Economic Crisis: Sellout Republicans help Dems pass Controversial Debt Deal in Dead of Night

The Republican Party that came to power promising to fix this country’s massive debt problems has just sold the entire country down the river. Just shortly after 3 a.m. EDT on Friday, with no media coverage and long after most Americans had gone to bed, the United States Senate voted to grow our nation’s debt and bust budget caps. In essence, they gave President Obama a credit card with no spending limit.

Establishment Republicans

The final vote on passage was 64-35, with 18 Republicans helping Democrats ram this reckless spending bill through the Senate. Even Senators who voted against the bill betrayed the American Public by promising to filibuster the bill and then doing nothing to stop it.

After promising to filibuster the bill in the CNBC Presidential debates, presidential candidate and Kentucky senator Rand Paul went to the floor of the senate and then abruptly left after speaking for less than 20 minutes. Paul spoke for ten-and-a-half hours during the debate over the Patriot Act in May, but for this so-called debt deal filibuster he couldn’t muster more than 20 minutes – it seems his promise during the debate was just another failed campaign promise to the American people.

Here is Rand Paul again promising to Fillibuster and do everything he can to stop the bill on Fox News — hours before he promised to do so in the debate.

Paul’s team told ABC news that he didn’t continue the filibuster because Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) had already filed cloture, the procedural move to end debate on the debt limit. What he failed to tell ABC news, or the American people when he promised to filibuster the bill on Wednesday night’s debate, is that cloture filling had already been filled 24 hours before Paul promised to filibuster the bill. That means he stood in front of the American people and – surprise, surprise – knowingly lied about trying to stop the bill.

Senator Ted Cruz, who at least spoke on the floor for over an hour-and-a-half, excoriated his Senate counterparts. He blamed the “Washington Cartel” in both parties who have allowed special interests to bankrupt this country.

In a statement released after voting against the bill Ted Cruz said:

“Pay no attention to another roughly $80 billion in debt. Pay no attention to the fact that it is the Republican-controlled Congress giving an unlimited credit card to Barack Obama, scheduling votes at 1 o’clock in the morning, and hoping that no one notices.”

“How is it prudent to continue bankrupting this nation? How is it prudent to have gone from $10 trillion to over $18 trillion in debt? How is it prudent to stay with languishing economic growth from 2008 to today when the economy has grown on average 1.2% a year? That’s prudent? How is it prudent to watch as your children’s and my children’s futures are washed away? How is that reasonable? How is that pragmatic? Why are we not instead trying to fix these problems? And not even just fix them all, not even solve everything with a perfect magical bow. Because leadership plays this game, you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Where’s the good? Leadership’s position is we can’t do anything. Leadership’s position is that with Republican majorities in both houses, we should spend more, roughly $80 billion, than we did with the Democratic majority, $63 billion.

“And let me note that for the remaining 15 months, we are going to see a binge from this president that makes the preceding six and a half years pale. I shudder to think what President Obama for 15 months will do with an unlimited credit card that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the Republican majority in the Senate have handed over to him.”

Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi

With the passage of this bill, the new Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan can further his predecessor’s attempts to screw the nation, without having to worry about the political consequences of fighting through another budget deal. Since this budget deal will raise the government debt ceiling until March 2017, Republicans think they can take cover during the 2016 Presidential election cycle in hopes that the American Public will yet again forget how they sold us out.

These people are the lowest of the low; both sides of the political aisle have yet again sold us down the river, and further helped to ensure the eventual collapse of our economy.

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    • These liberal Republicans remind me of kids who used to play marbles on the playground and began to lose the game. One scenario was to grab all the marbles you had in the game and then run, thinking you would accomplish a win at no loss to yourself. But these Washington kids, and several from this state, think they will come out winners. They will not in the long run but that is another story. They remind me of the people who stood before Pilate with the choice of freeing Jesus or Barabbas and instead of choosing Jesus chose the alternative, and somewhat besides the reasons of jealousy, hatred, and the despite they held for the Spirit of grace, they felt that they faced no consequences. Some 70 years later they realized their most horrible mistake (for some of them even before the 70 years were accomplished) at the hands of the Romans, who dealt punishment even on their children. America may be broken like never before, but even those who are now first will be last if they are allowed to exist at all. Radical existentialism states that you are free to do what you wish to do “if” you accept responsibility for it. For traitors there are worse things than just the consequences for themselves. The saddest part is that they have bartered away not only their positions but also that of their children and their children’s children. God have mercy on those of us who have chosen Barabbas instead of Jesus.

  1. I’m done with them. I bought into this crap last time and voted for Romney when they told us it was better than Obama. No more! These people are all crooks all part of the same system. I will vote for a bag of turns before I sever vote for a republican or democrat again.

  2. LIEING bunch of crooks..(They probably gave them selves a raise while at it)while screwing Americans that Paid into SS yet NO raise for us.
    I hope every one of them go Bankrupt. it’s what they did to America.

  3. NO MORE,,,elections coming up, vote for anybody that runs against the sitting money grabbers,,,vote for a someone whoms job is not politics,,,hell plumber joe could do a better job than rand paul.

  4. Here’s our problem;We have reached a tipping point in America where we have a majority of “American’s” who are as dumb as a box of rocks. Therefore they are easily manipulated, as discovered by the Socialist Democrat’s. Of course, Conservatives have no such expertise. So I hear people say that they aren’t going to vote for those traitors, but are they willing to spend the time to research and understand who these people really are. I say no! Although many more people are waking up to these scumbags, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. For example, blacks will vote for a ham sandwich if they are told they will get more handouts or some clever Democrat tells them how persecuted they are. Of course, they “never” investigate what Democrat’s have actually done, which is to further victimize the black community time and time again. No jobs, a decaying quality of life, and lie after lie. Even the most screaming liberals have no idea what the US will be like for them and their children after Socialists take over this country completely. They will be slaves to a monstrous, criminal enterprise called government.

    • It seems to be the entire plan from the elites of this country to keep everyone in the dark and dumb! School standards are getting lowered more and more every year. These elites are there “by the people” but definitely not “for the people”! They all threaten debt default if this and that doesn’t happen but they all pass these backroom deals to kick the can down the road but always seem to manage to get their “little” (which is nothing little in new spending) projects funded because the opposing team will call filibuster and everything seems to fall right into place for everyone?

      Hopefully everyone has been doing everything that can to protect their children because they are the ones in the end that are truly suffer what we have let happen for years. We can’t blame this on the elites alone, we made this happen for years and now everything is coming to a head.

  5. Watched this 3&1/2 hour long video on U-tube.
    Educational, interesting.

    The Rothschild Empire-The True Leaders of the
    Planet Earth

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