School Shooting Drill: Chicago School Officials to fire Blanks in Hallway

shooterParents in Chicago are upset after receiving a letter from school officials informing them that they will be running a school shooting drill that involves firing blanks in the hallways of the school.

In a letter addressed to parents, Cary-Grove High School principal Jay Sargeant, informed parents that the school will be running a live code red drill on Wednesday. The drill will use real weapons, and school officials will be firing blanks “in an effort to provide teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire.”

Part of the letter read:

The simulation will take approximately 15-20 minutes, during which time teachers will secure their rooms, draw curtains, and keep their students from traveling throughout the building. Please note that we will be firing blanks in the hallway in an effort to provide our teachers and students some familiarity with the sound of gunfire. Our school resource officer and other members of the Cary Police Department will assist us in sweeping the building to ensure that all students are in a secure location during the drill. At the conclusion of the drill, we will take some time to process what occurred and then we will return to our normal classroom routine.

After yesterday’s Drill in Houston, that used multiple military and law enforcement agencies firing live rounds at a Houston school, it’s really getting hard for parents to want to send their kids back to these schools. While we believe preparedness is always a good thing, in this case I’m not sure scaring the hell out of students is the best way to go about it.

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  1. I would think citizens of Chicago (including students) would be very familiar with the sounds of gunfire. So many reasons to homeschool!

  2. I wouldn’t be sending my kids to school on those days. Screw ’em. Let the schools lose buckets of federal funding for this stupidity. Why have your kids terrorized just so some cops can get out and play ‘soldier’ with their fancy fed provided para-military gear?

    And honestly, given the recent frequency of ‘drills’ with identical type mass killings nearby (Aurora, Taft HS, Sandy Hook, and others) – I wouldn’t let my kids to to ANY school in the entire system on that day. IMO, anyone who does is either a fool or doesn’t love their kids.

    • Yes, God forbid (Rev. Dave) that we expose our kids to any kind of reality! Lets keep them huddled in their warm and fuzzy pretend world and give them all a participation medal for not spilling their milk at lunch! That is kind of the problem with society today, willful ignorance of reality! And the Cops playing soldier Dave . . Really? What a db you are!

      • So for the next fire drill should they start part of the school on fire so the kids know what fire and smoke look and smell like? because your reasoning is about that ridiculous.

        There is no reason to do this other than to brainwash these kids into living in fear. And why the hell would you think some idiot liberal teachers have the knowledge to keep your kids safe? There are the last people that should be conducting safety drills.

        And as for rev. dave’s comment about playing solider, how is that not what they are doing? As in the case in Houston, local law enforcement has no business training with the military. It’s illegal and our founders never intended the feds to have this much power.

      • Sheesh. And should they burst in and put guns to the kids heads too? It would be more realistic if the shooters aimed at and “killed” real students. Safety drills are a good idea, but this is way to intense for high school. This is going to do the opposite of helping them prepare. I would agree that society at large hides inside a false world of television and blissful obliviousness, but this is not going to be helpful. It’s going to be traumatic.

  3. The best way to avoid panic is to be ready for whatever comes your way. I don’t have kids in school anymore but I sure will be telling the principle ‘GREAT IDEA’ and I would make sure my child would be ready. I think this is great. I am putting this article on my Ministry News blog

    • If you truly wanted your kid ‘…ready for whatever comes….” you’d arm them, train them, and send them to school with a gun. At the very least you would train them to jump out the window or go hide on their own at the first sign of danger, and NOT sit in a corner with 20 other kids and hope they don’t get shot. Do you do either of those things? Will you put my comments into your blog? Or are you just saying you want them ready to submit to whatever comes their way?

      Don’t forget – there is factual evidence that shows REAL killings happen too often SIMULTANEOUSLY and nearby with these ‘drills’ on the same subject. And you think it’s a good idea? Not to be insulting, but I think you’re foolish.

  4. This is actually a great idea. It can happen anywhere so I’m glad to hear that they are taking the initiative to prepare themselves and the students.


