Russia threatens to preemptively strike U.S. NATO missile defense sites

Yesterday we detailed Obama administration plans that called for Russian troops to train on U.S. Soil at Fort Carson Colorado. While a number of people emailed us claiming these drills have been going on for years, news broke this morning that may make that story even more relevant and disturbing.

The beginning of a new Cold War?

russian misslesRussia’s most Senior military officer, Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov is warning that Russia may preemptively use “destructive force” and strike American NATO missile defense sites.

He warned that if talks with Washington continue to stall, “A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens.”  He then stated that talks were already “close to a dead end.”

Officials in Washington are saying that Makarov’s statements are meant to pressure the U.S. into agreeing to Russian demands ahead of this months NATO summit in Chicago. But it might not be an empty threat.

President Dmitry Medvedev said last year that Russia will use military force  if the U.S. failed to agree to the terms that they were seeking.  “Russia fears that the U.S. missile defense sites threaten Russian security, and have publicly stated that they will take necessary military actions to prevent the missile defense system from being activated in Central Europe.

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  1. Pretty scary stuff especially after you consider your article from yesterday. Why in hell would we ever allow these people to train with our troops? They still see us as a potential enemy and are actively working with China to prop up anyone who is an enemy of this country.

    I don’t think the cold war ever ended. I think the Soviets just went underground for awhile because they believed it was the best strategy at the time. But with the rise of Putin the shift back towards the Soviet era and the cold war seems inevitable. It’s to bad our leaders aren’t smart enough to realize the threat.

    • I completely agree with you, and after some ron paul loons chastise me on my comments yestarday I knew this would happen. I guess hose retards are shitting bricks now, because talks wont do shit, i say if theirs any leftwover russian miltary personal in colorado still training we should execute them, to show america still has some huevos.

      • Or, you could just stay back and stop putting your nukes all over Europe. Your country attacks others without remorse all the time, but you can’t understand why Russia wants to feel secure? Your an embarassment, and your stupid comment is like wood on a fire for the saying “ignorant Americans”.

        • Mind your own business there “Robin” from Sweden. You have no idea where we store our nukes. Actually, the nukes in your neighborhood are from YOUR neighbors. Typical “holier than thou” European sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Next you’ll suggest we should have communist firearms laws like Sweden.

          • True, I don’t know if USA has removed them, but I think not. The thing is, Russia probably wouldn’t be hostile towards anyone except for other Russians, if USA could just stop messing with them. No, our neighbors doesn’t have nukes?
            Yeah, I’m a Swedish prepper, and we like hate gunpowder and everything that’s not central planning. Read some books, please, on behalf of America and your ancestral home, Europe.

          • Exactly right Sweden, you don’t know crap. I know you don’t have some kind of Top Secret knowledge about where American nukes are located globally, so why don’t you just shut your soupcooler. By the way, Europe is NOT our ancestral home, I despise you for that remark. I’m sick of you eurohomos thinkin you’re so high and mighty because you “think” America is your “little brother”. America is America because we fought against euro-tyranny, Nazi control and now we are fighting the UN (United Nazis) all thanks to euros like you. So YOU take your Swedish #@! back to the Alps and go “read some books”.

    • Afghanistanism – addressing issues in distant parts of the world while ignoring your own major issues.

      …and it’s an election year.

      I’m calling FALSE FLAG on this one.

      • Obama is a member of the communist party and a muslim-he does not have a clue on how to deal with other countries,he don’t mind bombing other countries but leaves our border with Mexico wide open-many islamic terrorist have come across that border and have many training camps across America,he’s hell bent on destorying America,he has bank rupt this country so he can turn it into a marxist style one where he will be the king and the people subjects-slaves to the government.He is taking away allot of money from our military,maybe he wants America weak so another country can take over-who knows what this nut will do…

        • You’re missing the big picture Stephen G. The US is not bankrupt due to one man. The situation the States are in is based entirely on lessons that weren’t learned from the root cause of the great depression from the financial institutions of the US added with the guilded American dream of post WW2 living.
          Unfortunately, in North America, myself in Canada incuded, we have done everything to ourselves feeling we are better than everyone else and feeling certain jobs are below us. We went from being a manufacturing socity to a service society tearing the strong middle-class to ribbons. 50 years of imported goods hurts us now. What manufacturing that is on our continent has been ignorent of foreign markets since the sixties and has only now took notice. Ironic that the two superpowers(Germany and Japan) since rebuilt have surpassed us.
          Besides, I really don’t get this obsession with terrorists? If I go through customs to enter the US by air I have to take my shoes off and be subjected to strip searches if the guy behind the counter thinks it’s ok. America has played it biggest practical joke on itself. In fear of terrorism that you as a people, openly allow the government to remove your rights that your forefathers faught for in the name of security. Street gangs shootig up streets, racist groups promoting fear on your own soil and we care about a group of yahoo’s living in the planet’s sandbox? Welcome to a global society, it only gets worse
          Just so everybody is clear, America is a great country with great people. Having said that, this 70 year old problem as landed on this decades generation and it will take more than a President or two to fix.
          Cheers and fight the good fight!

    • An easy way to fix this is to elect Ron Paul; problem is theres so much corruption and that the 1% will not allow him to become President. If Hes president he’ll the bring the troops home. We need to maintain our friendship with our allies but how can we focus on everyone elses problems when we can’t even fix our own.

  2. Hmmm… Do ya all really think they would be acting like this if Romney was president? Obama is weak.

    • I would rather be attacked by the Russians than see a Romney presidency. The Russians would be far less destructive.

      • John Moses Browning was a Mormon. There are many in the firearms industry. They are not polygamists. I would know – I am one.

      • “Would rather be attacked by the Russians than see a Romney presidency.” HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.I can see you did not grow up in the 50’s. If you had you or any other person that makes such statements would swallow those words. When the Soviets, excuse me I meant Russians attack, it’s with not only conventional weapons, but full nuclear, biological, and chemical arsenal. Not only that, but those guys are trained to function in such an environment. Read the book “Alas Babylon” by Peter Frank. It was written in 1959 and “paints” a scary picture of what to expect from a Russian attack. I’m not an advocate of any of the candidates, but anything is better than them attacking us. By the way, the idea of Russia and China working together is alot of nonsense. They perceive each as enemies. Their differences go back hundreds of years, long before the advent of Communism. On a final note, I , too , think its ridiculous that we’re training their people and the thanks we get is threats. By the way, the article used the word “anti terrorism” training. That is incorrect. It should be counter terrorism. One is passive measures (anti terrorism), the other is active.

      • Dam if your not the most stupid person,Obama is the greatest danger to America-you kool-aid drinker-you don’t have a clue as to what obama has done to this country and that make you one highly assinine dumb ass,your IQ is too low to vote,you make me sick-no wonder America is going down hill so bad is because of morons like you,you must be on welfare etc…

  3. it’s time to bring the army home so they can protect from the enemy within,i took that oath and there are a bunch of us that are ready to start, that why homeland security has us all on lists,they have to disarm us first. They have a problem in flyover country thatmay be what the forein troops are for,we all hope this ends for the better, but my old party is going for broke they have been waiting for a hundred years its now or never and beloved leader shall leed us to the promissed land

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