Shooting at Boca Raton Town Center Mall in Florida

Apparently, people think life is a video game; as shots rang out at Boca Raton Mall, hundreds of complete morons took to twitter to live stream what was going on — instead of trying to make it out of the mall and to safety.

The mall is currently on Lock Down, as Swat Teams are searching for the shooter. But instead of trying to leave or find cover, we have complete morons who care more about becoming Twitter famous, and filming the action so they can tweet out videos for likes. This is the world we live in!

What to do during an Active Shooter situation

First, I would advise staying away from all malls. These types of attacks and violence are becoming an everyday occurrence throughout the country. From last month’s  brutal attack in Minnesota to the hundreds of racially motivated attacks every month in malls and shopping centers throughout the country, it is becoming a problem that you cannot afford to ignore.

Second, check out our article on how to survive an active Shooter Situation.

Third, don’t be the idiots in these videos!

Active Shooting situation, and these people just stand around on their phones instead of getting the fuck out of the danger zone!

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  1. “Reports of a shooting inside Town Center Mall in Boca Raton Sunday afternoon–Florida”
    Local cops stated that there is no evidence of a shooting.
    People were injured due to exiting the mall.
    Investigation underway.

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