Rewriting History: Middle School Workbooks say Second Amendment Requires Gun Registration

It’s no surprise that some people in our government are doing everything they can to fundamentally rewrite our history, but the level at which its being done seems to be reaching new heights as the federal government attempts to indoctrinate an entire generation through their new common core school standards.

This week in Springfield, Illinois a story came out showing yet another example of how the government is attempting to rewrite history and brainwash our children. As part of their history curriculum, middle school students in Springfield are being taught about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – but what they’re being taught is far from what our founders ever intended.

Middle school students in Springfield, Illinois – and probably other areas of the country that are using the same textbooks – are being taught that under the second amendment Americans are only permitted to have  “certain weapons” and under certain restrictions.

In the textbook, children are taught that the second amendment “states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison.” Last time I checked, registration was not part of the second amendment!

Textbook Showing definition of Second Amendment
Photo of the Textbook Provided to the Illinois Gun Owners Rights Facebook page by a local Springfield, IL. parent.

While many dismiss these types of events as “innocent mistakes,” I think they’re part of a larger more sinister plan – an attempt to silence the opposition and fundamentally change our country by rewriting our history. In my opinion – and I know some people might think I’m going too far – this isn’t much different from Nazi Germany propaganda.

We are living in a country where a majority of people are completely ignorant to the laws of the land. They’ve been so brainwashed by years of government/media propaganda, that most people don’t care – or notice – the fact that our Constitution is being violated on a daily basis.

Think about it…. Over the last couple of years, we’ve learned that the federal government is listening to our phone calls, monitoring the internet, purchasing drones to spy on the American Public, building smart grids to track our every move, and creating Fusion Centers with the sole purpose of keeping tabs on law-abiding American citizens.

And what does the public do? Nothing; they sits idly by playing on their iPhones and talking about what some idiot T.V. star is wearing.

I usually stay away from stories that don’t relate back to preparedness or survival in some way, but I truly think this issue has a lot to do with our continued existence as a country. If we don’t start paying attention to what’s going on, we may very soon lose this country and our freedom.

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  1. After reading the article, it reaffirms what a friend of mind, who teaches history has told me time and again: Americans are basically isolationists. That means they are concerned about what is going on in their lives and NOTHING ELSE. Things like when the kids need to go to ball practice or what cable programs are coming on tonight or what is going on with a favorite sports team; that takes priority over current affairs or history. An old man, not born in this country, once told me students in the US never get the history of the countries around it, like in Europe. In European countries what happens in a neighbn ing country could have a effect on the countries surrounding it, like pre WW II Europe. An example comes to mind: I asked some students several yrs ago about what happened at Pearl Harbor on Dec the 7th. One out of twenty knew what happened on that day in 1941. One had even visited Hawaii and didn’t know. With that in mind, what is in the article doesn’t surprise me. By the way, my friend has shown footage of the bombing when he conducts classes on Dec 7th. The kids are appalled.

    • It seems that many of our congressmen are bought off by the corporate. Look at the supreme court with citizens united. Many children are not being taught history, especially the rise of Nazi Germany and especially what they did and how they went about doing it. The atrocities were astounding. I`m seeing this go on little by little as the corporate buys its way into congress. Appalling. Hitlers Germany did not happen overnight. It was a slow process with much propaganda and lies. With the absolute right to own any weapon, any entity will be discouraged to try to instill sovereignty over the people and that is what our forefathers meant when they established that right not as the third forth or fifth and so on, but only second to free speech. That is how important that amendment is.

      • Do some research on Citizens United. The real story is even worse than what’s been passed around.

        Citizens United, a conservative group looking to restore the government to citizens’ control (not a corporation in the sense most seem to think), wanted to run ads for a movie critical of Hillary Clinton during the ’08 presidential campaign, just as Michael Moore had run “ads” for Fahrenheit 911 that were clearly critical of George Bush during the ’04 campaign. Moore’s “ads” were nothing more that political advertising.

        Liberal groups that had nothing to say about Moore’s blatant attempt to affect the ’04 election were suddenly in a hand-wringing, hanky-twisting panic about the Citizens United ads, and the whole thing went to court. What was good for the goose was suddenly not good for the gander.

        • I think you better take another look at that. To give top executives the right to spend as much corporate money as they please in political campaigns without having to expose their identity goes way beyond the Moore ads. When someone dumps that much money into a campaign whether it be an individual or corporation, they are going to want something for it. You know, voting to appease a corporate interest instead of representing the people.

  2. I think you are absolutely correct with your Nazi Germany analogy. Once they control the language we use and the peoples perception of history they win.

  3. good grief!!! this is so totally wrong!

    i don’t think i would say that the government is behind this but i would look hard at the writers, proof readers and especially at the publisher of this text book. now if there are government overseer’s whose job is to read the copy before printing in order to approve or disprove of them? then yeah i would blame the government then.

    • Three comments, I want to make. One, who buys those text books? The respective Boards of Education, of course, or the County or Town Government. Two, Social Studies is taught in Elementary School not history. The two are not the same. Three, very little time in the school day is allocated to Social Studies as opposed to Science, Math, and Reading. I know. As a side comment, to give everyone a laugh, I’ve asked the kids numerous times what the 49th and 50th states are. The answers would bring smiles.

  4. Well, for a look at the thinking that has led us to the point where the “leaders” are trying to justify the changes they’re attempting to shove down our nation’s throat, read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

    The very same thinking led to the Nazi party. I don’t think we are heading down a much different path now. The LEADERS seem to continually alter the laws and regulations to suit their whim of the moment, and ignore any questions pointing out their violations of law or the Constitution. They are not being held accountable, as they should be. Nor are they operating within the boundaries established in the Constitution regarding separation of powers.

    Do NOT let them condition your children to be steeple. Teach them as much as you can about our founding documents, what they really mean, and to stand up to those who are trying to alter their perception of the world to something we won’t recognize as America in the future.

    • I would also recommend reading “1984” by George Orwell. In the story, they rewrite history similar to how our historians do.

  5. well if we continue to let them work they will do what all governments have done in the past and that is to become a dictator ship.Power to control large numbers of people will corrupt any one who is given that job

  6. what kids read in school (THEY) will think it’s the truth no matter what (we say)
    .but (we) know the truth WE were there. NOW Obama repeats history to destroy Life as we know it.

  7. Instead of being on the defensive concerning “the right” to possess a firearm, American citizens should be pushing forward. 2nd amendment clearly states “in order to maintain a well regulated militia….” Therefore, we need access to military equivalent automatic firearms! Cuz I wouldn’t last long holding off Soviet paratroopers with my lever action deer rifle. Just saying….

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