Republicans and Democrats Join Forces Against We The People: D.C. Turned into Militarized Zone

Military in D.C.

For over a decade we have been writing about the militarization of our country; the institution of a police state that is not meant to protect us from outside threats, but instead enslave what the D.C. Establishment sees as their serfs.

15,000 National Guard members are now in Washington D.C., called in by the establishment to help with the COUP against WE THE PEOPLE! 20,000 are expected to be in the streets of D.C. by this weekend.

Capitol Troops
Capitol Troops

As we’ve warned from the very beginning of the Coronavirus Scam, this was never about a virus, it was about overthrowing the United States of America.

The masks were designed to crush your spirit, to turn the populous into an unfeeling, uncaring, brainwashed drones that they can control. Hell, they’ve openly admitted their plans throughout the pandemic hoax; even the Joseph Goebbels of the medical profession, Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted that they were trying to crush the “independent spirit” of Americans so they “do what they’re told” and listen to government officials.

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  1. Over heard a guy this morning telling or saying ” geez, 25000 military personal in Washington DC ( with orders to shoot to kill if necessary ) , that is as many if not more than is in Iraq and Afganistan ( can’t spell either can ‘I )

  2. Someone in the “Government” must be on edge afraid of nice american citizens.
    or is it antifa they let run wild earlier this year.

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