Major Retailers Stop Selling Guns, Freedom Group – World’s Largest Producer of Guns and Ammo up for Sale

In the wake of last week’s shootings, the gun industry seems to be in turmoil. Although sales are skyrocketing, a number of large retailers have stopped selling firearms. So far Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, and even online retailer Cheaper than Dirt have all announced that they will no longer be selling a number of their most popular firearms.

Dicks Sporting Goods Suspends Sales of Rifles

In a statement on the Dicks Sporting Goods website, the company said they will be suspending the sales of modern sporting rifles during “this time of national mourning.”

The Statement Reads:

“Out of respect for the victims and their families during this time of national mourning, we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest to Newtown and suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of our stores chainwide.”

Walmart Stops Selling Bushmaster Patrolman’s Carbine M4A3 Rifle:

Walmart, who had recently expanded gun sales into 1700 of their retail stores, pulled the popular Bushmaster Patrolman’s Carbine M4A3 Rifle from its web store.

walmart bushmaster web page

Cheaper than Dirt Stops Sale of All Firearms:

Cheaper than Dirt, one of the most popular online retailer of guns and ammunition, announced the immediate suspension of firearm sales on Their Facebook page:

“Cheaper Than Dirt is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately. We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.”

After getting over 13,000 angry comments on their Facebook page, the company added the words temporarily suspended to their website.
Cheaper Than Dirt Announcement

Discovery Channel pulls all Gun Shows from Network:

Three Popular gun shows have been dropped from the Discovery Channel Lineup.

Despite all having great ratings, The Discovery Channel has announced that American Guns, Sons of Guns, and Ted Nugent’s Gun Country have all been dropped from the Discovery Channel lineup.

World’s Largest Producers of Guns and Ammunition to be Sold Off

RifleWith political pressure increasing, The U.S. private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management is selling gun maker Freedom Group, one of the world’s largest producers of guns and ammunition.

Freedom Group, who has been mired in controversy after internet rumors tied them to George Soros, owns some of the world’s most popular gun brands including Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, H&R, NEF, LC Smith, Parker, EOTAC, AAC, Dakota and INTC.

Over the last couple of years, Cerberus Capital Management began to quietly buy up a majority of the major gun manufactures. The Private Equity Firm then started to consolidate them into a holding company called The Freedom Group. Rumors swirled around the internet that the company was actually trying to take down the gun manufacturing industry by buying up most of the firearms companies in the United States. What will happen now is anyone’s guess.

Cerberus Capital Management Said in a Statement:

“It is apparent that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a watershed event that has raised the national debate on gun control to an unprecedented level …We believe that this decision allows us to meet our obligations to the investors whose interests we are entrusted to protect without being drawn into the national debate that is more properly pursued by those with the formal charter and public responsibility to do so.”

Freedom Group Companies Include:

Remington Military
Remington Le
Marlin Firearms
LC Smith
H&R 1871
Dakota Arms
Dpms / Panther Arms
Parker Gunmakers
Parker Gunmakers
Barnes Bullets
Advanced Armament
Para Usa
Remington Pmpd
Mountain Khakis
Shirts of Liberty

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  1. People need to wake the hell up. This is beyond scary!

    They are trying to take these companies down from the inside. Every major gun manufacturers stocks are crashing today and the sale of Freedom Group is beyond suspicious, especially after the George Soros rumors.

    Think about it. If they can crash these companies and then convince these retailers to stop selling the guns they have accomplished their gun control agenda without ever having to pass another law.

  2. Why are people blaming the gun for the shooting??? The human being who pulled the trigger deserves the blame. Instead we are placing all the blame on our country’s gun laws and trying to make all guns illegal. The Sandy Hook & Clackamas Mall (Oregon) perpetrators stole the firearms they used. Adam Lanza murdered his mother while she slept! Jacob Roberts stole his friends gun while the friend slept. How is it a problem with the guns? Seems like it’s a problem with the gun owners not having the proper storage for their weapons and not having layers of security to prevent anyone from stealing their weapon. In fact, in the mall shooting, a man with a concealed carry permit pulled his weapon and using his training and best judgment did not fire his weapon! That is a responsible firearm owner. That is what they do. They don’t pull the gun for no good reason and they do not fire if they might hit a bystander! It’s not about the guns, people. It’s human beings who commit these atrocities!