  6. this didnt happen in chicago, but rather about 45 miles nw of it, in the suburbs, northwest ones to be exact where gun fire is very uncommon so yes they fired two blanks from starter pistols, one distric 115 admin and the other the towns police chief himself, the sound is unfamiliar to alot of people around that area and that being said yes the sounds will train people how to react in that situation. I dont see a problem with it, why would they need to light the school on fire, thats why the FD goes to schools with the smoke house, you readily accept it in the name of safety. Dont be a fear mongering liberal, open your eyes sheeple and see the “change” for yourself, oh and lets NEVER forget Obama and his buddy Holder gave/sold “assualt” weapons to the cartels resulting in the death of several border patrol and customs agents and thousands of mexican nationals in the name of research….thats your change.

    • So, WD, if I understand you correctly, you think that your kids should learn to recognize a gunshot when they hear it, and sheepishly get up from their desks and huddle in the corner. Is that it?

      The only survival value in that theory is that if you’re first in the corner and drop to the floor immediately the killer may not see you and the bodies of your classmates may absorb all bullets while the blood runs down on you and only leaves you distorted and demented for life, but not dead. Is that your plan for your kids?

    • Facts please WD, President Obama and Att. General Holder did not supply these guns, it was a specific agency that was following previous administration leads and advise for this sting, but the problem was they lost the tracking of the shipment, but something tells me that if they would have actually been successful, all praises would have gone to this “previous administration” which itself should be brought up on charges, but our current President didn’t want to disgrace this administration anymore. Because it only costed us billions of billions (hundreds of billions) to NOT FIND ANY WMD…. WOW!!!!

  7. C’mon folks. Man up. Teach your kids what they need to know, and stop letting the government do if for you. To the degree you accept government doing this ‘drill’ stuff, you’re not only abdicating YOUR responsibility to teach those kids how to survive (and exposing them to a ‘group submission’ model that didn’t work so well to protect them in a real event ala Sandy Hook), but you’re letting the government tell you what to do – just like every other statist, collectivist commie out there. Why not ask for a cell phone, a check and some Obamacare while you’re at it?

  8. I can only say in the fashion of emergency prepardness from a public health standpoint, this is totally unorthodox but at some point so were fire drills, and to the person saying that people are allowing the government to educate our children and we as parents loose the control, this is insane. So if we all believe you, then this current issue with Boeing airplanes should not be regulated by the government, we should just “trust” the company.. Finally, the thought of sending your child to school with a gun is fucking ignorant.., with as much shit these kids currently go through from peer pressure and so on, what would stop them from shooting the person “bullying” them or the teacher who gave them a F, I mean come on be seriously.. One more thing, this was not done in Chicago, for all you people who just want to talk shit about my city, it was done in your cozy suburbs, were none of them voted democrat so just imagine their race…
    Master of Public Health…….

      • correct rev. dave a little more than 500 people were killed by gun violence in Chicago last year, however as a citizen of the USA I would not care if it was here or where you lived, I would think it was a ridiculous amount of people killed and something should be done. I guess I actually care about a way to prevent this from happening anywhere or ever again than I care about where it is happening.

        If someone in your little cozy community were to go on a rampage and start shooting kids how would you feel? What would you want to happen, what if a friend of yours child was shot while playing at the park, you would not care, you would say it was okay? I bet you would be outraged and would not want anyone to feel that kind of pain, if you didn’t then I question the kind of person you are.

        Don’t you get it, the need to cure our culture of violence has come, the need to rid our society of this “domestic terrorism” is now, we cannot and should not simply rely on the government, we as citizens should be proactive and rid ourselves of this behavior, I really cannot believe a Rev.. (if this is your true status) would not understand..or want to keep our children safe while walking down the street..

        • cjohnson – if you want to rid our society of violence, you’re just not a student of history. Violence is part of human nature, a lamentable one at that, but you can’t stop a madman from wanting to kill anyone just by making a sword illegal. He’ll use a shovel.

          Do I think it’s a tragedy? Sure. But you and others who paint yourselves with the blood of those kids in order to further you political agendas make me puke.

          And just who TF are you to question my status? You think because I’m not some quivering, emotional shill like you are that I’m lying? Not on your life. I am ordained, I just think for myself.

          Oh, and the point about your 500 or more dead in Chicago (the next day I saw a figure of something well over a thousand) was that gun control does NOT FREAKING WORK, or Chicago would have zero deaths other than run over by bus deaths.

