Sarah Palin Warns Americans that the Fed is Stockpiling Bullets to use against the Public

Former Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin is warning Americans that the Fed is stockpiling bullets to use against the U.S.

In an opinion piece, which she posted on her Facebook Page, Palin wrote, “We’re finished. We’re going to default eventually and that’s why the feds are stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest.” Palin, who was referring to the 1.625 billion rounds of ammunition the Department of Homeland Security has purchased in the last ten months, is not the only one warning of coming civil unrest.

A growing number of Washington insiders are starting to voice their concerns. In fact, Rand Paul told CNN, in response to the administration targeting American citizens for assassination, that is he’s growing increasingly worried about an administration who sits around a table with “flashcards” deciding who they should kill.

He also tweeted about some of the other random government agencies who have been stockpiling ammo.

Even mainstream sources like Fox News are starting to cover some of the chilling details that are starting to emerge from our White House. In fact, earlier this month Fox News analyst Judge Napolitano went on air to talk about a White House memo that said, “any informed high-level U.S. government official can strip an American of his or her constitutional protections and order the killing of that American…”

We are living is some very frightening times. All signs indicate our country is heading towards a complete meltdown of the financial system. Guns and Ammunition are becoming almost impossible to find, States like California are trying to completely ban firearms, drones are being used to target gun owners, and our government seems to be training for the possibility of major civil unrest.

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  1. I have to admit that six months ago I thought people who said this were crazy. Now I’m not so sure.

    I went to Cabela’s this morning and there was no ammo in sight. The guy at the counter told me it’s been that way for months and they are having a hard time even finding ammo to stock the shelves with.

    Something is up here. Where is all the ammo? Who is buying it all?

      • They have ordered almost 2 billion rounds….Mostly Hollow points. The American people are buying it like mad too. Stockpiling across the board. Something big is coming soon. I’ll bet a months pay its the collapse of the Dollar….

        • Gotta love the media reach of Sarah Palin. The conservative blogosphere can write up story after story without mainstream coverage. Enter Sarah Palin, and now we have a national discussion.

  2. Who’s buying it all? Duh…paranoid gun guy. After every mass shooting gun and ammo sales go through the roof because gun guy is scared “they’re gonna take r guns!”

    • Duh…..The other guy. They can’t get it. I see you’re all informed. Stores say it’s hit and miss. Mostly don’t get much ammo at all event though they order it. Also, check the statistics on how many are killed a year by assault rifles vs. handguns. Paranoid???? no.

  3. Paranoid gun guy? they are going to take our weapons? have you watched the news dude? have you crawled out from under your rock in recent months, or have you been too stoned to do that? they are trying to take our guns. and yes people are buying up ammo and guns, but the government is buying it faster so that there is a shortage. there is no reason dhs needs hollow points for practice.. the weather service doesnt need guns and ammo period. what are they going to do shoot a tornado?

    • thats why there pushing registration of fire arms.the problem is there are hundreds of millions of ppl that will not allow it to happen.

  4. Been saying this to people close tome and everyone rolls their eyes. Look at the numbers and do the math. America has spent waaaaaayyy toooo much money that it did not even have to begin with. WW III is on it’s way….maybe not tomorrow, but sooner than later. Get your house in order now and start thinking in ways you have never planned.

  5. Your right the govt always goes the cheap route for everythinv. So no hollow points would never be used in practice due to price. Even if thats all that was around. Its a.kther way of control ill go for the guns but in case that falls through ill mame sure i have the ammo so no one can shoot. I was in iraq we did tbis all the time let locals keep their rifle but took mags and ammo. I saw this coming when obama took office and told my friends to stockpile ammo amd food rations. Not one friend did and now they cant find ammo that they need. Their stuff is useless. Its going to get worse before it gets better unless obama is impeached

    • You are absolutely wrong about this anonymous….I am speaking from 27 years experience….ever since the Gov’t. switched over from revolvers, there is no more “practice ammo”….all agents and officers train, qualify, practice, whatever you want to call it, with the SAME AMMO they carry on the street….so when you add in the facts that there are about 130,000 federal officers nowadays, many Federal agencies now qualify every quarter, and DHS (through FLETC) provides firearms training not only to Feds but to hundreds of state and local agencies every year, that’s a LOT of ammo, and just for training….that doesn’t take into account that ANY major LE agency is going to keep an adequate supply on hand for duty issue.

