Rand Paul warns preppers that the government considers you terrorists.

In a warning from Rand Paul from the senate floor, where he speaks out against provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, we learned today that the government considers having guns or storing more than 7 days of food a possible terrorist activity.

In the speech, Rand Paul warns Americans that, “Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weather proofed, someone who has 7 days of food in their house” can be considered a potential terrorist by the federal government.

He warns that under new provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, the federal government can lock you up indefinitely if you are suspected of activities that they consider terrorism related. That’s right the military will now have the power to lock up anyone, even American citizens, without due process and without being convicted of a crime.

More Video of Senator Paul asking Senator McCain to clarify if Americans could be imprisoned:

More from Rand Paul on the detention of American Citizens:

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  1. Why is almost every female poster who responded to this retarded?

    Rand Paul is trying to protect your rights, and stop this bill from going through….and you are calling him names?

    Reading comprehension for the win Tina. Go back to school.

  2. its never to late , even and upto all out Civil War. any persons holding office and representing the people take oaths. our president takes one to up hold and defend our contitutions, those not following and fighting for our Constitution are traitors to the American people they represent and to America. they should have a trial for treason in a Civil Court for treason. in doing this it will let our government know that America and its people are free. our forefathers faught and died, our military has and do fight and die for our constitution and our freedom. our military is stationed all over the world. for justice and freedom. yet our government commits treason and takes it away from the American people. i say stand with Occupy, i say write, repost and add your voices to the world now before we see what Hitler did after his congress gave him the same power over germany in our own country of these united states. i hope and pray millions will not have to die before everyones eyes are opened, its your loved ones that face the wrath of this power. so stop everything and support all the things occupy stands for. pass this on and ask others to pass it on untill we as a nation know what is at stake. post it on every site you come across. occupy not only wall street , but the internet and all other forms of media. they want a media blackout on this. our government is owned not by “we the People” but by the corprorations and the bank system and the FED (federal reserve and its a civilian corporation that needs its books opened and corporations and government needs the accountability that the Contitution, Bill of Rights, the Decloration of Independence and many other things offer. things that we just lost with the passing of National Defense Authorization Act just took from us. it dismantled all our rights and our freedoms. we need to take them back and if using words and taking a stand does not work then it will be blood on the hands of everyone that talks of freedoms and liberty but does nothing. so fight for your rights and pass this information on so others may know of the injustices being done to the people and all who have died for our freedoms. i have not heard anything on any of this in main stream media and i dont believe most of America has heard anything about it. so please inform the world and make a stand for your rights and freedoms and for that of your children your loved ones and there future.

    • One great thruth that you´ve mentioned, is the fact ebout Hitler, who´se party was the National Socialist Party of Germany (NAZIonal Sozialistishe Partei)) to which the WH Museleem guy belongs. Whagt else does anyone need in order to understand why they are destroying American traditions, desecrating Old Glory and have also Financiallly ryined the US? Analyze this and comment, AWAKEN America!

  3. I know the govt read this. I mean, come on … the internet WAS a military device to start with, then used in colleges, and then, finally it was for the public. There is a ‘cearinghouse’ of many sorts, in many places but …SO WHAT? Think they have time to track us ALL down, to make us ALL disappear, and all that crap? Naw. I could care less if they tried — there ARE enough of us, a few million at least and lessee … what? Under 300 men and women in DC – Congress, White House, Supreme Court? One ORGANIZED DAY and … the People win. I’m single, female, smart and think I want to move to Idaho from Alaska. Tired of all the bellyaching and ready for some real change. The kind tht ONLY comes when resignations don’t happen, when recalls don’t even get started and when everyone is skeered of the ver world ‘revolution.’ We don’t NEED a revolution, like the Civil War. Just a few, a very few indeed, choice … endings.

