Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders

After our story on the Rise of the Prepper, we have been inundated with emails from readers telling us how hard it’s becoming for them to obtain certain types of ammo. We also had a reader send us a press release this morning from Ruger.

Effective Immediately Ruger has stopped accepting Firearms Orders. The Company says that they have had to temporarily suspend the acceptance of new orders after receiving requests for more than one million units.

Here is the Official Statement form Ruger:

SOUTHPORT, CT –Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR), announced today that for the first quarter 2012, the Company has received orders for more than one million units. Therefore, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.

Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Fifer made the following comments:

  • The Company’s Retailer Programs that were offered from January 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012 were very successful and generated significant orders from retailers to independent wholesale distributors for Ruger firearms.
  • Year-to-date, the independent wholesale distributors placed orders with the Company for more than one million Ruger firearms.
  • Despite the Company’s continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders. Consequently, the Company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders.
  • The Company expects to resume the normal acceptance of orders by the end of May 2012.

In the Rise of the Prepper article, we warned that with Guns, Gold, and Emergency Food all setting record sales numbers, it would likely cause major shortages to hit the marketplace. As people begin to stock up on preparedness related items in response to the coming election cycle, we will likely see nationwide shortages similar to what happened during the elections in 2008. I fear this is only the beginning.

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  1. I think you are right. It was hard as hell to find anything during the last election and you can count on it being even worse this time are around. People are scared of the coming crackdown and are buying everything they can get their hands on.

    • You’re right BigDave … it has already begun again. With the uncertainty that the Obama Administration brings by the mere thought of their reelection, guns and ammo sales will soon skyrocket. Now, when it comes to Ruger, we must remember there motives are not always pure … least we forget the Ruger Letter. And although Bill is now dead, hew did leave his legacy although it does appear Ruger has changed their ways – we just cannot be sure quite yet.

      • Just for the record, and feel free to look it up. Every gun ban was a Republican administration, the worst one was the Brady Bill. Reagan and the Republicans controlled the vote btw.
        Also, Hinkly’s parents were slated to have dinner with Bush sr. that dat. Coincidence, perhaps. But you want more of the same, layoffs, banks closing, foreclosures, vote Republican.

        • Keep your head buried in the sand, and reelect the current bunch and you won’t recognize this devastated country in four more years. You’ll be subject to a UN dictatorship!

          • redclaw must be idiot or just retarded to believe this president and his communist agenda will not try an take them away. he has got to be on something or just retarded

          • If you people would educate yourself you would quickly see there is no difference in the parties and that Redclaw2000 is right. The Brady bill was not only pushed by republicans but also the NRA.
            And before you say im a obamanation supporter nope not even a little. But I am also no supporter of these FAKE republicans. Like good old George W but please tell me a major difference between GWB and BHO’s policies?

            Well blast away wont bother me as I wont be back to read the comments. Enjoy sheeple

          • Ken, what an idiot you are. The UN dictatorship fear has been around for decades and is no closer now than then. Your comments attest to the poor education system and resultant inability to think rationally and critically. It would be comical except that mindsets like yours and your sheeple tend to create self-fulfilling prophecies whereby your greatest fears come to pass because you make them come to pass. I fear for the country not because of who is in office, be it dem or rebpub, ubut because of hte mindless people like you exhibit.

          • Wait until you live in KY and WV. The coal companies are fading faster than our jobs. There are NO so called assault rifles to be had except for prices that Machine guns were selling for. The quality varmint rifles have a waiting list. No ammo for varmint hunting including .22 caliber.The gun dealers were loving it until they had nothing to sell.When Bush was in office there were plenty of rifles to sell, and there was a glut of ammo.No magazine problems.

          • Redclaw is an idiot. The Brady Bill was put in place in 1993 during the Clinton Administration by Dems. The only thing Reagan had to do with it was his attempted assassination. Learn your history before you post ignorant comments.

        • Really? Because pretty sure it was Clinton who instituted the Semi-Automatic Ban. Maybe you should look it up before you try to push your BULL$hit. And in case you forgot we have had layoffs, foreclosures and banks closing for the past 3 years and I’m pretty sure the Dems are in control.

          Want more of the same? Vote for Obama or and Republican Want Real Change Vote For Ron Paul.

        • Gun Control is pushed by the democrats. Anyone that says different needs to look at an ACTUAL history book. Not the crap the media machines are spouting. I am not saying republican are faultless (Bush was an a$$hole for the patriot act) Democrats have always been about bigger government and about removing your rights especially your right to bear arms.

