Scumbags at Doomsday Preppers attempting to exploit COVID-19 Crisis

I just got an email from the dirtbags at SHARP Entertainment, the scumbags behind the series Doomsday Preppers – a show that our opinion purposely featured a number of mentally ill people in an attempt to make the entire prepper community look crazy.

Doomsday Preppers singlehandedly did more damage to preparedness than any other fake bullshit survival show on T.V.

These people not only mocked preppers, but they made the general public see prepping as a crazy thing that only whackos do, thus helping to ensure millions of people were unprepared for this current crisis.

The show emailed us today asking for our help and wanted us to share stories to help them develop a new Doomsday Preppers telveision show on the COVID-19 Crisis.

We kindly sent an email back to the producers letting them know they can shove their invite up their ass. To be specific, my exact response was “Screw you people; you can print this email and shove it up your ass!”

We are not interested in exploiting this crisis, nor are we interested in being involved in a T.V. show that has done so much damage to the preparedness community.

No we will not be appearing on a show like this:

Rememember when Doomsday Preppers featured this dipshit who shot his thumb off?

Or what about when they released promos like this?

Does anyone really believe they are interested in helping people be better prepared? These people helped convince the world that preparedness was a crazy tinfoil hat activity!

Over the years, I have been approached by dozens of Survival T.V. shows, asking me to either host the show or to appear on the show. I’ve been asked to do things like fake that I lived in some underground bunker out in the woods, to pretend I lived in a cabin in Alaska, I’ve been asked to exploit our readers, and I’ve been asked to appear on major shows that you would all recognize if I told you.

We are not interested in appearing on these bullshit shows. We are also not interested in doing anything that harms people’s ability to help themselves and those they love.

I know this article is more of a rant than anything useful, but I just want the public to be aware that these shows have no real interest in helping people survive, and so-called reality survival shows are in no way actual reality.

We thank you for your readership, and we urge you to be mindful of who you trust during any crisis! And for anyone in the preparedness community, please be wary of these people!

As far as the COVID-19 crisis, while things may be bad, keep in mind the media is doing everything they can to profit off of fear. Never forget that the media did stuff like this during the crisis…

Please read our article about Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Actual Numbers and our article on How Not to Get Overwhelmed By the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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  1. I appreciate your straightforward level headed approach throughout this corona thing. I’m so sick of seeing these other prepper sites pushing nonstop fear and so far you guys have been the most balanced reporting I have seen, and the article on panic actually helped me calm down about this whole thing.

  2. Unfortunately these sway with the wind individuals will follow whatever the popular trend is! Look at the morons licking toilet seats just for attention! They pay way to much for crap with a name on it because someone said so! They support companies and celebrities that despise freedom!! Prissy athletes that kneel for the national anthem!!! And again hypocrite celebrities that make a fortune promoting gun violence but believe our rights should be taken!! The show is not to blame for these people being unprepared! These people are! These people are the problem, if they were capable of thinking for themselves we wouldn’t have nowhere near the problems we have! On the other hand these shows and producers should be held accountable for their exploitation and misrepresentation! These are the people that are mentality ill! Sorry for my rant but my family is tired of hearing it!!! Lol

  3. I liked the Doomsday prepper TV show. I thought it was a good comedy series on TV. It’s not often you get to see someone shoot their thumb off unless you’re watching Looney Tunes…

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