RED DAWN – Russian Troops to Conduct Joint Military Exercise on American Soil

russian spetsnazEXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT…. Russian Troops Invade America.
Well, actually they are being welcomed with open arms.

For the first time in history, Russian special forces troops are being welcomed on to U.S. soil as part of a joint Anti-Terrorism Drill that will be carried out in Colorado.

As part of a bilateral agreement, the Obama administration is allowing Russian soldiers to take part in training exercises at Fort Carson Colorado. The Russian special operations troops will be trained in American Military tactics and weaponry.

The DOD is claiming that the official purpose of this joint military drill, is to practice airborne tactics and anti-terror operations. But many are wondering why this administration would allow foreign troops to train on U.S. Soil, especially after they caught flack for planning to share U.S. missile defense secrets with Russia earlier this year.




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    I’m hispanic and i hate and I am free to hate these russians including muslims with a passion, and i simply can careless if the leftwing thinks of me as a cold hearted jerk. even if some lame politican, or some dumbass law maker in DOJ passes a law to make it illegal to hate muslims or russians because they DOJ/ and other agencies related to law enforcement will have to arrest every race, including hispanics, and blacks. we have more hispanics, blacks, whites, and asians to outlast russians and, muslims even if the us government plays hitler on us, there will be more races to get kickout muslims and, russians

    • I’m a Ron Paul loon and I believe what you’re saying. The Red Dawn scenario is closer than we think. Communism is on the rise. They are planning the takeover. We must get ready. Don’t be hard on the Ron Paul supporters because we’re not all hippies like you think. I’m a gun owning American who is ready for what is coming.

      • Ron Paul is the only one who did not vote on the NDAA bill and the only one who wants it repealed, but the main stream media will never publish that!

  2. Wow.
    Sounds like someone needs to hurry up and suck off their Hi Point and do the rest of the world a favor.
    You’re the reason why people think all preppers are bat shit crazy inbred racist idiots.

    • Implying that “hisbilly” isn’t a person paid by our very own government to sit at home and visit forums and blogs like this one and do just this…make us look like crazy idiots.

  3. Obama shown us what he plans on doing. it’s been said in the past that we would have Russian troops in this country when things go bad. they’re not afraid to fire on American citizens where our own troops may not do that. the new world order people.

    • how right you are, our own military would have some type of sympathy toward their own countryman but russians would shoot and ask questions later or just take over our country all together.

  4. I think that the U.S. now has a generation that has forgotten the Cold War years and the concept of the Iron Curtain. They’ve forgotten what happened in that era both in Europe and South American and Africa. I grew up in the 50’s, thus looking at the Soviets as the enemy. A movie I highly recommend watching is one made in 1953, Invasion USA. See it that read this article again.

  5. Hate to break it to you guys we have been openly training a lot of different foreign troops on American soil for more than two decades. I have personally seen Russian, Israeli, Dutch, Canadian, Saudi, Turks, Brits, Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, Vietnamese, and a ton more. Guess where… ON AMERICAN SOIL. For military guys this is not news. It is only news because someone wants it to be news. End of story. Something from nothing. I am much more worried about HLS locking down Chicago. Russians find it easier to kill Americans. Guess what I would put two rounds of 556 in a Russkies brain pan without so much of a thought about it. Cant say that about US Military guys.

  6. I don’t see how this is any different than the U.S. training on other country’s soil… Why is that okay but not the other way around?

  7. Its been going on for years. I actually have no beef with Russia. I wasn’t alive during the Soviet Union so I cant remember that but from their policy, they remind me of blue America.

  8. any questions now as to who will be taking the offensive action against Americans when tshtf..??? add to these numbers the uncounted thousands of other nations’ troops trained on U.S. soil by U.S. military leaders and the number of illegals just waiting for the chance to “level the playing field” and “make their bones” to obtain citizenship… no, i don’t have too positive an outlook when the bubble bursts and yes, i most certainly do believe that the regime as it is now in power in this country will use it’s own and other military force against it’s own people… it already happened at Waco…

  9. Brieve hit the nail on the head. This has been going on forever. This is NOT news. A well-placed news story is all it takes to stir up a bunch of backwoods “good ol’ boys” This is what they want. They have “people like us” stereotyped and they are doing their best to get a rise out of us so they can bully us even more.