          • Don’t trust any of them. Gun control was also pushed by the GOP hero Ronald Reagan he signed the 1968 Gun Control Act, he didn’t have to, the Democrats didn’t have a veto proof bill. The 1994 ban was basically non-threaded muzzle break, no bayonet lug, non-ajustable stock, single feed magazine, 5 parts had to be of U.S. origin. to have a pistol grip. Basically the single feed 10 round mag was the real change.

        • The assault weapons ban was done by Clinton. As well as high capacity magazines. You are a fool. And another Liberal liar.

        • What do you think now Redclaw??? and by the way the Republican NEVER controlled congress until 1994. You are WRONG sir. Dems had both housed while RR was president. Now you little whiny ass Ds are after our guns. Stop drinking Kool Aid, pull your head out the sand, but most of all stop telling LIES.

          • has obama initiated any gun control policies, or even brought up the issue to congress for that matter? im a gun owning felon(non-violent of course) and the last time i checked it has been easier to get guns during this administration than the last three by letting laws to expire. but i understand all you right wingers are misinformed idiots watching fox “news” and listening to your real god Rush limbaugh

          • tjoe72
            No O’Dummy has not, and I am sure any other argument made you will come up with a counter claim Faster than you can say Furious.

          • tjoe 72

            What do you have to say now dumbass? Still think the Demo……I mean social……..I mean communist party doesnt want our guns? You sir are an idiot.

      • If you remember history, World War II was a Democrate, Vietnam, Johnson. For Johnson to support the Vietnam war, he stoled money from Social Security fund, to pay for the war. Who is rebelling in a America, and in Europe, people that want everything, more that the government gives them, and uses your money to do so. Just remember, 48 % people don’t pay taxes. They want what you have. Get people back to work!

        • Dig deeper into history and it reveals that you have JFK to thank for Viet Nam. History has been way too kind to him.

      • I didn’t have to look anything up to tell you that Clinton banned assault rifles. But I agree, the Brady Bill was the worst!

    • I got everything I needed as soon as it was a Romney/Obama race. I was actually more concerned with Romney because he signed a total ban on “assault” style rifles while Governor of Massachusetts. Obama had opened National Parks to concealed weapon carriers so I wasn’t too worried about him until now.

  2. It started sooner than I expected this time. People are scared. I hope people know to prepare water and such as well. You can’t eat guns you know…

    They have their place but there are other things that people need to consider. I am always shocked that people assume that simply ownin a firearm gives them some sort of ninja like ability to handle it proficiently. They never get proper training and most don’t understand the huge responsibility that comes with being armed. Maybe they will learn…

    Keep your powder dry.

    • I think it’s great that more people are prepping and while it sucks that it’s getting harder to find certain Items at least people are finally starting to wake up.

      You are so right about the training, my biggest fear about these new gun owners is that most of them have probably never shot and will probably not seek out any type of training.

      • You will always have people who are careless and think anyone can do anything without training, but there are a lot of us, who do not like guns but realize they are necessary for defense that are taking classes to learn. I just don’t like the loud bang and the recoil. They give me a hard time at the gun range on ladies day when I finally show up again. The problem is our Founding Fathers had no idea what kind of “fire power” we would be up against in this day and age. Let us hope and pray it does not come to using them, but it is prudent to be ready. Little 63 year old lady in WA.

        • Good for you, May!! I pray it never comes to that also – but it is looking MORE and MORE like it will. . .So yes – practice and prepare…Have you tried earplugs AND muffs while practicing? Also- training with something lighter and “quieter” for a while may help you. The biggest problem is that once you start flinching from the noise and recoil – it is very hard to get over that and can throw your aim off!! Glad to hear that an “older lady” is smart enough to prep- so many people just act like ” it will never happen in my lifetime” and all I can say is -They are foolish!!

        • I feel the same way you do May. So I signed up for a firearms class and got my 1st Basic Patch… and a blister on my thumb. :)

      • I’m the crackshot on the mark with any of my guns. I see those new shooters at the range with their revved up guns. Most have a hard time with clearing gun jams and learning how to use the multiple safeties on some of them. I tell those who are looking for easier guns to handle and maintain to check out the revolvers. They do not conceal as well, but the mechanics of these guns makes them safer in both single and double action. The training is still important. So is becoming one with that gun and really learning how to shoot it. Gun control to me means being able to hit your mark!

  3. Hey guys, I know of a store in North East Florida that has plenty of Rugers for sale. Shooters of Jacksonville has tons of Rugers in stock, and a bunch for sale for out of state/area shoppers. I know the popular firearm being the Ruger 10/22 rifle, and MkIII pistol; they have plenty of variants of both there. I’m planning on getting a 10/22 from there in the near future. Just a suggestion.

