European Scientists create Deadly Bird Flu Strain that could Kill Millions.

medical hazmat maskA team of European Scientists from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, are getting ready to publish details on how they created the ultimate killer strain of Bird Flu. The revelation has many in the government worried that the published research could help terrorists create a highly contagious bio-weapon.

The research shows how scientists were able to mutate the H5N1 strain of avian influenza into a highly contagious strain that can be easily transmitted through the air. Until now, the risk of H5N1 turning into a pandemic was relatively low. In the past,  H5N1 was not considered a threat because of the strains inability to be easily transmitted through physical contact.

“The only thing keeping H5N1 at bay is the fact that it is not easily transmissible between humans.” Amesh Adalja MD, Center for Biosecurity  “Engineering a more transmissible H5N1 and publishing the methods used is very dangerous because others could replicate the experiment for nefarious use or the virus could inadvertently escape from a lab.”

A number of prominent Scientists fear that this research, if released to the public, has the potential to be used to create a deadly virus that could easily turn into a global pandemic. The number of people who die from the pandemic could reach into the millions and cause a ripple effect that would have a devastating impact on our infrastructure.

Power LinesIn a previous article Damon Petraglia, a Cyber-Terrorism expert and member of US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, warned us about the devastating consequences a pandemic would have on our infrastructure. “It will affect our infrastructure severely” he warned. “During the 1918 flu pandemic, many millions of people died worldwide. Schools and businesses shut down, people stayed in their homes, and hospitals were overwhelmed.”

If the same thing happened today it could cripple not only the country, but the world as well.  Our infrastructure simply isn’t built to handle this type of scenario. Without workers to maintain our critical systems you will quickly see a rapid deterioration of our critical infrastructures.

The worst-case scenario is probably worse than anything Hollywood has shown us to date.  What makes researchers particularly nervous is the fact that H5N1, even in its current form, has an extremely high mortality rate. 60 percent of those who become infected will ultimately die from the infection. To put that into perspective, the 1918 Flu that killed millions only had a mortality rate of around 1%

If this research gets out, it could spell disaster for the world.

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  1. I am a huge supporter in education and the furtherment of knowledge however when do we take a step back and question our unfettered pursuit of knowledge and advancement. Science is providing us with amazing discoveries on a daily basis but at what cost. I am not one to believe the whole global warming is caused by man argument (although I think we are accelerating a wholly natural process, and I have not heard one astronomer jump in to the argument to show that if you took into account the “wobble” of our planet’s axis that our climate changes drastically over the course of it’s precession and has since we aqcuired that satellite we call the moon) but I do believe whole heartedly that we are poisoning every water source and every biome at an alarming rate. THE OCEAN IS NOT A TOILET THAT WILL DILUTE ALL YOUR GARBAGE FOLKS!!!! And just because you bury it out of sight doesn’t mean that it’s safe you idiots! Everything we create has a waste byproduct that is becoming more and more toxic than the product it replaced e.g. CFL lightbulbs… who thought these were better, mercury, lead, etc still has to be disposed of (usually sooner than later). For as smart as all these so called scientists are they are rather stupid!!! It’s all about money.

  2. sorry for the sarcasim , in the future i will try to post more professional comments. hopefully if we have to put on nbc protection it will be proactive not reactive

  3. i have one question. WHY are we lettn ppl mess with known strains of lethal virus’? i mean it mite jus b me but, idc wut country is doin it they shouldnt b fukn w shit like tht

  4. I pretty sure this is Dawinism at work…

    Other people might call this the wrath of GOD.

    Looks like we are on schedule for the Dec 2012 the date for the end of the world…


  5. And 60% death rate?! How do they know that?? Who have they been testing it on? AKA….people have already been infected with it.

  6. be cause 6 out 10 people that caught the bug in the last out break die …..if they can mutate it then they are working on a vaccine for it… people have no ideal the things that the government is working on unknown to the public….

    Have absolutely no medical or practical value, its a total farseeing a big pharmacy
    money making scam, that has been around for many decades!!
    Vaccines cause the re-arranging of your DNA structure hence the all low IQ
    folks running around, behavioral disorders etc.
    Do nog infect your bodies any longer with any vaccine, avoid anything with
    FLOURIDE, asparatame, any ingredients ending in the suffix “cide” is also to be

    Dr. Primal Laibow on youtube also look up codex alimentarius

    Take the red pill
    You are the resistance

  8. This is so very troubling, I can’t even comprehend why this is being done, let alone
    documented in a public way.

    I was in a discussion with someone about how a mere disruption of goods would kill a large portion of the US population in a month, I felt pretty good about my abilities to withstand that and the aftermath (such as looting). But deadly contagious disease is up there with the government coming to get you. What the Hell can you do?

  9. Is there any way to reduce the risk of infection apart from living in a plastic dome. Will normal flu measures work simple hand washing, face mask etc. Or will we all completing for off grid locations.

  10. Unfortunately, the U.S. Government has major plans for killing millions of Americans. Why would they do this? That I have no answer to. They have constructed concentration camps across the country, manufactured millions of FEMA coffins, and have risen thousand of government funded mortuaries across the country. perhaps this new flu is the perfect opportunity to play into the 2012 fear. An opportunity to take full control; a police state. Fear is the perfect tool to gain control of an entire country and its people.

  11. It’s entirely possible there’s some sort of population control mechanisms at work on Earth. There’s too many people, period. The planet is struggling. There probably is cures for most fatal diseases but the cure isn’t available to the populations. I think we’re going to see varying long term health problems with anything processed or synthesized. Plastics, sweeteners, vaccines… you name it. Try and stay away from those things and your future families will benefit.

  12. I have heard rumors that the gov’t may try another false flag attack so obama can get re-elected (among other things). So u spread fear that someone mights weaponize this virus when it has clearly already been weaponized. wouldnt be hard to blame this on “terrorists”.

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