Selling Gold? Houston to Require You Submit Fingerprints and Mugshot

Remember the good old days when you were innocent until proven guilty? Well in Houston Texas, those days are long gone if you sell gold or silver.

Earlier this month, the Houston City Council approved a city ordinance requiring anyone who sells precious metals to consent to being fingerprinted and photographed. The new law is said to help combat high-end jewelry thefts, but for those who have never committed a crime, it’s just another in a long string of attacks on our liberty.

Houston Police Officer Rick Barajas told Houston’s KTRK-TV

“It’s going to allow us the tools necessary to combat a lot of the high-end jewelry thefts that’s going on in the city.”

Gold BarsGold-buying businesses throughout Houston will now be forced to photograph and fingerprint anyone who attempts to sell their gold, silver or any other precious metals. But just like the idiocy that’s displayed by those who promote gun control laws, I fail understand why Houston thinks a criminal would consent to being fingerprinted if they’re selling stolen merchandise.

In my opinion, this does nothing but intimidate law-abiding citizens into giving up yet another one of our rights. In a way, it reminds me of the story we reported on last year, where a Tennessee man had $22,000 confiscated after an officer determined it was too much cash to be carrying in public. Although the man had committed no crime, the law in Tennessee makes carrying a large amount of cash illegal, and subject to confiscation.

Just like the unconstitutional law in Tennessee, I suspect this law has nothing to do with stopping thieves. Instead of stopping thefts, this law will probably make many people think twice about investing and selling precious metals. It seems to me that this is just one more attempt to limit and control our freedoms.

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    • If they really wanted to crack down on crime they would go after the criminals. They know damn well what shops are buying stolen goods and they know who the thieves are. This is nothing more that controlling the masses until they have nothing left.

  1. “I fail understand why Houston thinks a criminal would consent to being fingerprinted if they’re selling stolen merchandise.”

    I think that’s the idea. They won’t consent to that, and so this law will stop them from selling it to the pawn shops. They figure that means it will discourage the theft in the first place.

    That’s the ridiculous part. So someone sells a gold necklace, they’re fingerprinted and such, and it turns out the necklace was stolen. Ok, now what do you do? “I bought it from some guy on the street who was desperate for cash to get his car out of hock, figured I’d be able to make a quick profit on it,” says the seller.

    Ok, now what? Go after him for buying stolen merchandise? You could already go after the pawn shop for that, right now, without the extra rigamarole. I guess you could investigate him, and find that there was perhaps circumstantial evidence that he himself committed the crime, which again doesn’t win you anything useful.

    I’d like to see some statistics (and other lies and damn lies) that show that Arkansas’ program has reduced theft or something.

  2. I thought Texas was the epicenter of Constitutional Conservatism? Guess not! Is there anywhere in the United States left that still treats citizens like we actually have a Constitution.

  3. I live just outside Houston and I’m shocked this law was passed. The area around Houston is littered with smaller towns and cities, it’s less than a 30 minute drive from anywhere in Houston to be outside city limits to find a pawn shop where they won’t print & photograph you.

  4. So, I’ll just drive over to some other city/state and sell it there. Real bright move, Houston city fathers!

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