Showdown between Militia and Federal Government coming in Oregon

A peaceful protest in support of an eastern Oregon ranching family, who is being persecuted by the federal government for trying to save their own land from wildfires, is in the process of turning into a very ugly situation. On Saturday, militia groups from around the country led by Ammon Bundy, son of infamous Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who had his own standoff with the federal government in 2014, took over a federal building in a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

Hammond BLM protest

Bundy, told The Oregonian that he and two of his brothers were among a group of dozens of militia occupying the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Ammon Bundy said the group planned to stay at the refuge indefinitely. “We’re planning on staying here for years, absolutely,” Ammon Bundy said. “This is not a decision we’ve made at the last minute.”

Before occupying the wildlife refuge Bundy posted this video to Facebook, urging the American people to stand up to the Federal Government.

Stand Up, Not Stand Down – All Patriot Stand Up, We need your …**ALL PATRIOTS ITS TIME TO STAND UP NOT STAND DOWN!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! COME PREPARED.

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Feds send in FBI to “Take control of the situation”.

According to KOIN 6 News in Portland, Oregon the FBI is now working with local law enforcement to put an end to the standoff. The FBI will be “the lead agency in dealing with the armed militants.”

Liberal activists, who supported the so-called protests in Ferguson and Baltimore, are calling for the federal government to kill Bundy and the militia. Montel Williams took to Twitter demanding the Feds send in troops “with shoot to kill orders.”

It’s ironic that people who supported a whole entire city being burnt down are now the ones calling for the national guard to “put down” the protesters in Oregon. Remember, in Baltimore government officials actually ordered the police to stand down and watch as criminals looted and burnt down the city. Yet this time we have people calling for shoot to kill orders.

The Real Story that is being hidden by the Media and the Feds

Despite claims that the Bundy’s are just trying to spark some sort of armed conflict, the real story here begins with yet another case of abuse and government corruption where the Bureau of Land Management is attempting to skirt the Constitution and illegally remove an Oregon family from their ranch.

Dwight Hammond, 73 and son Steven Hammond, 46, were convicted of terrorism and arson charges after setting backfires on federal land in 2001 and 2006 to reduce the growth of invasive plants and protect their property from wildfires. Dwight was sentenced to three months in Federal Prison and his son received a sentence of 1 year.

Despite both father and son serving their full court ordered prison term, the federal government in October moved to prison the Hammonds again — for a crime they had already served time on, thus violating the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

A federal judge ruled that their first terms were too short under U.S. minimum sentencing law and ordered them back to prison for about four years each. This decision has sparked outrage throughout the western states, and has many ranchers claiming that this is just another attempt to intimidate the last of the ranching families to give up their land to the federal government.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy’s brother, said the protesters’ ultimate goal is to turn the land over to local authorities so people can use it free of federal oversight.

They want to “restore the rights to people so they can use the land and resources” for ranching, logging, mining and recreation.

Ryan Bundy says the federal government has been “tromping on people’s rights and privileges and properties and livelihoods.”

“I understand the land needs to be used wisely, but that’s what we as stewards need to do. A rancher is going to take care of his own ranch,” Ryan Bundy said.

In October Tri-State Livestock News did a story on the Hammond family and the sentence they received. According to area ranchers, the decision to prosecute the Hammonds can be tied back to the BLM trying to designate Steens Mountain as a federal monument.

According to Erin Maupin, a former BLM range technician and watershed specialist, backfires by other ranchers had burned BLM land in the past and the agency had not taken action. It seems the only reason the Hammonds were prosecuted is that once they are out of the picture the BLM can exploit the plentiful natural resources on federal and “monument” land in Harney County.

“The last holdouts on that cow-free wilderness are the Hammonds,” said Maupin.

“It’s become more and more obvious over the years that the BLM and the wildlife refuge want that ranch. It would tie in with what they have,” Rusty Inglis, an area rancher and retired US Forest Service employee, told the trade publication.

Dwight Hammond has said he and his son plan to peacefully report to prison Monday as ordered by the judge.

What is most sickening about this whole thing is here you have an American family who was just tying to save their land now being prosecuted as terrorists, while the feds allow real terrorists into the country without batting an eye. But if you want to look at this from purely an environmental standpoint, then consider the fact that not a single EPA official has ever been prosecuted or lost their job over the Animas river disaster — one of the largest economic disasters to ever hit the Southwestern United States. You have entire cities along the Animas river in Colorado who are without drinking water because of the EPA’s criminal negligence, but not a single person was ever held accountable in that case. It seems the feds don’t play by the same rules as the rest of us.

