CNN says Right Wing Patriots more Dangerous than AL-QAEDA Terrorists

Apparently we have a new threat in this country, and it’s not Islamic terrorism. According to CNN, and many even in our own government, the threat of Right-Wing Extremism is now more dangerous than the threat from AL-QAEDA terrorism.

After the weekend attack in Las Vegas, ignorant politicians and media outlets are doing everything they can to pin the attack on the so-called “patriot movement,” claiming the attackers where somehow associated with the “Right-Wing.” In fact, CNN went as far as to claim that the threat from radical right-wing extremism was more pressing than the threat from Islamic terrorists.

While ignorant statements made by a news organization may not be a direct threat to your average American, the actions our federal government is taking may be a danger for everyone. In the spirit of blaming everything on “Patriots,” the federal government is assembling a task force to go after people with “anti-government views and racial prejudice.”

While racism is certainly disgusting, and anti-government views may not be popular with those that are in power, neither is illegal. Monitoring people with opposing views – even ones that may be considered disgusting by most sane people – is not only unconstitutional, but something that should concern people on both sides of the political aisle.

The very fact that the word Patriot is now looked at as a slur in this country shows you how far we’ve sunk as a nation.

According to CNN, and this newly formed government task force, the very people who founded this country, if alive today, would be viewed as domestic terrorists. The founding principles that this country was founded upon have somehow become twisted into something that is now considered wrong – even criminal.

American Founders

It’s pretty disgusting when the acts of a few psychopaths can be used to target entire groups of people simply because they may not agree with the current political power structure. I would remind the people that are cheering this on that someday this line of thinking could be used against you should your political party fall out of power. We are setting a dangerous precedent here that may someday come back to haunt everyone.

In fact, even the ACLU – an organization that can hardly be called “Right-Wing” – released a statement condemning the federal government’s new task force saying, they have serious “concerns that it could be a sweeping mandate to monitor and collect controversial speech.”

Are Radical Right-Wing Extremists a danger to this country? Well Yes, if they use violence against others; but so are radical Left-Wing Extremists, or anyone who would use violence as a way to promote their agenda. The key here is protecting ourselves from evil people, not trying to go after people for the political beliefs they hold.

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  1. Their master plan is beginning to work. Report EVERYTHING bad about patriotic citzens in the news, until they beat us down by persuasion of the miss-informed and brainwashed masses.

  2. Looks to me like ..america is turning into ..another korea..where there is only one political party …and god help anyone that speeks out against the government …dark times ahead!!!

  3. Yeah, and CNN’s information is more dangerous than gossip at a Lady’s Auxiliary Bingo Hall on a Saturday night.

  4. So, in their effort to control those that believe in the Constitution, as it was intended, we now have the left wing preparing to kill, incarcerate, detain indefinitely, re-educate (brainwash), ad infinitem?

    When did the land of the free become something more like 1984, by Orwell?

    Are those “in power” so sure that they are so far removed from the USA of the past that they now arm themselves to force a once free nation into compliance?

    I think they overestimate their chances for long term retention of their status.

  5. Bossman is correct, all you hear and read about is the negitive stuff that a white man does, how many media outlets reported that the nut in vegas was shot by a customer in the wal-mart saving at least one life?

  6. Scaring the sheeple is easy…. When they have yet to see public executions, while claiming ” god is great” as they saw heads off…. It is happening all around us, Middle East, Africa, Indo-Asia….. Wake up Americans, they are not to be trusted…..

  7. Hey folks…everbody just needs to take a deep breath n relax! Don’t start freakin out til drastic shit starts to actually happen…I used to comb through opinionative web sites and watch the negative evening news every night,and I came to realize there’s so much chaos and arguing all over the world non stop,its unfortunately the way of the world now days.Everybody is hyper sensitive and all reactions are extreme! I know I can’t afford those high dollar blood pressure meds so…as my wife told me….settle down,relax and worry only about yourself or else she’d give me even bigger problems to deal with…and she means it! Do the best you can and that’s all you can do.

  8. of *course* cnn is going to say that! they’re controlled by the ones who are looking to take over this county and turn it into the next ussr or nazi germany. spreading lies, missinformation and other propiganda, like this, by “reputable” sources in order to confuse the public is just another tactic to do it.

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