    • Guy at Bass Pro told me they were having a hard time getting certain models (not just ruger)

      By the way 10/22 is a great gun.

    • Wanted to respond to that comment. I have been trying to get my hands on a Ruger Scout, .308 for the last 2 1/2 months. It’s a great weapon per the reviews. Per one of the dealers I went to, who talked to his distributor, there were over 800 on back order of this model alone and the distributor had put in an order of 2000 to meet any further gaps. A 10/22 is a great weapon, but it is .22, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Well- a .22 could actually be a good choice for some. . It is lighter and not nearly as loud as a heavier shot, hardly any kick and the ammo is still much cheaper. For a youngster or an elderly lady- or even a younger woman – slight of build – as long as they get in some good practice and can hit their mark – It would be better than getting a gun that’s too much for them to handle- then flinching and missing their mark altogether!! Aim for an eye – through an ear , adam’s apple, groin. . . .

        • The pelvis is a perfect aiming point. Put a piece of lead into it and it will most likely break rendering the perp immobile. Stay clear of the flailing extremities such as arms and call 911 for an ambulance. For the perp of course. OIF/OEF Vet. Combat Infantryman

        • Thank you for that. I think I’ll do just that – do you have any other suggestions? I was thinking about a cross box maybe just to have some variety, but I’m totally new to weapons so I’ve never had any experience with bows/arrows or cross bows.

        • load those CCI Stingers in the clip and you will neutrilize any aggressor coming at you. simply unbelieveable impact and someone like May can still easily control her weapon.

      • KEN, have you ever tried CCI Stingers in .22? unbelieveble impact and expansion on a H2O filled milk jug. too wicked for any small game. it will change anyones perception of the .22 handgun/rifle as a small game only blows chunks out of its target.

  4. You better start target practicing and become skilled with hitting your target. Your gun may have to feed you and your family again soon. It pays to know to hunt. Even hunters know that wild game isn’t always easy to come by. You may want to learn how to skin and gut wild game. It’s a important part of prepping your kill so you can cook and eat it. Happy hunting.

    • With the population of this contry wild game in areas near populated areas well be come very rare as the people over hunt it. Hutning itself well cause problems. the amount of energy spent hunting, unless it is big game is usualy more then the product of the hunt itself

      • Living in the Mojave desert, wild game and wild food is very rare. Most plants and animals such as jack rabbits are toxic if eaten. Plus due to the lack of veggys out here a diet high in meat without a source of water well cause protein sickness. Most people here have no clue what it takes to grow food out here.

    • Start learning what wild plants are edible. Protein is over rated. I know most people like it. I am learning to do with less. It is harder for our bodies to digest so grow some fruits and veggies. The problem is the radiation coming down on us all the time and whatever food we eat will probably be a slow kill. Hate to be a downer but, it is something you never hear about anymore, but should be an issue. What we put in our bodies has been the source of most of our diseases. I know the sayin, vegetarians are vegetarians because they are poor hunters! OK, lecture over, go read and learn.

    • Also a great point. Here in Central Pennsylvania you bet we know how to track, kill, clean, and field dress the tasty bounty for our dinner tables. Personally I have never cleaned a wild turkey yet, but have done pheasants. One of those makes a great soup! Learning how to preserve foods (smoking and deyhdrating meats) is also becoming increasingly popular around here. Yes, there are many emtpy handed trips from unsuccesful outings….not because we are no good at hunting, but the game animals are elusive.

    • And how to sharpen the knives for skinning etc. . .how to purify drinking water… how to preserve food by drying / smoking . . . ANY type survival skills – may come in handy – NONE of us really know- just how far this MESS from the White House may take us. . .

  5. Come on guys, this is BS & you know it. Ruger is still selling and manufacturing guns here in the US & globally. This is pure bs on your part. rumor mongering at it’s worst. Ruger states that they are behind due to the record sales and are trying to catch up. I know this to be the case. Here in Prescott Ruger has added more production capacity hired more staff, extended hours of part time staff etc. You know this as well if you are paying attention. You are simply feeding into the paranoia of some preppers. this is a disservice to the firearms industry and to your customers.

    • Agreed, a shortage is just that, a shortage. Ruger is at maximum production and providing the maximum amount of units to the market place that it can. At no time in history has Ruger provided more product than it currently is. And, once they increase capacity further, there will be even more product available.

      This is in no way a shortage.

