Republicans now pushing the Vaccine: Hannity, Shapiro, McConnell Suddenly push the Jab

Over the last couple of days, a number of prominent Republicans and so-called “conservative’ personalities suddenly jumped on board with the democrats in an effort to push the vaccine on the American public.

A number of so-called conservative personalities including Ben Shapiro and Sean Hannity along with Senator McConnell, House Republican Steve Scalise and former President Donald Trump started heavily pushing the COVID vaccinations claiming it’s safe and your duty to protect your fellow Americans.

HANNITY: “Just like we’ve been saying, please take COVID seriously. I believe in the science of vaccination”

Fox News  Sean Hannity said Monday it makes absolute sense for many Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, encouraging viewers to consult with their doctors and make the best choice for their safety given their medical histories.

MCCONNELL Pushes Pandemic of the Unvaccinated Propaganda

House Republican Steve Scalise gets COVID vaccine on Delta variant concerns. Says it’s safe and effective’

And of course, everyone’s favorite little phony conservative Ben Shapiro want’s his audience to know he’s ALWAYS been for the vaccine!

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  1. I had hope for Hannity but most of know these guys are compromised so are not likely to be influenced by what they say or do. I highly doubt they. are getting the real injection. There is more than sufficient info to “research” as Hannity suggests and it is screaming “DO NO TAKE THE INJECTION”

  2. Of course they’re not getting the real shot…none of them are. But what they are getting is massive payoffs by the so called elite and the pharmaceutical companies. They’re criminally insane, and if they weren’t in positions of power, they’d be in a rubber room….

    • Hold on, I just looked up criminally insane, and since they know exactly what they’re doing I like to change terminology…They’re sociopathic parasites with a penchant for the pedophile island.

  3. They are pushing this because it will control the masses. When you roll something out to destroy people you do it slowly and methodically and then you cancel the remaining few. Money is the religion so many people are forced to serve now. Many people will take the mark to survive. Problem is the mRNA vacciinne changes you it marks your genetic structure permanently. DNA is the building blocks of life. Read revelations it’s all there.

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