          You earlier post about the Bush gun walking agenda and Obama being innocent of any connection show which side of the fence you’re working. At least Bush’s gun running didn’t result in deaths of US agents, or in THOUSANDS of guns going south, as did Obama’s. And that horseshit (yeah, I said that) about missing shipment is just that – there was no ‘shipment’, only illegal sales that the ATF insisted be made by law abiding gun dealers, and NO METHOD WHATSOEVER of tracking those guns once they left the store. It was a gun-running operation from the git-go.

  9. One more thing, tell me this as a Navy trained M16 shooter (qualified with ribbon) what the hell makes you think that these type of guns should be in the hands of common people when they won’t even fight for their country and these “rights” they want to talk about someone taking away from them? What makes you think if the “government” wanted to come for you and your guns, any weapon you have could stop them???? Have you seen this thing called a drone, aircraft carrier (in the Navy we had a saying for our missles, WOF- weapons on foreheads) thats how damn accurate they are.. Crazy talk I tell you, how about this, tell your kids to enlist in the military and fight for those rights and then lets see how you feel.. THe firs right we all have is to life….so your gun no actually your military style weapons simply have no place on the streets, homes, shooting ranges, or even for hunting, because if you need this type of weapon to hunt, you suck………. plug up your Nintendo and put in Duck Hunting you damn lame…..

    • And where do you think the ‘trained M16 shooter’ comes from? What you call ‘the common people’.

      As for drones, they aren’t that accurate. If they were we wouldn’t be killing non-combatant women and children in Afghanistan every day. And seriously, do you think the feds are going to start blowing up homes all over their own country? How long do you think it would take to radicalize every single one of the 140 million gun owners in this country if they had to think that they or their kids might be visiting the neighbor when one of those things hit? Please, try to not be stupid so readily in a public venue.

  10. cj – So what makes you think that the government wants to destroy all the nation it wants to rule? It’s not like your damned precision drones haven’t caused tens of thousands of civilian deaths in the middle east unintentionally, or as perhaps intentional ‘collateral damage’. And who wants to live under a government that would do that to its own anyway? If I’m in the house next to yours – do you want that drone shooting at me? The guy operating it out in freaking Denver or wherever might think you’re on my team if you so much as sneeze. So you still think that is a good way to go?

    You’re not even a patriot, as you are not honoring your oath to protect and defend the Constitution that you took in the Navy – if you’re even for real. So go find yourself some Commie, gun-fearing place to hang out. Unless, that is, you’re paid to sit on your hiney and insult everybody else here.

    In fact, come to think of it, you came on with so much insult and thunder that I suspect you’re trolling for one of the anti-gun organizations. Is that your schtick?

    • Did you serve, I took an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic..

      Drones have killed innocent people but so have soldiers and sailors, there has even been friendly fire deaths, so what are you saying. Death is part of war, sorry to let you in on that little secret. I want my government to protect me and you as Malcolm X said ” By any means neccessary”

      If you live in a house next to mine then you might have a better understanding as to what the people want versus in your little cozy and quite suburb where the perception is only inner cities are subject to violence or its looked at as common. Have you ever seen a person walking dow the street with an AR15 simply looking for someone to shoot, better yet a criminal who has this weapon and shoots an innocent kid?

      Anit-gun, no sir not at all, I however think as I stated before the right to life is more important than a right to own a gun… the right of kids to actually get a chance to grow up and become something in society or the right of kids to not fear going outside and being shot to death by some ignorant person is far more important.. That is my schtick… Life over guns…..

      • I guess you don’t take your oath that seriously then because the 2nd amendment and your oath are without compromise. Your little bullshit rant over life over guns is not only stupid but it’s the same bullshit propaganda line that the White House is using which shows who you are working for.

        If you really believed anything you posted you would realize that the safest areas in this country are those areas that have the least amount of gun control laws.

        And what about the kids who are saved because the MOM had one of these weapons when a criminal broke in. Your argument is flawed and you have no clue what your talking about.

        And for your comment that says why these weapons should be in the hands of common people. screw you and your elitist mentality. Us Common people, otherwise known as Americans, are what made this country. You are no better than us, and I fear people like you who think they are better than “the common people.”

      • That’s your schtick, eh? So, when your life is threatened by some criminal, what will you use to defend it? Your cell phone?

        You’re letting your emotions control your mind. You may think that is OK, but it really has limited survival value. You’ll find that out if the drones start shooting citizens as you suggested. You own neighbors will probably kill you – because I’m betting by your posts that you’re a snitch too. You clearly don’t honor you oath to protect the Constitution.

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