The Coming Social Unrest: Violence, Unrest, and Chaos after Election Day?

We are living in a time of unprecedented social unrest and chaos. Since President Obama took office, we’ve seen a massive increase in crime, violence, and social unrest throughout the country. From a constant stream of terrorist attacks that have been completely ignored by the government propagandists in the media to a never-ending barrage of summertime riots and nonstop protests that have plunged this country into a state of constant tension, I fear that we have only witnessed the tip of the Iceberg.

Over the last year, the presidential election cycle has raised tensions even more. The chaos has moved beyond people just voicing their political opposition and has moved far into the danger zone, with many people taking things far beyond anything we’ve seen in quite some time.  You really need to start thinking about where we are heading, and how bad things could get.

When people start rioting and committing acts of violence at political rallies, attacking and firebombing Republican campaign centers, and actually trying to physically attack or assassinate the Republican Presidential candidate like we saw earlier in the year in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have some serious issues facing the nation.

Violence and Targeting Political Dissidents

Violence at a Political Trump Rally

These events have put a lot of people on edge, and rightfully so. Normal everyday Americans are being attacked in vicious assaults simply for putting a Donald Trump sign in their yard or expressing a political viewpoint in public.

In the video below, a defenseless woman was attacked in her front yard by two thugs who were angered over her Donald Trump yard sign. The video shows you what we are up against and shows just how bad things are getting out there.

Regardless of who wins, there are going to be a whole lot of unbalanced people looking to cause trouble. For Preppers, or any preparedness minded person, I think it’s wise to prepare for the worst.

As we’ve seen, thanks to the Project Veritas videos, many of the attacks over this last year have actually been orchestrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and senior operatives in the Democratic National Committee. That means people who have served, and who are currently serving in our government are actually sponsoring acts of domestic terrorism right there in our own country.

This is something that I’ve been warning people about for years, but up until these videos came out most people dismissed it as a conspiracy theory. Well not anymore, it’s a proven fact.

We have a serious problem in this country when people in our own government are willing to pay mentally ill individuals to provoke violence and chaos in order to fulfill their political agenda.

How bad could things get after the election?

Police in Riot Gear

To give you an example of how hot the rhetoric has become on both sides, a couple of weeks back former Congressman Joe Walsh tweeted that should Trump lose, the next day he will be grabbing his Musket.

While his comment may be a bit of hyperbole, there are a large number of people who share those feeling and may be willing to go beyond just a tweet.

How to Prepare for Possible Trouble on or after the Election Day

People Rioting and Fighting on the Streets

Keep an eye on the News: Following the election, you are going to want to keep a close eye on the news, especially locally. But don’t rely on the government propagandists, otherwise known as the mainstream media, because they will likely ignore a majority of what’s going on. Hell, these are the same people who have ignored numerous riots, attacks on innocent people, and terrorist attacks to help prop up their candidate.

  • Make sure to start following websites like this and other alternative news sources. Don’t trust just one source; even the good guys can get it wrong sometimes. Be smart and do your own research.
  • Keep an eye on Twitter traffic regarding your local neighborhood and pay attention to anything that may be happening in your area. Often protests are organized on these social networks so they may be the best place to find localized info before the chaos starts.
  • If you have a HAM Radio, start listening to local and national broadcasts. This is about as unfiltered as it gets, and during times of chaos, ham radio is often one of the best forms of communication and intelligence gathering out there.

Stock up on Supplies NOW: Should things go bad, you need to have supplies on hand. It doesn’t take much for local food, water, and emergency supply lines to become compromised.

  • Stock up on the basics: Food, water, sanitation, and medical supplies.
  • Have Cash on Hand: From a run on the banks to cyber-attacks that could affect access to electronic payments and banking, you need to have some emergency cash on hand — preferably in small denominations.
  • Should Hillary win the election, good luck find ammo for at least 6 – 9 months! If you’re short on ammo, you better act quickly because there could be a huge run on ammo the day after the election.

Be ready for Attacks from the Outside: There are a number of nations and terrorist organizations who would love to take advantage of the chaos following the election. From cyber-attacks that affect our infrastructure to terrorist attacks that could hit just about anywhere in the United States, we need to be ready for anything.

In October, we witnessed what some people are warning may have been a trail run, when hackers took down thousands of websites, forums, and real-time networks in one of the largest DDoS to date. These threats are real, and they are out there. In fact, our government may be fanning the flames; just a week before that large-scale cyber-attack, the Obama administration warned Russia that the U.S. was preparing to launch a cyber war against Russia.

Some other things you should do before Election Day:

  • Make sure your gas tanks are topped off.
  • Charge all electronic devices and make sure you have some sort of battery/solar backups.
  • Check your existing stockpiles and supplies. Restock anything that is going low.
  • Check you bugout bags and evaluate your emergency plans.

But what if nothing happens, aren’t you just Fear-Mongering?

Hey, call it what you want; but in the face of everything that’s happened over the last couple of years, to pretend the world is some peaceful place where nothing bad ever happens is in my opinion, reckless.

But I do understand, some people don’t want to face these problems. This is often a question that I get anytime I put up a preparedness alert. The site is dedicated to preparedness, we are not fortune tellers and can only put out alerts that are based on the facts and what we see happening.

We prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Nothing in this article is really that controversial; over the last couple of years, we have seen awful events play out before our eyes time and time again. I hope we see peace after the election, and if we do then chalk up your preparedness efforts to being that much better prepared for future disaster or crisis. But if we do see problems, do you really want to face them blind and unprepared?

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  1. Finally ! Tomorrow and it will be over.

    Regardless who wins I intend to have a relaxing, peaceful day. Vote and let the chips fall where they will. There is a limit to our ability to effect the outcome. These people who get violent over this are nuts.

    Soros is a front for Rothschild. If you have complaints about interference in the election, you are upset with the international bankers. And no matter who wins, the bankers win. If Clinton wins, they bank the Bucks by war profits. They don’t care about millions of deaths. If Trump wins they make money by collapsing the economy.

    Given a choice, I have to go with Trump.

    Peace !

  2. This is always good advice.
    Especially now that civilization has become dependent on electricity and satellites which can be taken out within hours of a dynamic solar flare.

  3. It’s infuriating to hear people say that it doesn’t matter who wins this election. Hillary Clinton is a Marxist candidate. She wants to kill even more babies than they have so far,(60 million-about 20% of the US population) completely open borders and a Syrian refugee increase of 550%. Know that 80% of none Mexican illegal immigrants are “middle eastern”. I wonder what they are here for? Gays and Transvestites will gain even more influence in our schools and government. Hillary will take away your freedom of religion (which is already happening under Obama) and your right to own a gun. Healthcare will evolve into Socialized Medicine, like Canada. Where big government will have total control over healthcare. Think about the VA. How’s that working for ya. Hillary wants to further reduce the size of the military that is already falling apart under Obama. I won’t even go into a continuation of the greatest crime spree in government history and the complete elimination of our Constitution as a ruling document. Trump’s position is the direct opposite of each one of these positions. If you like Hillary’s programs, then you are also a Socialist or a Communist. In which case, I have nothing more to say to you.

  4. God is still on the throne and in control…everything is according to His plan. My suggestion is this. If your are not a Christian….then become one by repentence thru baptism..Acts 2:38. Then He walks with you daily…thru good and bad. Hard times and trials are a part of this world, nobody is exempt, but it goes smoother with God on our side. Be blessed…..

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