      • So why did they at first deny they were buying 1.6B rounds? When they were cornered, they then took the tack that it was for “training”? BS! With ammo prices as they are, no one trains w HP.
        So are the 2,700 MRAPS for training too? That is so absurd it is not worth discussing. Oh and add in the 7,000 “defense rifles” (called Assault rifles when the EXACT weapons are owned by civilians), are they for “training too?
        How much are they paying you to troll here? Is betraying your fellow Americans worth it?

        May posterity never know you were my countryman.

  6. Well, as a Texas resident, they need to think about it before they come here! No Federal gun law holds precedence over Texas law. Each state should declare independence for their citizens and insure there will be no Federal law adherence in their state!
    If we don’t stand up now, we are lost! I, for one, will not surrender any weapon I may or may not have!

    • You cannot declare your independence. And federal will always out rule state. Always. When the feds show up, they will either recruit your sheriff and local law enforcement, or lock them up until business is complete.

      Secession is illegal.

      • federal law only trumps state law if it dosent contrast the constitution. the supreame court will ultimatly decide the fate of any federal gun ban. to bad obama appointed most of them! Kentucky just joined in and passed a bill to not follow any federal gun laws about magazine capasity or asault rifles. The feds really dont wanna come to the hollars of KY, they wont make it out as easy as they think!

        • I’m a pro gun guy but if you think your safe cause you got a assault rifle ur crazy as hell…have you seen what those drones can do…we have fucking fighter jets that can hit targets 25 to 30 miles out…stealth bombers that radar cant even detect…moab bombs bunker busters..fucking cruise and tomahawk missiles…and that’s just the beginning. if our government really wants us dead were dead as shit…if this shtf gos down…95 percent of the cold dead hands loud mouths are gonna be the first inline to give those pretty ar15s up…hey but its worth a try..

          • Funny how the media and proponents of gun control talk about citizens not needing military style weapons. In truth, we don’t have anything like the military has.

  7. While people who want the end to come sooner than it should, there is absolutely no chance… EVER, NOT EVER OR EVER… the US could default.

    Oh, well… Why you ask?

    Well, for one very important reason. The debt is owed in the a currency we print! We could never default because we would just print the cash to pay the debt. We’ve been doing it for the past 5 years and every hour of every day, we are spending around $100 million dollars more (printing the cash as we go).

    Don’t believe me you say? Ask the experts.

    The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.” Alan Greenspan

    “In the case of United States, default is absolutely impossible. All U.S. government debt is denominated in U.S. dollar assets.” Peter Zeihan, Vice President of Analysis for STRATFOR

    “There is never a risk of default for a sovereign nation that issues its own free-floating currency and where its debts are denominated in that currency.” Mike Norman, Chief Economist for John Thomas Financial

    Case closed.

    Sure, civil unrest is very possible. Starving people have a tendency to revolt. Currently 1 in 2 Americans is “poor”. 1 in 3 of those 50% are in a struggle to put food on their table.

    • You have no clue what you’re talking about. You seriously think we can print our way out if this you need to put down the obama koolaid

    • your an idiot!!! the more money we print, the less valuable the money becomes!!! We cant just print our way out of this mess. Only a simple minded Obama supporter would be so stupid!!!

    • Have you ever studied WWII? What you are suggesting, that because the US measures their debt in US dollars they can never default, is not only disregarding the actions taken by the Nazi regime, it is ignoring the fact that we have a conversion table where the US dollar is compaired by value to other forms of currency throughout the world. Read this:

    • If you believe this you are the worlds biggest idiot. History proves a country who prints money to pay for debt while living beyond its means will most certainly default! Read your history because France did this and defaulted just like we will. What most Americans dont understand though is it is being done intentionally.

