Red Flag Gun Control Standoff With Afghan War Veteran in New York

A Military Vet, known online for his pro-gun views and his posts on Instagram, was in a seven hour standoff with Putnam County, New York police after being red-flagged for having a 30 round mag (above the legal limit in NY). His house was surrounded by police, including an APC and SWAT officers. 

According to the 28-year-old Afghanistan veteran, Alex Booth, police showed up at his workplace on Saturday and tried to arrest him over social media posts that were reported to them by an old army buddy. Alex then slipped out the back door, and quickly made his way home to check on his family which he claimed were threatened by the police.

According to text messages sent out by Alex during the so-called standoff, the local Sheriffs department threatened his wife, telling her that child protective services would remove her newborn child from the home. When he got home he found that the police had already confiscated his legally owned firearms.

This is when the seven hour standoff begun. Police, ironically fully armed with their own 30-round magazines, claim they heard gun shots, and that is why they surrounded his property. But according to official reports from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, reports that they have now deleted from their Facebook page (I will include them the end of this article), they found no guns or “feeding devices” at the home upon arresting Alex Booth.

But how could that be? The official story was they heard gunshots and then surrounded the house. Is this why the post has now been deleted?

Alex Booth, AKA WhiskeyWarrior556 on Instagram, surrendered to police after being threatened again that they would take his infant daughter from his wife’s custody.

Keep in mind, this is a man who served his country who was surrounded by swat teams for simply processing empty 30-round magazines.

This is exactly what everyone in the gun community has been warning about; these red-flag gun control laws seemed to be designed to set up the next Waco situation, and seem to be designed to further smear gun owners.  If a member of the military, a man who has served his country to fight for your freedoms can be targeted for having what amounts to a standard capacity magazines what do you think they will do to you?  

Some of the Social Media Posts from Last Night:

7 PM PST: We are hearing reports that Oathkeepers and other local military are heading to the scene, but police are arresting anyone who is attempting to get anywhere near the scene.

The 911 system completely is down in Mahopac NY from people flooding the local police with phone calls in support of the Veteran.

UPDATE 11AM PST 11/24/2019: After posting numerous posts yesterday during the incident, claiming Alex Booth was being charged with multiple felonies, The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department has since removed those Facebook posts.

  • If this wasn’t about 30-round magazines, why remove the posts?
  • Each post had thousands of comments questioning the official narrative and giving inside information on what really happened, is that why they removed the posts this morning and put up a new one blaming social media?
  • Last night they claimed they attempted to raid the house after hearing gun shots, Yet the now deleted posts say no guns were recovered — so how did they here gunshots with no guns present?

This video shows the original posts which can no longer be found (YouTube channel is not ours, posting it because he captured the original deleted posts!)

And here is the deleted post where they smear the hell out of him with a series of odd charges that have now been deleted…

Deleted Facebook Post

UPDATE: 11/25/2019: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department was supposed to have a press conference this afternoon, unfortunately they seem to be in full cover-up mode! The 1PM Press Conference has been canceled. They have also now moved on from deleting their official statements on Facebook and Twitter to actually closing down public access to their Facebook page:

Update 11/26/2019: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department has reinstated their Facebook page. They have yet again changed the official story, this time posting a press release going back to the original claim that an officer thought he heard a gunshot, which is why they say SWAT was called — but remember, no firearms were found in the home! So does the officer need his ears checked, or is this yet another tall tale?

We have also learned that Democrat Sheriff Robert L. Langley Jr. is now threatening anyone who questions the official story (the one that had now changed at least four times) and sending off angry emails to news outlets who dare tell Alex Booth’s side of the story, accusing them of “domestic terrorism” for reporting on the situation.

He is of course, also now blaming the Trump administration for the situation claiming “we have a veteran who suffers from PTSD who is falling through the cracks of our veterans administration.”

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  1. Janet Napolitano set up this idiocy with; “If you see something, say something”. If that guy has guns he must be suffering from PTSD. Do our police actually have enough men to cover the idiocy of whistle-blower pieces of sh*t who are fearful of almost everything. We no longer need or will tolerate swat teams coming to our doors looking to imprison us, without a damn good reason.
    This does mean war, and if the people do not recognize the signs they will become the next victims of a Police State Tyranny.

  2. There will come a day when every one of those traitorous ba$tard thugs that did this gets his house surrounded.
    There will be reckoning for acts against the Constitution and the People such as this.

  3. This all started when his ex-army buddy reportedly told them about the 30 round magazines , wow , buddies like that don’t need any enemies

  4. You didn’t hang Demoncraps when they commit treason, remember? You gots to HANG them or they’ll forever be a threat and thorn on your side and you just embolden their army of thugs with your mugs shot.

  5. But how could that be? The official story was they heard gunshots and then surrounded the house. Is this why the post has now been deleted?

    How in Boston, under full martial law without so much as a declaration, could there have been an “exchange of gunfire” with an unarmed suspect?

    And what was the reaction of people in Boston? They stood and cheered the implementation of martial law by the state without so much as any formal declaration. The people stood and cheered the forfeiture of any rights or freedoms!

    At least here it looks like more of the people are more awake at least.

  6. To compare this standoff to Waco is a travesty. David Koresh was molesting and raping children. He was forcing wives to sleep with him claiming he was a prophet of God. I’m so tired of people in the gun community saying it was an infringement on his rights by raiding his compound. When that comparison is made it makes all of his gun loving Americans look like imbeciles. This case is a travesty as they are simply going off a tip from someone giving the police nearly unlimited power. But when you live in liberal states this should be expected.

  7. Bless all that quickly come together and confront the officials before it can escalate to murder.
    We had the Sentinels and Minute Men on ready to vangard the local militias during the revolution. May NEED to instigate the institution again.

  8. This same LEO, Putnam County Sheriffs Department, dispatched about 12-15 officers on a Saturday night to raid a 20 year High School reunion because of a report of a stolen purse…send that one up the line.

  9. [2017] There is a long list of governmental abuses throughout American history but here are a few noteworthy examples:

    1. The Battle of Athens (sometimes called the McMinn County War) was a rebellion by citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, against the local government in August 1946—violations of voting rights by the use of voter intimidation and acts of violence.

    2. Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge Standoff) and the killing of his wife and son by federal marshals. Weaver’s family was awarded $3.1 million as a result.

    3. The Waco Texas siege. This was a siege of a compound belonging to the religious group Branch Davidians by American federal and Texas state law enforcement and military personnel. The siege resulted in the killing of four agents, 6 Branch Davidians and 76 men, women and children in the compound.

    4. Hurricane Katrina and door-to-door personal weapons confiscation by local city police in Louisiana supported by local Army National Guard personnel. A clear violation of Constitutional Rights.

    5. Robert LaVoy Finicum, rancher murdered by Oregon State Police in Partnership with the FBI during a “bush-wack” style road block, 26 January 2016. Location: between Bern and John Day, Oregon with questionable tactics.

  10. don,t use social media or post pic,s comments tell anyone what you own we live in a Fink Rat Informer country and world when will you learn the net and everything we use is controlled by the left from credit card phones computer,s tv radio shut your mouth be the grey man blend in stay under the radar thing,s are about to come to a head and pop for sure it,s coming hold on now button your lips stay off social media everything is we do is being saved watched.

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