Armed Rangers sent to shutdown Businesses – Feds order Arrests & 24/7 Patrols in National Parks

The federal government, who shut the national parks after claiming they didn’t have the money to keep them open, is now sending in Park Rangers to patrol the parks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sadly, the Rangers are not being sent in so visitors can enjoy these parks, there being sent in to arrest anyone who tries to enter them.

Earlier this week we reported on the Vietnam Vets who were arrested for visiting a war memorial in New York City; now we’ve learned that 21 tourists were just arrested for hiking in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Over 7 Million Visitors Shut Out of the Parks & $750 Million in Visitor Spending Lost

According to the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees (CNPSR), during the last 10 days of the government shutdown over 7 million people have been shut out of the parks, causing $750 million in visitor spending to be lost.

According to the CNPSR figures, the shutdown has resulted in:

  • 715,000 visitors lost daily (based on October 2012 national park attendance numbers).
  • $76 million in lost visitor spending per day.
  • $450,000 in lost revenue each day that would go directly to the National Park Service ($300,000 in entrance fees and $150,000 in other in-park expenditures, such as campground fees, boat rentals, etc.)

The actual dollar amount is likely much larger, since gateway communities and entire states that depend on national park tourism have lost the opportunity to cater to visitors who’ve been forced to cancel trips.

Federal Government sending Armed Goons to Close Private Businesses who don’t comply with Shutdown Orders

The Pisgah Inn, a privately run hotel that happens to be located on federal land, was warned by the National Park service that their hotel would not be allowed to open during the shutdown. After refusing to close, the National Park service sent armed rangers to block the hotels entrance and has since gated and stationed 24/7 armed guards at the gates.

Here is the owner’s story that he shared earlier this week.

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  1. it’s up to the states and counties to counteract this bullshit! Brewster county is filing a restraining order against the us government to keep big bend national park OPEN for all. if ALL states and counties would follow the same path, we could BEAT these pricks!

  2. I wish a group of hikers would go through the forests armed to the teeth. Then when they’re stopped by officials, take them hostage until the shut-down is lifted. Don’t tell anyone about it, though. Just keep them locked up in some basement somewhere that they can’t call for help and feed them bread and water.

    • Great saying, but the vast majority of Americans today, don’t have the guts to do much more than complain, then change the channel on the tv and be spoon fed more brain washing BS. And as it stands now, the members of Congress are untouchable, which is WAY wrong is they work for US…you, me, our neighbors family and friends, but we get walked on like mere dirt on the bottom the the shoes that we also paid for. Enough’s enough! The Constitution starts out with “We The People…”, but the people don’t even seem to care, even when fact are shoved in their faces. When TSHTF day comes, I’ll have room for a few, and the rest can end up dead or in internment camps. If it weren’t so serious, it’d be funny that this country is falling apart at the seams, and hardly anybody notices, so long as they can go to Walmart and get fat while sitting on the couch learning nothing, and not preparing for what’s enevitably on it’s way…a takeover of the government, sponsored by the giant companies and rich individuals, who’ve padded their pockets so well, and a military who’s completely blind to it all. Since they get their pay and “”benefits” off the government(taxpayers), they’ll fall in line at the first command. Within the next decade, WE will be the new Syria.

    • They will soon fear the people,lead is being stored up as well as brass and whatever,one of the reasons for the shortage,keep you eyes and ears open in 2014,times up feds~

  3. All Alabama parks are still open :) HOLD THE LINE REPUBLICANS…DEFUND OBAMACARE AND DO NOT RAISE THE DEBT CEILING!! Let’s bite the bullet now to save our future! Crush the big gvt and let’s start all over from square 1!

  4. The national parks are being enforced because it is an added jab to the American people. The lay offs are bad but effect a small amount in the overall. Shut down business and tourist attractions and the people in mass are effected. They will complain and push the republicans to end the stalemate (Obama’s thoughts).

    Plus what did we put up for collateral to China for the loans? National parks. If things go bad and China calls tab, the properties are already vacant!

  5. This is so nuts that it must be the only thing that makes sense – THEY ARE CLEARING OUT PEOPLE so they can GET TO THE BUNKERS more easily.

  6. If the rangers are on the job to be heels, then they can be on the job they were hired to do and keep the Parks open.

    Just another spiteful event staged to reek maximum pain and aggravation by Obama the Petulant.

    • Night you are spot on, the only reason that obama has choosen to close the parks is to cause as much hard felt impact and yell see what they made me do,,come on now call it like it is, you mr obama ar having a sissy fit cause somebody is standing up to you.
      All we want is a fair shake, hold off the health care mandate for a year, like you did for your union buddies and speciall friends, and if it such a good plan why don’t your family ad congrees have it???, because if you can keep all of us thinking about it we will forget about irs,bengazi,nsa,guns to the cartel,and your lieing staff.

  7. Nothing like repeatedly shooting yourself in the foot. Look at the revenue lost and the enemies made just like laying off 800,000 federal workers that pay taxes. Real smart.

    • They pay taxes with borrowed money that we can no longer afford to pay back….their tax contribution really, therefore, does not amount to anything. Just saying.

  8. Shutting down the parks for a supposed Gov’t Shutdown is so that “Our Dear Pres” can punish the people for not agreeing with his agenda. His way of throwing a fit to get his way…..

  9. Impeach obama, and his little guru moron Vice President. Replace them with a fricken 1st grader for all I care. obama is set to destroy this country with his muslim brotherhood leading the way.

    I served this country to fight against what our government has become. All enemies foreign and domestic. He is a domestic enemy in my opinion, and that is based on what he is doing to our constitution, people and government.

    • True, life’s not a bed of roses under Obama, but I consider Congress to be the bigger threat. Any Pres can only do so much, and the rest is on the shoulders of Congress, and this Congress is enjoying a whopping 17% approval rating.

    • Same here. I just hope any that really show up, can carry their weight in every way. If they can’t, they should ask to be taught, and not pretend. We’ve had enough of the pretenders in D.C.

  10. The decided US in a state of war is what he wants. Patience & fighting intelligently may be better. They have been preparing for us to retaliate for years. If we give in to fighting against him, we are only doing what he wants.

  11. There will soon be a bill brought before congress to reinstate ownership of full autos in all states..

    Possie Commotatus~

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