    • You are dead on correct ADM. Sadly though, how little of these facts, i.e. the young man with the LEGAL concealed weapon, was probably responsible for saving the lives of many many people. The gunman saw him and immediately walked behind the stairwell, cleared his jammed weapon, and took his own life(No great loss). The fact remains, responsible gun owners need to remain responsible and show the lunatic fringe the reality of gun ownership and the right to bear arms. As the age old adage says, “Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE”.!

    • Alright I’ll agree w/ your 1st statement, but as for the CCW holder in the Oregon Mall, he was NOT found on any Mall video footage. The shooter was, the armed guard that ran away was, but no Joe Civilian w/a gun who did not take the shot.

    • Of course it’s the people who do the shooting! Did anyone ever say differently? That’s what gun control is all about. Keeping guns out of the hands of certain people who might misuse them! The mentally ill, drug addicts, people with criminal records. Additionally, all gun owners should be responsible. How can anybody argue with that? That means keeping your guns in such a way that children can’t get to them and so that they can’t be stolen by anyone. If somebody steals your gun, you should be held responsible for any crime committed with it, and if a child shoots or injures someone with your gun, you should be held responsible. Many gun owners talk about being responsible. Why wouldn’t they want everybody to be as responsible? Answer that. We already know that irresponsible people get them–easily. Why do you defend that? Nobody has threatened to take away all guns. And if they did they’re in the insane category because it will never happen. It is only the gun lobby who talks about that, based on no fact. But if we continue to leave them available to every nut and paranoid coward, we will continue to suffer the losses of innocent adults and children on a daily basis in this country. Is that what we want to enable?

  3. sticks an stones in the end….now the knowledge I’ve acquired over the last 50 years in gun smithing will pay off ya see I can hand machine the parts an pieces for the guns an ammo the powder an primers it just take more time to produce ……knowledge is the key to surviving in a world without….

  4. complete bullshit. I agree thats whats going on. Probably has backing from UN to all the companies then control guns and ammo. But its the owners of the companies to blame for selling their company. Like james yeager said gun owners are their own worst enemy. Once you start taking away parts of the constitution where will it end. People dont think. Its only second amendment thats being taken away. Next thing you know its another and another. The constitution is what founded this country and taking it away or even parts of it should be treasonous. If this happens this will no longer be the U.S. As we know it. And all the military men and women that fought for this country did and does so in vain.i am a physically disabled vet served in oif and feel that i unfortunalely wasted my time protecting the rights and freedom of this country for nothing. Thanks obama and all his followers

    • First has been under attack since Tim McVeigh blue something up. Since a idiot uses a book to declare himself a hit man for hire. The thought police will make sure any info in your books is inaccurate. They also attack GPS making them inaccurate. The rights of freedom of assembly.
      It is all underattack from every direction you can think of until it is one nation under a dictatorship. Just like the rest of the U N. Countries.

      • I call BS on the GPS point. Selective availability was turned off in 2000. This is well known, documented, and measured by very precise instruments.

  5. 2030 hrs, EST, I got this from Cheaper Than Dirt!. They are not suspending sales, they are reviewing and changing their sales procedures:

    Cheaper Than Dirt! recently announced that it was temporarily suspending online sales of firearms pending a review of its order processing and procedures. Well-known for its ability to process and ship orders within 24 hours, online sales have skyrocketed to a point where it may take up to 72 hours for firearms and other items to ship.

    “In light of recent events, we believe it is prudent to review our policies and procedures to ensure we can continue to provide the products and firearms our customers demand,” said Chief Operations Officer Roberta Wilson. “We will resume online sales once we update our process and continue as we have always done by shipping firearms only to FFL dealers.”

    Ms. Wilson closed with, “As a long-time supporter of the Second Amendment, we will continue to serve the needs of the firearms community while ensuring our unsurpassed level of quality and customer service.”

    • Actually they have suspended sales. If you look at the statement on their site and the statement they posted on their facebook page it said:

      Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately.

      They only added the words temporary after they got over 13,000 angry comments on their facebook page and a number of online boycotts.

      Although they say this suspension is now temporary, in my opinion it’s this type of knee-jerk reaction that gives the Anti-Gun Crowd even more power to push their agenda.

      The second they suspended sales they gave the Anti-Gun groups power and they ceased serving the firearms community.

      • We’re splitting hairs here. I copied their statement from a customer email. Yeah, they used the ‘suspended’ word.

        They also said they would start selling again as soon as they figure out how to deliver quickly against the increased volume. That is pretty temporary, unless it’s a lie.

