radiation to cause cancer and birth defects. Its a stupid hypothesis, not to mention inefficient and time consuming.

  5. Just a note on Smoke Detectors, yes there is a radioactive isotope inside. This is how they work though. When the decaying isotope is interrupted by smoke particles the circuit is broken and the alarm sounds. It’s not malicious or an accident so toss that one off the “list”.

  6. One thing the country will learn sonoer or later is that using less energy is not a solution. At every step of economic development human societies use more energy then in the step before it.As some nations have chased out industries like aluminum smeltering, they’ve found the service economy that replaced it was much lower paying jobs. The heavy energy jobs like in a factory or a mine or smelter pay very high wages. Jobs where people can make 80 grand a year with full benefits and a pension. In other words going down to lower energy sectors, was a step backwards in economic development. 25,000$ a year retail jobs with no benefits replacing the 80,000$ jobs.

  7. Our world is becoming so unrecognizable. The fear of everything is instilled in us, MK Ultra is in full affect so is Agenda 21 from United Nations, their depopulation program. In plain sight, with GMO products taking over food supply not to mention what is in our water and Chemtrails putting Barium, blood, Valium in our skies, banned in other countries. We need to ban together like Anonymous and fight back. Like our own revolution of just decency. God bless us all.

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