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    • Did you even read the article?

      Are you referring to the ranchers as terrorists? Or are you referring to the large group of Americans standing up for their rights which are clearly being trampled on?

      Or are you referring to the gov’t? I’m confused. If you’re not referring to the people infringing on their god-given (and) constitutional rights, then you might want to clear that up.

    • And how exactly are they terrorists? Who exactly are they terrorizing and what acts have they committed that would make it such? Last time I checked it was a peaceful protest; nothing was burnt down like in Ferguson, and no one was hurt or threatened with violence like in Baltimore. You may not agree with what they are doing, but to call it terrorism is just playing political word games.

      • Just information: from U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 113B › § 2331

        (5) the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
        (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
        (B) appear to be intended—
        (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
        (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
        (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
        (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

        One could state there desire to have others join is coercion, their occupation of a federal building regardless of how remote, and their desire to influence policy of government with their actions…

        The acceptance of this stance is whether or not you are a statist or not. Either one believes in the rights given them by the state, or one does not.

          • If that’s the definition of terrorism according to the gov. There ya go. I was simply giving a definition of domestic terrorism. I have no opinion about the black lives matter movement. I find it interesting that you have asked a question about it to attempt to insight argument when I was just giving a definition and responding to the statement that they were not terrorising anyone and therefore not terrorist. The defense that terrorism is not terrorism because they aren’t terrorism is ridiculous. Just because one supports one cause does not mean they do not support another. Just because one opposes one cause does not mean they oppose another.

          • Just another leftist nutball, arent you bret. I was simply pointing out the hypocrisy of leftards. I find it interesting that you get so defensive about this but then claim to have no opinion on blacks lives matter.

        • “The acceptance of this stance is whether or not you are a statist or not. Either one believes in the rights given them by the state, or one does not.”

          uhm.. the state and the government do NOT grant us rights, these rights are inherent to every man woman and child upon their creation.

          they are not “privileges” they are RIGHTS.

          • Inherent rights yes, outlined by the state. I have human rights. One wants to keep those rights and the framers of the constitution had notions of how to keep these inherent rights. A group such as those in oregon, call them patriots, call them right wing militia, call them anything but leftist commies want to be as free as possible from federal gov correct? So they are not going to accept the definition of Domestic terrorism as outlined by the state. That is what I meant. I conceded to the inaccuracy of my statement. Rights are rights not granted, but the state is involved. If one is calling into defense the constitution as an outline of how the gov will operate or it does not. Does that work?

  1. There is always a underlying reason for stealing from the people, in Nevada Harry reid wanted to make a deal on the land to China in Oregon lots of precious minerals have been found.If you think the government ever has good intentions for a tortoise or the land you might be a moron.

  2. The answer is simple why the government is going after these people an did nothing to stop riots in Baltimore and Ferguson. These people in Oregon are not black or muslim.

  3. I find it seriously sad that it’s not common knowledge that this is a case of double jeopardy! Why isn’t that being talked about more? There constitutional rights are being violated putting them in prison twice for the same crime! As Americans we should be outraged and look at the whole picture. Who cares that they did back burning to protect their land as do other people in that area. As I see it they’re saving tax payers money by keeping it from being a wildlife fire that requires an abundance of resources and money that the government would have to supply as a result!

    Anyone who has the ability to stand with this family and protest should.

    • Federal land is land that is owned by ALL of us, and not just the neighbors who self-righteously claim it as their own. It is NOT yours to use, unless through our representatives you are granted a right to do so. It is NOT yours to take, in any event. Who do you think you are. Should people in every state in this country arm to grab public lands. Selfishness is what this is. Greed and selfishness. You don’t have the sense to be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Jenifer, I totally agree with you. I think more importantly, this is about state sovereignty. Can the Feds trump state or county laws? Occupying a Fed building within a state – the state has jurisdiction.

      The Feds can not acquire land from a state unless each county of that state has an agreement. The county within each state is also sovereign from that of the state.

      These checks and balances were all thought out when the constitution was being framed. The Feds are swooping up millions of acres from sovereign entities – is illegal. Agenda 21 shows in the years to come how land mass will be overtaken – this is apart of the New World Order along with TPP. TPP allows corporations to trump state, county and the Feds sovereignty.