  10. This is what I say, the gov’t had this planned for a while. Here’s my thought, when it’s time for them to take weapons from law abiding citizens, they won’t use US troops, they will use foreign NATO troops mostly from the Ex Soviet Republic. They, our gov’t will keep the US forces count low and Out of our country, meaning the USA. When chaos erupt, Our own troops wouldn’t be here to help. So whats the alternative? The UN/US will call NATO troops in, and they wouldn’t hesitate to extract weapons from US citizens. because our own forces are kept busy doing police, in other parts of the world where they shouldn’t be. in Other words they know what they are doing to the Blind American People.

  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA… HA.. ha ha… wow. haha… you are SEVERELY misinformed…

    just the fact that you think any of this has to do with what “ism” a country or individual supposedly represents shows me that you have no clear idea at all what’s going on in the world. The Corporate-Financier Elite run the WORLD. You voting for Romney? have fun with that, he’s more liberal than Obama. Ron Paul IS the only saving grace for our country, but I guess you don’t like the idea of having our troops protecting the homeland do you? rather have DHS or TSA huh? You are a Bigot Scum and you crave idealistic war to feel important. You are no different than the Russians (the way you describe them at least) in your ignorant post.

  12. you are all acting like subhuman scum. Take a step back, and think about it. We are all human. take away the borders, the governments, the clothes off everyone’s backs. We are all in the same boat. human, some species of animal stuck on planet earth. to call russians snow mayates? F*** you. this is offensive to say the least.

  13. Ever read “The Perestroika Deception” by Anatoly Golitsyn, highest level KGB operative to ever defect to the west? How about “Through the Eyes of the Enemy” by Colonel Lunev, the highest level GRU operative to ever defect? Both are saying the same thing: the Russians are the world’s master chess players. They don’t just play on a chessboard, they play in real life. The “coup” that “ousted” Gorbachev was a FAKE COUP put on for public consumption to create an outward impression that the Soviet Union had “collapsed”. Right now, the relations between Russia and China are stronger than ever, and now there are what- 100,000 Russian Spetnaz troops training at Ft.Collins? Anyone still think the Obamination is not a communist? Have you seen Joe Arpaio’s latest press conference re the fraud of his birth certificate? Wouldn’t surprise me if Obama weren’t being controlled 24/7/365 by a bunch of guys at computer terminals inside Ft. Meade who have the technological ability to put thoughts directly into his head. I think he’s an MKULTRA Manchurian candidate, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a sequel to 911 intended to preempt the already fake so called “election” so that the bastard could become out total Commie Dictator. Tomorrow the “Disclose” act will go to a vote in the Senate, (just after the psyop in Colorado where an MKULTRA gunman was activated to kill folks) We’re being set up like bowling pins…

    • -_-
      I honestly thought some of you were joking until I saw the number of posts here. I could make a similar rant about how you new generations forgot about Britain and its tyranny, then claim it plans to invade us.
      Seriously? 22 guys came in to do a political stunt. I have no idea where you guys got the 100,000 spetznaz troops training in the U.S figure. There aren’t even that many of them in service!
      There was a promise made by George Bush senior to Gorbachev in the 80s. The idea was that if the Soviets disband and become democratic, that NATO would not travel and farther east. What a load of lies we made! Because of our constant pressing and ignorant cold war attitude, they’ll eventually do exactly what you people fear most: turn towards a tyrannical leader.

  14. Be advised people Obama now has UN soldiers, Japanese soldiers and now 100,000 Russian soldiers doing what he calls training on U.S soil. People this is bull. American soldiers, the vast majority have indicated that they will not take arms from Americans or fire on them. Obama is now bringing in foreign government soldiers to help him and his communist allies take over this country. Don’t think you can sit back and do nothing and this will pass you by. States have been forming state militias all across this country, join them. If the fighting does brake out don’t think that you will still have your job, home or the life you are living. Live to survive.

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