Shooting at A&M Texas Commerce Mass Shooting Vigil

Gunshots were fired Sunday night during a vigil for the so-called ” victims” of a mass shooting during a twerking party at Texas A&M Commerce.

The vigil was being held at St. Augustine Park in Pleasant Grove in the 1500 block of St. Augustine Street.

And here you have it, the reason CNN, FOX and MSNBC wouldn’t cover the mass -shooting last night…. it doesn’t fit the narrative they are trying to push!

Kevin Berry aka Choppaboy Wess: was one of the gang member/criminals that were shot at the Twerk Party. It was his “vigil” where shockingly, even more gun violence broke out.

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  1. Fox News Channel on cable (FNC) did cover this particular shooting but only a 60 to 90 second spot of airtime that I witnessed. There could have been more coverage but didn’t follow up online.

    • The bullet hole in the window frame of the grey car relative to the frame appears to be a .45 caliber round. Make note that a .30 caliber or larger round will go through most car doors with no problem…especially a center fire rifle round.

  2. Even though he was a gangbanger and im not sad hes dead, i am sad that we have lost all respect for grieving friends and family to the point gun violence is brought to what should be a peaceable action.

    This is fucking sick.

    One reason i want out of the city and into the country, at least then some peace and quiet is possible without all this crazy violence. And if you hear gunshots its probably because the neighbor just nailed a buck, or took out a coyote, or boar, not cause someone is trying to kill someone else.

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