    • Wake up Lil Ol Me. Libya´s Muammar Gadaffi was accused of non existent crimes by the UN, and Bama
      Initiated the stupeed named HummanieetarianWar. They destroyed this country and imposed an AlQuaeda led government on same. Reportedly, this cost between 40 thoseand and 100K victims. Anyone done anything to repair, help and indict the criminal NATO attacks? ost of the guys reading this, just applauded and did not doubt the meadia made up news. Where else did anyone get the news?
      This is how public opinion is manipulated, since most of you don´t know where the truth is anyway.
      The US is broke, but the guy responsible is about to be reelected. Start using your heads, not letting the media keep brainwashing you.

  4. Sorry about the typing, it’s late and my left arm is just no good after a day of work. BUT … for those of you who don’t know Rand’s history … HE IS FOR YOU. FOR ME. FOR ALL OF US. He only turned to the (R) party for better placement in mainstream media and to get more funds for his agenda … and its worked. But don’t forget WHO he is fighting for … you,me, our kids, our grandkids. The People. He always has been, too. So either learn to know about him and his past, and what he wants for the future of us all, or be quiet and let your betters handle a few things (to gals like Tina, and such).

    Babies still need to be burped, kids still need to be fed and to learn their ABCs, and yes, even cows must be milked, and corn shucked. Some of us already did all that(and some,a whole lot MORE, uh raw!) … and have earned the right, through education and experience to KNOW what’s what, and what MUST be done, and soon. So go on and enjoy yourselves, and let the few take care of things. We can and wlll take back the nation, take back what belongs to US, the people, because WE built it, our forefathers fought for its very existence in many cases. I’m DAR, UDC and even a Daughter of the Republic of Texas … soooo …. COME AND TAKE IT! IF you can. I’ll die trying to not let’em, you can bet your ass on that.

    • JLOM, I can only say that maybe you should move to KY instead of Idaho. Rand Paul is a Senator from KY and stands for what most people in KY believe, including myself. When he was running for the Senate, many people were skeptical and thought he was a radical, but he was elected by a big majority anyway. Rand’s father, Dr. Ron Paul, is currently running for the Presidency. IMHO, he will never win the nomination of the Republican Party, but I sincerely believe he just could win if he were to run as an Independent. Americans are fed up with the ways things are regressing in Washington, but it will probably only get worse. Our country was founded on Christian principles and our future doesn’t look very promising. Just try reading the Book of Revelation. If it doesn’t bring you to tears, I don’t know what would.

  5. Has anyone ever really read the Declaration of Independance? If you feel the government has trampled your freedoms, you have the right to stand up and fight. Civil War is not an act of terrorism. True PATRIOTS protect freedom and those empowered by one of the two most important documents in AMERICA’s history to stand against the traitors in power are true Americans. The only thing our politicians are doing however is proving how effective terrorism truly is. They want us scared and docile. Victims. A whole nation of victims to coddle. I’m not a victim. I haven’t seen anything in the news that has ever scared me. We are mortal, we die, its life. Nothing to be terrified of there. If you are afraid to die then you never knew what freedom was and shouldn’t complain. I buy food once a month for the whole month. Always have, always will.

  6. Here’s some important points that all preppers should be concerned about.

    My prepper list is short and simple.

    1. Multiple CO2 fire extinguishers.
    2. Oxy acetylene cutting torch.
    3. Gas mask retrofitted with SCUB tanks.

    The CO2 fire extinguishers are pumped into the air intakes of any underground survival shelters I find. The filtration systems in these shelters only remove particle agents from the intake air. CO2 will flow through because it is a gas, just like air. It is also odorless and tasteless, so it will go undetected by the survival nut hiding in the shelter.
    After the survival nut starts playing the harp on the nearest cloud, the cutting torch opens the escape hatch that the survival nut used to enter the shelter.
    The gas mask and SCUB tanks let me raid the supplies in the survival shelter at my leisure.

