Congress Tries to Reopen National Parks: Obama Threatens to Veto Bill & Arrest those who Enter Parks

closingdcAfter allowing every National Park and Wildlife Refuge in the country to shut down yesterday, Congress tried to pass a temporary bill that would fund and reopen the country’s National Parks.

Unfortunately, The Obama administration immediately issued a statement saying “if these bills were to come to the President’s desk, he would veto them.” They then went a step farther and ordered the immediate closure of the WWII memorial after vets knocked down barricades at the memorial yesterday.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Rep. Steven Palazzo’s office sent a request to the Whitehouse asking them to allow the World War II Veterans, who are in town for one of the last gatherings of WWII Vets at the wall, access to the memorial. The request was rejected, and the Veterans are being threatened with immediate arrest if they enter into the parks.

One of the WWII Veterans called the parks service to ask if they would be allowed to enter the Memorial, he was told they would face arrest. “I said, are you kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial? If it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be there. She said, ‘That’s correct sir.'”


It’s really a shame that our political leaders can’t even agree on reopening our National Parks; it’s an outrage that they’re threatening the people who lost so much fighting for this country.

Because of these political games, not only are the American people restricted from enjoying these natural resources, but now billions of dollars in tourism money will be lost as people from around the world have to cancel their trips.

Washington D.C. Landmarks Being Barricaded by Park Police

Shutting down the Monuments

Grand Teton National Park Barricaded
Patrols Blocking Entrance to Grand Teton National Park
Yosemite Gates
Yosemite National Park Closed and Gated

In my opinion, the closure of the National Parks is being allowed so the American People feel the pain. It’s one of the most visible effects of the partial government shutdown, and is something that’s being used to justify the need for our entire federal government.

Gating off ParksBy allowing the parks to reopen, the effects of the government shutdown wouldn’t be nearly as noticeable, and the American people might actually wake up and realize that trillions of our tax dollars are being wastefully spent on useless government bureaucracies. It’s a shame that more Americans can’t see what’s going on here. We are being punished into submission.

This has nothing to do with Obamacare, or any of the other garbage the media wants to feed you. This is plain and simple control. The White House had an opportunity today to accept a bill for veterans and national parks that was completely unconnected to the Obamacare debate, instead they choose to spend more time and money placing barricades around our parks and monuments.

If the government really cared about the American People and our economy, do you really think they would allow this country’s most popular tourist destinations to be closed to the public? How many people and businesses that rely on these attractions will be hurt as a result of the shutdowns?

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  1. Thanks for all your work on bringing these types of stories into the light.

    I think we need to throw every last one of these bastards out on the streets this next election cycle. Anyone who has been there more than 4 years needs to be kicked out so we can reshuffle the deck and send a message that won’t be forgotten.

    • The Australian people are reshuffling their decks too. Some people get to comfortable in the job they were elected to do by the people that they forget who put them there and why, so Shuffle that deck America

  2. This is a spit in the face to the vets and public. No shame in the US government. (Not saying the Canadian govt is much better). Cast away the homeless, steal from the lower and middle class, bail out the rich and send out country’s into economic plunder while breaking every right and piece of privacy for every individual…. But God forbid you show some compassion for the old men that made it possible for you to even be here…. Pathetic

  3. Why is a patrol officer and vehicle blocking the entrance to the tetons if they have no money ?
    obumble has done it again, pointing the finger of the few govt. officals that give a darn, when reality is it is all the dumacraps that will not budge when the country needs them the most,,party loylty can only go so far,,,vote them out in 2014.

    • P.S. As a vet i am and will be very upset with any cop that stops a WW11 vet from seeing the wall.

      From the words of the big green guy,,,don’t make me mad.

      • This post upsets me very much. This response would be fantastic without all of the extra ‘name calling’. It looks ridiculous and uneducated on your part to put all of the extra 2 year old language in it. I wish people would just say what they have to say without all of the name calling. It is petty and immature and what you have to say actually holds substance and validity without the rhetoric!

        • Tishsa,
          Your post upsets me. Why do you need to comment to VET like that? It is because of the veterans that you are able to be disrespectful. You could have left out the downgrading part of your post.

        • Tisha,
          You must be a dumacrap. As screwed up as this government is at this point, any kind of name calling or “2 year old language” has A LOT of validity. We are tired of being nice, especially to people like you who probably voted for Odumbass.

  4. This “story” is just window-dressing BS designed to stir up misplaced indignation .
    This crap could have been avoided had the Republicans chose not to throw a political temper tantrum and shut down the government. The national parks being closed affects ALL Americans not just vets.

    • The Republicans did not throw a temper tantrum, I believe that belongs to the president. The Republicans offered a continuing resolution funding everything EXCEPT obamacare, and harry reid and the pres threw a temper tantrum saying “I’ll show you who’s the boss around here.” Stupid, selfish, treasonous traitors all.

      • Seriously? Obamacare was PASSED INTO LAW TWO YEARS AGO. It isn’t the Republicans place to whine and moan this late in the game, and decide to put everything at a standstill.

        • OH yeah – the law was passed but what is being implemented today is nothing like what was passed or what the Supreme Court ruled on. The president and his administration has unilaterally issued hundreds of exemptions, specific delays to benefit big business, and other extra-constitutional fiddling with the law it bears little to no resemblance to the law that passed. And dont get me started on the reason for this in the first place – the continuing resolution. There has not been one budget passed since 2009. Everything is just a continuing resolution.