    • How is it B.S.? They link right to the Ruger Press Release where Ruger says that they will not be taking orders until at least May. They also point out that it is a result of a record number of people buying guns. Maybe you should actually read the Press Release and the article a little more carefully.

      And it doesn’t sound like paranoia to me. The fact is the government is buying up record amounts of Ammo. Homeland Security just bought 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammunition and placed a bid for 175 MILLION ROUNDS OF . 223. Even the government is stocking up in huge amounts.

      You would be a fool not to take notice of this and be prepared. The fact is there will be a definite supply problem and major price increases over the next year and I say Bravo to the author for pointing this out.

      And to start talking badly about preppers just shows your true motives.

      • OH MY GOD! the government ordered ammo for the guns that our soldiers are using in two unfunded wars is something to be alarmed about for sure. next thing ya know they will want us taxpayers to foot the bill. instead lets have bush and cheney pay for it, they made up the reasons to go so their companies could profit

        • Not just the government my friend DHS. Is doing the buying if im not mistaken. So what would DHS need that much ammo for?

      • Enough about federal spending. The Iraq wars were funded, but on borrowed money, not tax or other annual revenues. The current guy has spent SIX TRILLION DOLLARS in excess of revenues and wants more. Just wait for his Obamacare begins in 2014.
        Regarding gun control: Obama, Hillary Clinton, Reid, Pelosi and their super rich buddies – Mayor Bloomberg, and George Soros are all members of the New Democratic Party called the Marxocrats.

    • but don’t you know? the fear mongering is what will get the “blackie” out of the white house, and isn’t what all this horseshit is about?we are still growing more food than anywhere else in the world and still set the gold standard, even in these hard times, which was created by lack of banking oversight by who? REPUBLICANS!! dont follow your favorite news or web site blindly and research the facts through multiple sources.LIVE FREE AND DIE

  6. Get all ammo you can, It may not be available later. Same goes with weapons.
    Long live the 2nd Amendment. !!!

    • All of this is interesting, seems to be exactly what the anti-guns’ want. Goes to supply and demand. If the demand is high, the price is high, if the price is high nobody can afford it. So if people can’t buy it, factories quit making it, so no more ammo. Everyone talks about obtaining large amounts of ammo for there AK’s or whatever, of course the other guys have guns ships, seems a little one sided.
      I have been doing living history for over 20 years and can live fairly comfortable not using anything that was not available before 1840, therefore I know how to start fires with flint and steel, cook on open fires, kill, skin, process and store food to include tanning hides and making clothes. The only problem, with the current population game is hard to find and the game you do find is thin and a lot of times not health (thanks developers).

      Anyway, that’s my two cents worth.

      By the way, as far as I’m concerned, we should fire the whole mob in DC and start over.

  7. I expect that this year ammo and firearm availability will be much worse than around the 2008 election. I’ve already seen some of the popular “panic” guns like ARs and AKs going up in price. I expect the ammo increases will be here in short order.

  8. Don’t overlook AMMO AMMO AMMO AMMO!
    If you have a semi-auto, military style rifle, 5,000 rds should be the minimum,

  9. Have already started to see an ammo price increase here in central Texas. Box of 30-06 jumped between $5 up to $10.

    • One of PA’s bigget gun shops, Grice’s, located in Clearfield, will be preparing to unload before the taxes are due. We locals think it is to lessen the inventory for accounting. No matter, they have some good deals on a wide variety. If you plan on visiting, then show up early. The place gets packed!

  10. I doubt they will stop taking gun.that sounds a little paranoid to me. I believe it’s just a rush on guns everyone is buying up stock and they can’t keep up with supply and demand. However I noticed ammo is going up. .22 ammo in west tx is getting hard to find. And bulk ammo on some websites are sold out or on back order. I don’t think the govt will take 2nd amendment away just by taking the ammo you control the 2nd amendment. Buy all the ammo you can afford and get guns in common rounds.9mil ,.40 etc. just an idea if your worried about the govt taking your preps and guns don’t post what you have. I’m sure they somehow keep tabs on sites and see who has what or key words pop up and your in their radar.

    • I don’t doubt it one bit. Look at every state that is controlled by Liberals and then tell me they won’t take your guns. Look at Chicago New York and D.C. all controlled by liberals and all illegal to carry outside the home.