  6. Why is everyone missing the point? PRAYER!!!!!!
    Put prayer back in school. Let’s tell kids about God!!!!!!!

    Madeleine O’hare and Jezebel met the same fate (more or less…poetic license)

    Imagine the protection God would provide for the innocents. Get the rule book out. The more we turn away from God the more SHTF.

    • I get it. Lets do this , Put the Ten Commandments back in the Courthouse and PRAYER BACK IN SCHOOLS.

      And stop the Abortion.

    • Bring back the bible as well as the belt and paddle in schools. Kids grow up with no disipline nowadays and can’t seem to handle it when they don’t get what they want as adults and end up twisting off and shooting up people.

  7. I also wrote to Dick’s Sporting Goods to tell them I wouldn’t be shopping there until they resume gun sales. Maybe we should all do something like that with every retailer that backs off gun sales?

    There’s no way to know who really has power in this society unless we gun-folk try to flex our own muscles. And if ours are bigger, we get our way. That’s the system.

  8. A thought, (resistant is futile). This is America, think about it, look at all the countries of the world that ban or diminished weapon ownership to hunting to protect your farmyard animals, you don’t think those people don’t have AK’s berried in there backyards. They can get rid of the 2nd, that would not mean the end of weapons ownership in America, 300mil plus weapons in this country already, billions of rounds of ammo already and we have the most pours border on the planet to our south and two large coastlines on both sides, which means you would not be buying semi-auto but full-auto, war weapons, you and I know it, its called Black-market. For the haters of the 2nd, that would be there biggest mistake, the 2nd amendment is weapons control, the fools in Washington/UN cannot be that stupid but we know they are. One question how the HELL are the Afghanies getting there weapons, THINK ABOUT IT. America would be the biggest black-market of weapons on the planet. Watch (LORDS OF WAR) billions if not trillions to be made, so don’t worry, oops their mistake. It would not sup-prize me if that fnahole soro’s was not the biggest weapons dealer on earth, he’s old, like all old sh*t’s nature will take its course, if you know what I mean. So chin-up. Long Live The republic.

    • Your Right. I live on the Southern Border. All those Fast and Furious GUNS will be on the Streets of Phoenix for $50 dollars each. So let the idiots put a stop to the legal manufacturing of guns. Just think of all the weapons from Russia and China that will be available too. Rockets and other things too. Thank you Mr President for making the southern border so porous and open to(Chinese and Russian guns) the black market of guns coming up thru Mexico.

  9. According to everything I have seen in the News reports
    concerning the Sandy Hook shooting incident.

    The weapons were purchased according to the strict
    Conn.gun laws. More gun control laws would not
    have prevented anything.

    If these weapons had been stored safely perhaps the incident
    would not have happened.

    Weapons need to be locked up when not in use.
    Ammunition should also be secured AWAY from the

    This can be difficult sometimes, but a the very least, weapons
    should have trigger locks in addition to cable locks.

    While these locks can be cut open this should be at the
    very least something to slow down someone up from
    committing an HORRIFIC act as was committed.

    Weapons security Education needs to be stressed.

  10. No fear in Phoenix. For every action there’s a reaction. Old school gun making trades will come back, the children will be taught and IRS won’t see a cent. They can’t beat OUR resolve. We will always have weapons if WE so chose.

  11. Shall we trade 2nd ammendment for freedom of the press, lets see if the media would like that swap.

    Where is the list of stores stopping tobacco sales.

  12. Im just wondering if anyone has noticed a trend here.Does anyone remember a week before oboma was to sign drilling contracts for more oil drilling companies an oil rig blew up? Then shortly before Hillary Clinton was to sign a treaty with the UN all these shooters start popping up like flies. I think all this has been staged by our government.

  13. Sandy Hook was another False Flag operation put on by your Government, Just like 911 to put the Patriot Act in place! 2 other shooters were retained but no information about them at Sandy Hook? The little girl who was supposdely killed Emily,showed up sitting on Obama’s lap? Family’s of vitims laughuing and smiling in interviews? A memorial web site to Vitoria Soto one of the victims was put up 4 days before the shooting? FEMA held an exercise a few miles away at the same time and day in Newtown Conn about children in a Disaster Situation? Newtown Conn is the second largest headquaters to the 33 Degree Masons? People in photo’s and video’s acting stangely showing the Devil Sign? Go to and see the TRUTH FOR YOURSELF! Pass this information on to your friends and so on and let the World know what this is really about! GOVERNMENT CONTROL TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE AND THERE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, NWO!

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