        • Yes, but the Senate is supposed to represent the states, and the House represents the people. The House, under pressure from the people, is trying to delay for a year the implementation of the economy destroying, middle-class raping ObamaScare law and getting rid of the medical device tax, which has already moved 100,000 jobs overseas. Once the law was passed the president is constitutionally obligated to enforce the laws passed by congress. Except he grants exemptions of the ObamaScare law to his donors and grants a delay on ALL business implementation of the law for a year. But We The People are forced to join now.

          Making sense yet Dustin???

        • Dustin,,why would it not be the place of Republicans to hold up a bill that noboby wants not even many many Democracts, with Mr.Obama giving delays to his special intrest groups that donated to his election fund,, all we want is to delay it for a year.
          Tisha i hope that this will better fit your reading.

        • Dustin,
          Yes, the law was passed, then it was changed repeatedly to the point that it’s morphed into something that will destroy the county. Have you gone to the website to look at the quotes and deductibles? Anyone that doesn’t receive a government subsidy (above $10,000 a year) will bankrupt them. Can you afford it or will you be one of the ones that gets it for free? This has turned into brother against brother. Very sad – we’re all Americans. We can’t let this take us down.

  5. Hey Dustin. Can you shove your head up Obamas ass any more than it already is? The last bill presented to the Senate provided funding to the government. The only two conditions- 1) delay the mandate for individuals the same way the DEMONRATS delayed it for big business and 2) force everyone to join the system allowing no exemptions or subsidies for congress as presented by the DEMONRATS as well. If those are unreasonable demands then you are a special kind of stupid, or an idiot that Obama and his communist friends can count on.

  6. while obama doesnt give a damn about our military. it is a fact we need a health care that is affordable and worth a crap. this is ignored and its b/c health care is big money.such as the ceo of united health making $1 for every $6 brought in..paper pushers making six figures where is the disgust in that. the greed is out of control. our politicians have been hijacked by corporations by lobbyists. another thing if you like to skydive or rock climb you damn well should be paying a much higher rate than me. I think for to long the lower classes have been paying for the wealthier to have at a lower cost. clear out congress and get rid of the politicians that have formed “friendships” and have been bought by corps and then we will see them actually serve the people.

  7. Americans. Stand up and let them think that this is ok! they are spiralling out of control right now, and dont let yourselves as a nation be treated like this by there government

    • haha *dont.. let them think its ok. Im pretty devastated i cant spend my well earnt money in preparation for this national park tour :( bets places in the world

  8. and can you believe the jokers there are up there doing this s*** for our president shutting everything down you guys are to be ashamed of what you’re listening to and doing in following orders the next thing you will be doing is firing up on our citizens if you keep following the instructions of the idiot we have in charge of keeping our veterans from visiting the Veterans Memorial what kind of morons do we have that are up there barricading this you ought to be ashamed to show your face on the job you are the same type of people that would follow up on their own citizens and I hope I see one of you somewhere in my view as I will at least speak my point of view from the freedom of speech and if that is all you will be lucky for disrespecting an elder of a veteran of our country that fought for your freedom to stay in your fat up there on your job and do something you know that is wrong terribly wrong

  9. All partisan ideology aside, any WWII & Korea Vets contact ALL your Congress critters, explain to them that they need to meet your group at the Monument to let your group have access.

    Park Police & D.C. Metro won’t arrest Congress members for trespassing, but have several cameras w/mics running and preferably an active feed to You Tube to have a record if things go bad. You are in a Public Place, so there are no expectations of privacy, and the cops can’t shut you. A concealed camera w/feed as back up is also a good idea. Should things go bad, that live upload will make the Evening News, with the Fed enforcement taking a hit.

    If your Reps & Senators won’t show, petition your state’s governor to recall the members for not performing their job- passing a budget or C.R. There hasn’t been a budget for 12+ years, so your D.C. reps haven’t done their job & carried out their Oath of Office as they swore to do.

  10. really I read a few articles say that the bill didn’t pass because they couldn’t agree on it, yes the people who wrote it also couldn’t agree on it so it didn’t go through.

  11. I’m from Australia and I have just one question; What Police Officer or other lawman is going to risk becoming the first Gestapo officer in Obama’s Fourth Reich and arrest a WWII vet?

    • Your post assumes that they care about what people think or that its shameful to this administration to act like a “gestapo”…they wear the badge proudly, and think thier position gives them impunity. Its the arrogant nature of leftists/

  12. This Fascist/Zionist government wants only one thing. It’s all about control and oppression of the people. The last few years we have seen this cabal of gangsters openly and brazenly tightening the screws on the public. They’ve built a huge war machine, the DHS, America’s Gestapo, to take us out when we reach the point where we just will not take this anymore. They’re limiting access to public lands and eliminating private property. Those of you who enjoy this website are already aware that the Zionist bankers have been stealing homes from people all across the country. Have we reached the point where we won’t take this anymore? Or … are we going to let this progress to the point where not only Journalists are being executed, but citizens of the 50 sovereign states will be dragged from their homes and executed as well?

  13. The commentator Mark Levin has stated he will place half a million people on the site if a hand is laid on these WW2 vets visiting their own memorial. I think he underestimates the number who would respond. It would be the height of political stupidity for Obozo to have them arrested, but then, I have underestimated him before.

  14. I think opening the national parks is a small step. But the wrong step forward, I think ours Vets are all heros and would agree that the 1st. step would be funding for Wic or school lunches for the poor or helping their fellow homeless shelters in stead of tourist spots around the U.S. Lets look at the whole picture.

  15. If our gov does this sort of stuff, like block war memorials, in order to what they want. What will he do when he controls your healthcare?

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