  11. Where would the country be if Henry Ford said, “No more cars.” Where would the country be if Betty Crocker said, ” Make it from scratch, you ignorant bums”. Switzerland allows their drafted soldiers to take home their service weapon and their crime rate is much lower than the U.S. The U.S. has been attacked with 9-11-2001, the Fukushima self-destructing and sabotaged nuclear facility, Wall Street and treasury looting, and is currently being attacked with radical weather forming Evergreen Air jet chem-trails and HAARP applications to destroy lives, homes, and farm land to be carpetbagged by carpetbaggers and scalawags alike. I grew up with a Ruger tube fed .22LR and a .22 revolver that even though the barrel would come loose, was an accurate pistol.
    even though the President does not become commander in chief until congress declares war, congress is down at 6% approval and prances and mewls for campaign contributions and expensive hookers who bleach their hair and pump their lips up with bowtox or something like that. The DHS and the TSA and congress and the FBI and the CIA and the DEA and the CID and the rest of the punks who put their job before their country will not tell us who is attacking the U.S.A. nor will they defend us. They go for the oil and the opium for sure and for Europe. RUGER, please don’t quit now.

    • Do people no longer know how to read? The article doesn’t say that Ruger quit. It’s says that they had to stop taking orders because the demand is so high.

      It’s actually a really good thing. It means that Americans are finally getting tired of the Governments crap and they are ready to stand up and be heard. The only bad part is for those who failed to prepare. You people are screwed when the supply line runs dry.

      • And also know that those who will fail first will be the most desperate and want to come after you goods. Those people will come from the cities first, where they are already herded like sheep in their neighborhoods and such. Powder Keg, really sweet rant. You encompassed a lot with that one and I understood all the points you make in it….get the word out to the masses! Look through the smoke and mirrors, I know the fog is thick!

      • MY Lord! there is someone else out there that actually read and understood what they read. some of you should spend at least as much time working on your comprehension skills as you do storing food and survival gear. its also a skill you will need.

  12. Hello. I live in NY and am thinking about purchasing a firearm, but as I understand it, its extremely difficult to get a permit over here. Any of you from NY or can expound on this?

    • I’m in the same boat here in NY. (Not the city, though. The rural middle of nowhere part). I’ve shot 22LR and 12ga in my youth, but they were friends’ guns. I have been looking into a 10/22, among others, and from what I understand, you have to pass a background check (for criminal history, declared mental defect, etc), then are required to register for, and take a training class on firearms handling. Which, actually isn’t a bad idea for some people. The father of a good friend of mine is a local trainer here, so once I get whatever I choose for a firearm, I’m taking the class with him. There are other classes, other instructors, but this guy knows me personally as a family friend. Sometimes you wonder who you can trust. Who knows what kind of info the other instructors would try to gather from you, about why you bought one, what you intend on using it for, etc. Good luck, fellow NYer!

      • You can buy any long gun in NY state by filling out the ATF form with a current drivers license and do the standard NICS check at time of purchase.
        Handguns require handgun safety course and submit the proper paperwork to your county or city pistol permit office and wait for them to get around clearing you for one.

  13. What is our great gov’t getting paranoid that the public,or in their eyer Peasants will be too well armed?????

  14. I will say one thing, Obama deserves ALL the credit, for creating gun manufacturer jobs,LOL!And, that’s ALL the credit the Bum’s going to get from this Patriot.Too bad it’s because ppl are scared that he and his Regime, are going to Outlaw them.

  15. That’s why I’m going with a crossbow with my bug-out kit. It’s silent, the ammo can be recovered and if I ever need to I can just make more ammo for it, making it the premier ranged weapon for my kit. Plus, it’s been used for hundreds of years before I ever came about and was banned at one time for being too deadly.

  16. I warned many 2 years ago it is getting late by July when it really is looking hopeless people will murder to get a firearm and ammo.
    It will be a sorry state and sad day for America and her life as a free society. All because of a fraud President, Elected crooks, liars and thieves.
    Long Live the US Constitution and Freedom.

  17. It is always such a treat to read the rantings of all the pinhead, doomsday, flag-waving survivalist yahoos on sites like this. If you people had a brain, you might even be dangerous. Whatever your faults may be, never let it be said you lack entertainment value. BTW, the president told me to deliver a message to you so-called patriots: BOO!!! (did it scare ya?)

    • Thank you James! I am much more scared of the rantings of these so-called patriots than the end of the world! I think prepping is great. Natural disaster is probably more of a threat than the Obama Administration. Everyone should know how to survive off the grid, but there is a lot more to survival than just obtaining guns. May has the right ideas.

  18. This is called “THE AMERICAN WAY”. Sucseeding in business can’t hurt. Obama, stand by, sounds like the world does not care for your “change”. You want real change? Buy diapers!

  19. With Romney and Santorum both anti-gun and Obama on his open Mike saying he will do what he wants on his second term what do we have to look forward to?

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