    The above ground preppers are a bit more challenging.
    Harass and hide techniques will keep them up day and night until they are too burnt out to think straight. Then torch the house in cover of darkness.
    Shoot the preppers as they flee the burning house and then grab what you can before the fire gets to big. Or eat the preppers.

    Day time techniques like the run away car trick is effective.
    Attach a cord to the release lever on the drivers seat and run that through a hole in the door. Place a stick between the gas pedal and the seat. Start the car and put it in gear. Pull the cord and let the seat push the gas pedal to the floor. The car will become an effective battering ram that will go through most wooden walls.
    I would love to see the look on the preppers face when they look outside to see what the sound is and there’s a car coming toward them at 100 mph.

    It is not a matter of the survival of the fittest. It is the survival of the least squeamish and most ruthless.

    • ILP, I believe there is one primary little thing you are overlooking. When the NUKE hits, you will be above ground and instantly vaporized if you are within a hundred mile radius. If you are further away, you will have a severe case of radiation poisoning and would be more inclined to put on your gas mask, pipe the CO2 into it, and ultimately set yourself ablaze with your torch, because you can no longer tolerate the pain. I don’t believe you will be worried about preppers.

    • I agree partially, that is why when your making your little battering ram you will be friggin shot. or while walking around my house with gas I let my rottie out to say hello and when you turn to deal with him your shot. Do you think your little games will keep me up all night and I am just going to let you run around playing games at night? No, again my dog or dogs will come to say hello and again you will be fucking shot. I love how idiots like you watch a movie or two and your just experts, do you think I have not made friends with my neighbors, do you think he dont have a dog, do you think you can be anywhere on my street and mess with someones house without someone shooting your silly ass? go ahead oh devious one, think of the many ways that you can attack one person scared in their home afraid to come out.

  7. … and one of those guys waiting in the trees and just out of your sight will likely blow your sissy haircut clear back to Hell where you came from. Forget the extinguisher when you won’t be able to locate anything above your shoulders. Day time or night time, you will be seen.

    Never underestimate the mind of the serious prepper. He already knows how limited you limp-handed maggots think, I_love_preppers. Now go back to your video games and pop-tarts and be a good little coward.

  8. That Democracy Stinks. It is about time to face the fact that you end up being ruled by mostly resentful and ignorant masses, that are easily brainwashed into believing the messages of the mainstrea meadia that is obviously controled by those who are capable of creating the incredible individual who is currently Occupying the WH. This guy initiated an illegal war against a simple but otherwise admirable man, who created a nation that had no poverty, no international debt, free medicine and education and whose women had equal rights with men. Has anyone seen any gtrue info about this tragedy, where between 40.000 and 100.000 thousand peole were killed? No. Has anyone been informed by the same lying media what is happening currently witgh the US Finances? No. America is on the edge of a terrible disaster, and the guy who has brought the US to this situation,NEVER SAYS A WORD ABOUT IT. Wake up guys!!!!

  9. Last comment. “Fast & Furious Holder” gun running scandal, and the guy is firmly sitting and laughing about legal responsibilities. Instead of applying existing laws against the Illegals, now the feds are helping them manufacture fake ID´s in order to give Obama a “helping hand” for the upcoming elections.
    Again, when the media doesn´t even consider this type of information as important, what is?

  10. So, does that mean if a housewife goes to the shop with her kids and buys a weeks shopping and a shotgun, then she is a terrorist? I am from Scotland in the U.K, I am an ex-soldier and thing like owning a combat or tactical knife is illegal here, but nevertheless, i have one in my G.O.O.D bag, coz I know what Sh*T is out there, soldier on my fellow Comrades, never give up your beliefs, and live by these words – NEVER SURRENDER! these words have kept me going through thick and thin. Remember them.

  11. Man you Americans are the most screwed up nation in this whole entire world! You guys claim to be number 1 but you people have no concept of reality. Your all worried about being attacked by terrorists and worried about natural disasters when the biggest problem is your government! You will see what I mean soon enough.

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