Reporter Arrested for Asking Questions about Toxic Ohio Train Derailment

A national news journalist from News Nation was taken down to the ground and arrested while doing his job today and attempting to cover a press conference with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

Lambert has been covering a toxic 50-car train derailment near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border in East Palestine, Ohio and the so-called “controlled explosions” which have released toxic gasses into the air. The government has not released exactly what was in all of the derailed train cars, but we do know that at least 5 of the overturned train cars were carrying life-threatening phosgene and hydrogen chloride.

Phosgene is a highly toxic gas that can cause vomiting and breathing trouble and was used as a weapon in World War I.

Official statement from News Nation Bureau Chief Mike Viqueira.

Are we witnessing a massive coverup in Ohio?

Here is Lambert’s last report before being arrested… apparently someone has something to hide here and wants this guy to shut up about what is really going on in Ohio and the extent of the danger to the public.

And a few of his earlier tweets covering the toxic explosions and contamination throughout the region.

Days after crews released and burned toxic chemicals transported by a wrecked train in Ohio, residents are claiming they are being lied to about the toxic substances that could be lingering in their evacuated neighborhoods. Many are claiming that democrat Governor Mike DeWine is purposely misleading the public and has told the media not to cover the toxic clouds that are raining down toxic gasses on the public.

First look at the so-called mitigation efforts underway to contain the effects from the fiery toxic derailment in East Palestine

This is why you need a bugout plan!

Not only will the government not be able to protect you, but they will actively lie to you about the threat and suppress as much information as they can — these people don’t care about saving lives, they care about covering their own asses!

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