      The Bundy and Oregon standoff is really important to securing sovereignty and protecting the constitution.

  4. This story is so full of outright lies and inaccuracy the truth will probably never be understood. That is how both sides want it, bend the truth to fit the agenda.

    Even of these guys (Bundy’s) are right thye go about jsut as wrong as the government is alleged to be. BLM land is public, saying it is theirs is insulting or should be insulting the the rest of the population. They “claim” it is theirs through the grazing rights they pay for. The amount they pay for this right is far less that the market rate is.

    • One thing I forgot to have above is how easily people get played by the Montel tweets. Such pawns to fall sucker to the comments of an ignorant.

    • Famous liberal tactic if you do t agree with some good either says its full of lies or racist. So sick of these American hating idiots who don’t understand we have something called a constitution. Don’t like it? leave. Maybe Iran will take ya.

  5. It’s difficult to see the so called conservative cool heads, such as Ted Cruz, telling folks to stand down. There are many days I’d like to see our nation brought back to life, by force. The libbers, UN globalists, statists, marxists ain’t ever gonna stop trying to subject states rights to the UN.

  6. I think most of you Americans are brainwashed violent fools! I think the only rights that should be given is the right to live. & thats to the animals and wildlife of everykind. As for all of you savage murderouse selfish bastards who wanna claim rights well u shouldnt have any especially that evil goverment! Your all fucked up in the head & have this life/world all wrong so I say give your fucken heads a shake use ur hearts for once live & let live! Smile try being happy & free go vegan do something possitive like for real !!

  7. I just listened to Robert Welch speech from 1958 and another 3&1/2 hours of talk. He started the John Burch Society to stop the encroachment of Communism and the Centralization of Power and Finance here in the U.S. and in the rest of the world. All free on U-tube.
    Communism, totalitarianism, fascism, ism-ism; are all about trampling existing governments and taking land and turning people into fertilizer.
    There is a law that makes it illegal to be put in prison for a crime after you have served your sentence. The government is attempting to violate that law to see if they can. If they get away with it
    they will do it again and again. The next time it
    might be you or someone you know who already served there time and hasn’t done anything wrong.

  8. Correction. The John Birch Society ostensibly formed to stop land grabs and Communism is not really fighting Communism but is controlled opposition being funded by the Rockefellers who are tied to the Rothschild banking scam.

  9. I don’t know much about the case against the Hammonds, but I can assure you being sentenced a second time for a crime they already served the designated penalty for is an outrageous abuse of power and violation of so many laws and human rights that it is ridiculous. As far as making a statement in regards of the comparison between the Patriots and the looters in Baltimore are not different, they are in fact the same. The vandalism, arson, looting and violence in Baltimore were serious crimes that all efforts should have been made to prosecute the involved parties, the peaceful protests by so many others were by law their given right. To say the ‘Peaceful” occupation in Oregon is different is wrong. The peaceful protestors in Baltimore werent waving firearms to help their cause. Nor did they occupy a federal building. If the Oregon protestors are actually held up inside the building, then they too are as criminal as the looters and arsonists in Baltimore. Somehow I think break and enter is a crime. However, if the protestors are just peacefully occupying the lands in and around the building then I don’t have a problem as you do have the right to organize a peaceful protest, but the waiving of firearms and statements such as “ready to die for…” Is in fact a statement made to incite conflict if necessary and that too is a crime. With all that said, I that I don’t necessisarily disagree with the Oregon protests, I do believe things could’ve been done differently as to not be bunched together with the offenders in Baltimore. But breaking a law to protest the injustice to the Hammonds doesn’t make it right or a “Right”.

  10. I’m interested to see how the feds react to this situation. The ‘problem’ with this type of occupation is the same as the Occupy movement.. There is no clear leader or representative to speak for the group as a whole. How do you negotiate with a massive group of people all with differing views? There are militia groups here and individuals alike. Some are far right leaning, hoping for a fight and some are just hoping for justice. Time will tell. We will see.

  11. Which ever way you view this issue, it should get very interesting. If in fact the FBI has issued a warrant for five of the individuals, even if they don’t arrest them they can no longer legally purchase firearms from a dealer. They will no longer be able to pass a background check as long as the warrant is outstanding. They could also loose their CCW permits if they have one.

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