    • Think we won’t have to pay the piper with worthless printed money, think again, and with what are we going to use to replace this worthless money when a country calls in the debts we owe. How much of our country will be given to some other country to resolve a debt we owe to them. Can we afford for this to happen?, I don’t think so.

    • No Chace…Ever,
      Bzzzt! Wrong answer, Reindeer. Even if you could get American citizens/businesses/etc to settle their debts with paper “Federal Reserve Notes” that were becoming more worthless by the minute (one definition of runaway inflation), how long do you think or foreign creditors (think the Arabs – oil; and the Chinese – everything else) would sit still for that? Do you think they would just go on accepting what had by then become more usless thatn toilet paper? Best to go back and reexamine your history; you’ve made a glaring oversight! Our money is being destroyed deliberately. I remember reading once, some wag who said that the federal government was the only entity he knew of that could “take a valuable commodity like paper and make it worthless simply by printing on it.” I submit that the only way a foresighted person can truly prepare for what’s coming is to do like Jim Rawles, purveyor of says, “Get your beans, bullets & band-aids in order.” Convert that paper to tangibles as fast as you can. Get your plans in order stand-by. It’s like the little kid told John Connor’s Mom in the Terminator movie, “A storm is coming.”

  8. Well that would make sense if your government actually printed money. The federal reserve does which is a private organization, that lends its money to the US government at interest. So any money it prints to “pay itself off” as you say…will still come at interest.

  9. And no chance ever! you say?! Are you compleltely oblivious to inflation? Just how young are you if you have been blind to the fact that the US dollar diminishes every single year. Do you think that inflation is just going to stop? Good luck to you pal.

  10. Those dollars are backed by gold, and there’s not an unlimited supply of it. The government can and will print lots more, but it may cost $100 for a roll of toilet paper at that time. In that case, think Russia… and total collapse with martial law.

    • uhh, The dollar is NOT backed by gold. We dropped the gold standard a long time ago. Congress Didn’t like to not be able to print themselves a raise. Majority of the current money in circulation is NOT backed by anything but the faith of the people. Look at Germany after World War One. They printed money fast and its conversion rate with the dollar dropped by the month. At this time, some analysts say that the current US debt cannot be payed off – EVER. With our interest rate going up, reduction of rating, and ever increasing debt, it is not possible.

      • Yep. Paper money in the U.S. is just a collective myth. It hasn’t really been money since we were taken off the gold standard.

  11. I believe most Texans see themselves as Texans first and Americans second. Every Texan I have known introduces themselves as a Texan if asked. When overseas it’s not “I am from America.” It’s “I’m from Texas.” It’s the only state that I know of where people do that. It might happen, but I can’t really see any Texan, law enforcement or not, taking up arms against fellow Texans to enforce an American policy to kill citizens.

    • I am from NYC and when asked where I am from when I am overseas I say New York. I’m not that sure saying that you are from Texas is putting state above country. Texans do take pride in the fact that they were once an independent country before they were allowed into the Union. The same could be said for Hawaii. You know, the state where the President was born and yes Hawaii is part of the US.

  12. This is real simple folks, its all about gun control through economics.

    If you want to control the supply of something without making it illegal, you simply buy up all the surplus.

    This is basic economics: with decreased supply, price increases. If you continue to do so, it creates panic. Then all you have to do is continue to artificially deflate supply.

    The Feds what increased gun control. They start buying up huge amounts of ammo. Next create/wait for a panic(they used Newtown as the catalyst), then sit back and watch as consumers do exactly what you want.

    Prices have gone up and up. Suppliers are unable to keep up with demand and all the Fed has to do is continue to keep the supply artificially low. You the consumer continue to behave as expected and give the government exactly what it wants: Economically-driven and Self-inflicted Gun Control

  13. the Fed is buying gun makers and ammo makers through a strawman too (ck Marlin)….am I paranoid? absolutely.
    Theres just too much of this to be othewise.

  14. I think we’re all fucked. To all who doubt, watch “the rise and fall of the 3rd reich” on hulu. Germany after WWI was what America is today… “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future” -Adolf Hitler

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